Fucked married colleague Nidhi in husband’s absence – Story

Fucked married colleague Nidhi in husband’s absence – Story

Hi, this is Arav. After along time, I am present here with my latest sex experience.

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As you all know, I was preparing for Government jobs and luckily I cleared the bank exam IBPS and joined Indian Overseas Bank in Dehradun. In our branch, there are staff of 4 people. A 56 year-old manager, a 42-year-old woman and a newly married woman Nidhi of around my age and myself.

Nidhi was around 28 years old. Her husband also worked in a bank but was posted in Mumbai. Nidhi was trying to take a posting in Mumbai but as we know, such transfers take time.

As a new employee, I interacted with the staff and found a good friend in Nidhi. Guys, Nidhi was so pretty and as we all know just after marriage there is a drastic change in girl’s physical stats and beauty. So, Nidhi looked adorable in every dress that she wore.

Day by day, Nidhi’s beauty was attracting me to take the initiative which has great risk, but I knew that Nidhi feels alone like a newly married girl without her husband after marriage.

As we are of the same age, we became good friends, have lunch together and share almost everything with each other. We talked on whatsApp, sometimes I also teased her in a naughty way.

One day on her marriage anniversary, my colleague came in red chiffon saree with chuda (bangles) in her hands, and hair open. My God, I was awestuck and stunned when I saw her in that outfit.

That day I observed my colleague inch by inch. Her breasts were huge and round shaped, her waist was creamy white and well maintained. The most attractive part and my weakness was her pinkish deep round navel. It was pulling me towards her and it was almost saying, “Come and insert your tongue inside me!”

When I was exploring her beaut, my colleague noticed and smiled and said, “Hello? Don’t you see me?”

I said, “I saw you but not in this way,” and complimented her that she looked fabulous and that any man will fall for her. She smiled and thanked me. I wished her happy anniversary.

That day I was mesmerized by her in my dreams and was dreaming how her husband fucked her and how can I fuck her too. During working hours, I messaged her in a naughty tone that today her charm was diverting my mind and I was unable to focus on work. Nidhi also was taking it in a mischievous way and teasing me, “Mr. you are late, I got married.”

I then took the conversation further and said, “I also want a same wife like her,” she asked me what I had seen in her that made me crazy?

Being a gentleman I said, “Your nature, your job and your beauty,” with a winking emoji in my message. She smiled and asked me what was good in her nature? I told her and then she asked what I had seen in her beauty?

I said, “Everything is perfect and well maintained. If I were her husband, I would not leave her for a second.”

My colleague started laughing and said, “What do you like in me especially?” I said, “Your waist.”

Actually when we were talking by messages, we could see each other as we have our cabins opposite each other. So when we passed naughty messages, we smiled by making eye contact and luckily that day, the bank had less rush.

She then invited me next day to her home. She asked me, “What you liked in me?”

I said, “The shape of your waist, and your round navel,” she winked.

I decided to take it a step further and asked, “Can I touch it once?”

My colleague got shocked and her eyes grew wide. I knew that she was missing her hubby badly since a long time and she also needed some touch of a genuine man. And maybe, I was that guy.

She asked, Just a touch?”

Me – It depends on the touch.

She laughed and said, “Naughty boy.”

Me – So what’s your weekend plan?

She said, “None.”

So I told her, we can go somewhere if she had no issues. She asked me, “Where?”

I said, “Wherever you want to go.”

She said, “Ok, let’s go for a lunch on the weekend.”

I immediately agreed and chose a nice restaurant near my place.

During the whole week, we talked regularly. Nidhi liked my mischievous talks. Finally the day arrived.

A Saturday. She came to the restaurant at 12:30 pm. She was wearing a pink kurti and blue jeans and was looking gorgeous.

We ordered non-veg and enjoyed our meal. I told her my residence is nearby and asked her, “Shall we go there if you don’t have any problems?”

She agreed and we came to my residence. We both sat on the couch and I offered her a cold-drink, mountain dew. When my married colleague was sipping the drink, her husband called her and she spoke for a few minutes.

We then had a conversation on some petty topics. Then I made courage and directly asked her,

Me: Can I touch it once?

She: What?

Me: You know what I am talking about.

She (winked and smiled): You naughty boy.

I insisted, “Can I see it?” And slowly, I touched my colleague’s kurti near her belt and pulled it up slowly. She was laughing.

As I pulled up her kurti a bit, her wide round navel was in front of me! I encircled it and got out of control and suddenly kissed on her navel. She was shocked and closed her eyes.

I knew she was also expecting this and waiting for this to happen. I kissed her neck and hugged her. Then I slowly laid her on the couch and came over her. I was kissing this thirsty bird like an eagle and biting her lips. She was also co-operating with me.

Slowly, I removed her top, my t-shirt, her bra and stuck my body on hers. We were feeling the heat of each other. In between, we fell down from the couch and started laughing but I was not in a mood to leave her.

I was licking my colleague’s boobs like a hungry child. Her soft nipples were making me crazy. With one hand, I was pressing her boobs and with the other hand, I was loosening her belt and trying to unhook and unzip her jeans.

I knew my colleague got mesmerized in the fire of lust. I lowered her jeans and simultaneously mine also. After that, I lowered her panty and my briefs. She had hair near her vagina which seduced me more and without wasting time, I inserted my penis into her hole.

Nidhi jerked and held me tightly as I entered my cock in her vagina. My colleague used her long nails to scratch me on my back. I tightly held her hands and started fucking her in a fast rhythm. I was fucking her hard, and Nidhi’s eyes were closed because she was enjoying so much.

I was sweating like hell but my lust was so much that I was not feeling tired even after fucking her for around 10 minutes continuously. In that lust, we both forgot to use a condom, which we realized when I was about to fall my sperms inside her.

When I got my orgasm, I inserted my penis deeper in her and she felt like heaven. We both were feeling great and lay there silent. It wa complete satisfaction which we were feeling that time. After sometime, we came to our senses.

Nidhi dressed herself and got ready to leave. I again hugged her but she was silent without saying any word except, “Bye,” and she left.

So friends, this was my experience with my young colleague Nidhi. Please like and comment if you like, and do check my previous stories and upcoming incidents with Nidhi.

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