Feminist Indian girl fucked on college campus – Sex Story

Feminist Indian girl fucked on college campus – Sex Story

Hi everyone, I am D. I have been reading ISS for some years. This my first story here so please forgive me for my mistakes if there are any.

I am 24 years old and doing my masters in Hyderabad. I am lean and tall, 5’11”. I used to play basketball, volleyball and some athletics too. So I was kind of fit but a bit lean.

Coming to the story, it happened on the night of 23rd March 2020 when the COVID 19 Lockdown was beginning and all the states were starting to close their borders.

I was still on the campus at that time. I was planning to leave the next day. I was going to have dinner at 8 pm and one of my classmates and the female protagonist of this story was at the mess to meet her friends.

We ate and then she asked me to drop her at the hostel which was a bit far away. So I took my bike and took her.

My classmate was from Assam, maybe 5.4″ in height with some decent curves to make guys ogle at her. She usually wears a t-shirt and shorts. Her lips were so juicy and she had stuffy cheeks. I always wanted to bite her cheeks! Her boobs were perfect and they fitted so well in the hand that you won’t want to leave them.

One thing I liked about her other than her figure was that she was a true feminist. I always liked this part of my classmate. She always gives practical examples and puts up logical arguments. She had many friends who were boys but she liked to have her space. I always had a crush on her but never imagined I would have sex with her.

When I joined my PG, I decided to get into a relationship but then I backed off and started spending more time at sports. I have always felt this was a bad decision because of my sexual desires.

So, on 23rd night, I was riding the bike with my feminist classmate sitting behind me. I decided to ask her out because I felt this was my chance. The idea was insane because she was not that type.

During the whole ride, I was trying to make my classmate fall on me by trying to touch her body. Maybe she understood what I was doing because I had pulled brakes so many times even when it wasn’t necessary!

We then reached her hostel. I called her name as soon as she got down. For now, let’s just call her Chaaya. She came closer and asked what happened.

Me: The thing is that I don’t think we will meet again as we are in our final semester so I was thinking..
Chaaya: Thinking what? Please come to the point.

Me: Let’s have fun.
Chaaya: What fun?

Me: Like, a long night ride or maybe a walk? Spend some time together?
Chaaya: Do you really think I would come and spend the night with you just like that?

I kept silent. But to my surprise, my feminist classmate put her hand on my shoulder and got on the bike! I quickly started the bike and she hugged me from behind.

Chaaya: This is what you wanted, right?

I laughed.

Me: Yes, among the other things.
Chaaya: Don’t worry we have the whole night.

Saying this, she hugged me tightly. My classmate’s nipples were poking my back.

I took the bike to a canteen area which was stranded as everyone had left for their hometown. Even Chaaya had her flight booked on 24th but was cancelled. I stopped the bike near the canteen. The time was around 10 pm.

As soon as we got off, we were kissing like mad dogs, pushing one over the other. It was not exactly kissing, it was more like sucking and trying to dominate each other!

The feminist college girl’s lips and tongue tasted like a delicacy made by a master chef and all this while, I was pressing her ass and boobs like hell. Maybe it was hurting her but I couldn’t stop myself! They fitted so well in my hands and I couldn’t leave them.

Chaaya’s hands were all over my back. I pulled her by the hair and picked her neck and ears. She liked it a lot. Suddenly, I lifted her in my arms but she didn’t stop kissing. There was a raised platform and I made her sit on the platform. She was wearing a t-shirt and skirt up till her knee.

Then I broke the kiss and started kissing Chaaya’s legs. I bit her calf and slowly bit her inner thigh too. Then I pulled her pantie and threw it away. She started coming to the edge of the platform so that I would be comfortable.

I kissed the young girl’s pussy and pinched her clit to which she hit me on my head! I kissed her clit again and started using my tongue slowly to which Chaaya shivered a bit. I started eating her pussy like a dog and pressing her boobs with my hand at the same time.

I was using my tongue like an ant-eater eating ants deep in the mud! Chaaya was not able to control herself and was losing her sane. All she could do was close her mouth with her hands. This was exhilarating for both of us because I was eating her pussy in open and even if someone came, we won’t be able to stop!

I ate her like that for 5 minutes and in between, my college classmate was pressing my head towards her pussy. Suddenly, Chaaya started yelling!


Chaaya was close to having an orgasm but I didn’t want to end it so fast. So I stopped and looked at her. The girl was panting like an athlete who just had finished a 100-meter sprint.

Then I dug in again and this time, I started using my fingers of my right hand. At first, I tried to insert three fingers at a time but she bit my left hand out of pain! I understood and started fingering her with one finger.

I kept my left hand on her mouth to stop her shouting but Chaaya took my hand into her mouth and was sucking my fingers which actually felt good.

The young feminist girl’s muscles were becoming tighter and I could easily observe that because I knew how muscles work. I had learned massaging because of sports.

Chaaya started shivering and the next moment, she came a lot on my face. I didn’t take it in my mouth but it was all over my face and specs. She then collapsed on her back.

I don’t know why but I was lying on her pussy maybe because it just felt like a comfortable place.

After a while, Chaaya started rubbing my head with her fingers. I came beside her, she saw me and started licking her cum. But she didn’t swallow it after cleaning my face and specs with her tongue.

We started kissing again. Chaaya shared her cum with me and maybe because of saliva, it tasted awkward. But we still ate it. Then I wiped my face with her skirt. We looked at each other and started laughing. We knew this was just beginning and the night was still young.

I started my bike and we started riding slowly towards my hostel. She kept her hands over my dick from behind and pressed it hard.

I had a fantasy of having blowjob in the wild. Our campus area had so many trees. So I took her deep into dense forest kind of area inside the campus after parking the bike on the road.

We were searching for a place to sit comfortably. Then we found a plain area under the trees, it was a perfect place for ‘sitting’. There were so many beer bottles. We took our time and cleaned the area.

I lied down and my classmate started removing my track pants. I had performed my duty as a man to satisfy her by eating her pussy and she claimed her right as a woman to be eaten. Now she knew it was her duty as a woman to satisfy me and it was my right to take the blowjob as a man.

As soon as she held my cock in her hands completely, I shivered a bit because of the chill. She kissed my dick again and again. My innerwear was completely sticky because of the precum I leaked while I was eating my dessert.

She said, “Wow D, did you cum or what?!” She smelled my underwear and smiled. I never had that much precum. I doubted myself whether I came or what while I was eating her. But the thought made me excited because I came without touching my cock and only by eating a college girl’s pussy! Damn! But that was not true, it was just precum.

Chaaya started sucking my 6-inch cock. Oh god! She was a wild one. She was sucking, kissing, even biting, and giving handjob. She was not in control (as if I was).

Suddenly, Chaaya took my balls into her mouth completely. Oh boy, that was amazing! My cock was completely filled with my classmate girl’s saliva. The wind was blowing over it and it felt very cool around my cock even though the rest of my body was sweating like a clutch player.

Then I held her head and was trying to push my cock completely into her mouth. Every time I did that, she would give a small bite saying she was not ready yet.

I was coming close and held her head tightly. She stopped blowing and held my cock very hard so that I won’t cum. She came on top of me and we started kissing again for a while.

Then she went back down and took my balls inside her mouth. Chaaya was sucking my cock like a lollipop and then she started deep-throating it.

Until then, I was able to control myself but as soon as my cock touched the back of her mouth, I couldn’t control anymore. So I held her mouth with my hands but she again took off her mouth and covered my cock with her hands. I came in her hands!

Her hands were full of my cum. She took one hand of cum and applied it on my cock and started sucking it again. I think that way, it tasted good.

Then she took the cum in the other hand into her mouth and laid down on me. I started kissing her and she started sharing my cum with me. It tasted differently maybe because of the saliva. We started cuddling each other on the ground.

Me: I always wanted this to happen but never imagined it would really happen.
Chaaya: I actually have a crush on you but never dared to take it further.

Me: Thanks, Chaaya.
Chaaya: Not yet, we didn’t have the main course yet.

Saying this, she kissed me cuddling on the ground.


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