Fun Exhibitionism During Lockdown In A Bangalore Apartment

Fun Exhibitionism During Lockdown In A Bangalore Apartment

This is a story of how exhibitionism and seduction led to different unimaginable experiences in the apartment during the lockdown and especially powercut.

David is a 29-year-old unmarried guy working as a banker in a reputed public sector bank and had been posted in Banglore. He stays in a gated community apartment situated in Whitefield.

I am Regina, a 26-year-old married who likes to exhibit and seduce men by teasing them whenever possible. I normally wear revealing clothes when I go out. I like a tight sleeveless deep neck top or a camisole revealing my cleavage. I hate to wear traditional dresses.

Moving into the story. David stays alone and has been looking for a hot lady in our apartment. He started going for morning walks. As time passed, he has started to befriend the security guard. He used to give the tips to him to allow his girlfriends into his flat undisclosed.

One fine morning I was running to catch the lift. David saw me as I requested to hold the lift for a minute. He was mesmerized by my sweet voice. He tried to figure out who I am, looking so gorgeous and sexy in a tight black V-neck tee with a sweaty waistline and protruding bulges.

He was checking out my figure from top to bottom. I am curvaceous beauty like a Fanta bottle with stats 36D-34-35 (which he got to know later ). He waved at me as I was standing like a mannequin statue and gave a warm smile. In the lift, he was staring at my stunning ass and deep cleavage.

It was very difficult to resist such a stunning beauty. From that day, he daily started having an eye on me and was trying his luck with me. But I was not showing any positive signs. I think, at last, God must have heard his prayers one dark night.

Daily at night, around 9 to 11 PM, he used to go out and have some talks/booze with the security guard. Similarly, on that night, he went to meet the guard. To his luck, the security has requested David to take care of the room as he has some personal work. He would return by 2 AM.

As it was a weekend, David accepted his request and was sitting in his chair and listening to the music. Suddenly our whole apartment electricity was down, and the whole apartment was filled with darkness. I had an important call coming up, and I couldn’t afford to wait for the power to come back.

So I thought of checking out what’s the status. At around 10.15 PM, David could see a lady wearing a black top showing her cleavage and her sexy navel. He could see her boobs bounce as she walked with a green bra strap seen clearly on the shoulders and in shorts covered just above her knees.

He could see her white slender sexy legs. When he saw her face, he was amazed as it is his dream lady Regina. Yes, that’s me.

Regina – Vicky Bhaiya, when will the power come back?

David – Sorry Mam, Vicky went out for some personal work. I am David, your neighbor.

Regina-Oops Sorry I couldn’t recognize you in the darkness.

David – It’s ok. So how can I help a pretty lady?


David – I mean to say how I can help you, mam?

Regina- Actually, I need to make some urgent call with my client within an hour. My battery is about to die on my mobile. That’s the reason I was asking when the power could be restored.

David – Oh, I will be glad to help such a stunning lady. I think I gave my power bank to Vicky yesterday. Can you help me find it inside his guard room by showing some light?

This way, he made me go inside the room. I entered the room. I didn’t realize that he slowly closed the door without making any noise. And we started looking out for the power bank. As I was searching for it, I decided to seduce him a bit.

I was stretching my waist and navel and bending a bit to show him glimpses of my sweaty melons. But the office work was there, so I didn’t have time to seduce him properly. I could clearly see his lusty eyes, and I know I have very well teased him.

David has, at last, found the power bank. But purposefully dropped it below the bed. In an attempt to see my structure clearly and my curvaceous ass, he asked me to bend and take it out. I know that he was looking at my sexy ass in that tiny shorts and looking at my curves.

I’m sure his cock became hard and was jumping to come out of his boxers. He whispered, “You are such a diva who can make any guy go crazy for you.” I asked what. He lost control and got out of his senses. He slowly placed his hands on my lovely ass globes and pressed them.

I wasn’t expecting it. I was shocked and frightened, feeling his hands on my ass. I wasn’t in the mood either.

Regina – Hey, what the hell are you doing? How dare you?

David – Sorry, Regina, you look so sexy in this outfit. I couldn’t control myself.

Regina- How dare you, filthy motherfucker? How could you touch me just like that? I’m married, and I’m with my family. My husband and mother in law stay with me.

And he realized that I started getting angry and scolded him in filthy language.
He was boiling inside, hearing me scold. He became angry and humiliated, and he gave a hard slap on my face and pushed me against the wall. He grabbed my waist harder, “This has been tempting me for so long! I won’t spare you.”

He saw the green bra strap and bit my shoulders in an attempt to remove it. I always get turned on by the kiss on the neck or shoulders, and when someone presses my hips. He smooched my back and slid the sleeveless top away. He kissed all over my neck.

I was slithering and moving a lot. Afraid because it’s the parking, and also my MIL would come searching for me. Raju (my husband) is still at Chennai and stuck due to lockdown. David kept on pressing as I pleaded to leave, saying I’m married, and he didn’t hear at all.

He turned me and seeing my bulges popping out while breathing heavily, he kissed and went down and tongued my navel. I caressed his hair and told, “Please don’t do this. I’m married.” Although I enjoyed it, I was getting late for the meeting, and my MIL would come down.

He smooched my navel so hard, making it red. I pressed his face against my navel moving my hands through his hair. I was biting my lips, and my thighs were moving. He pressed and pinched my navel, seeing me slithering, and he enjoyed it.

He took a selfie of him kissing my navel and tonguing it. He kissed my thighs and pushed me on the bed.

David – You fucking bitch, how dare you scold me? Now you see how this mother fucker will fuck you and make you my slut.
He slapped me once again. He could see the tears dropping from my eyes because of his hard slaps. And he instructed me to be silent and told me to cooperate. Otherwise, it would get wilder.

Regina—Please leave me. I’m sorry, but I am married. I am very sorry. Leave me.

He was least bothered about my words. He slowly pulled me towards him.

David – Regina, I was waiting for this lovely day for a long to eat. Enjoy your beauty and make you my slut, and drive you crazy and harder.

And he wildly kissed my lips and started smooching me. I couldn’t protest, or I couldn’t overcome his strength. And now he placed his hands on my lovely melons. He slowly started pressing my boobs and smooching my lips wildly.

David – Regina, your boobs are so soft like cotton. I was crazy about these melons for long.

Saying this, he slowly bit my lips, and now my protest has become weaker. I, in fact, started enjoying it and started biting my lips as he was smooching me harder.

Regina – Kiss me harder.

David – Wow, Regina, you started loving it. I know there is a slut inside you. You purposely reveal your structure to everyone in the community.

And now he pressed my boobs so hard and moved towards my earlobes and kissed and licked them.

Regina – Lick me more.

Slowly he moved towards my neck and licked my sweat. I started kissing my neck and pulled my top down to see those marvelous lovely twins. He whispered, “They are so lovely to watch.”

He laid me slowly and started sucking my lovely nipples. On the other hand, he was feeling my other nipple and pulling it out forcefully.

Regina – Slowly, you are amazing. I love it. Suck it more.

David – Yes, baby. I was waiting for this day to enjoy your lovely tits. They are so huge like mangoes I gonna eat these daily.

Now he moved to another nipple and push his fingers inside my shorts and started to rub my pussy over the shorts. Now my boobs have turned red, and he slowly moved towards my navel. I started flipping his tongue on the navel and worshipping it.

David – What a beauty you are! Any man would go crazy for such a deep navel.

He swiftly removed my shorts, and he could see my wet pussy covered by the pink panty. He moved towards the panty and kissed on it and slowly licked the juices on the wet panty said, “They taste so good.”

Now he slowly removed my panty and keep it on his face. He sniffed it and felt the raunchy smell, which made him hornier. Now he removed his boxers and t-shirt and became nude. I could see his hot hard black mambo cock saluting my lovely pussy.

My eyes became wider. He slowly kept his mouth on my pussy and started licking it like a crazy horny bastard who had been waiting for a pussy for a long time.

Regina – I love it, lick it more.

He slowly pushed his two fingers inside my pussy and started licking my clit for some time to feel my hot juices. I squirted my juices on his lusty face, and he probably enjoyed every drop of my juice. Now his cock is in the hard state. He made me turn into a doggy style and spanked my ass with arrogance.

David – Now welcome to heaven, my slut.

He pushed his long thick black dick inside my hot pussy and started banging me. He was hard and was pulling my hair. After he was fucking me for some time, he turned me towards him. Seeing my boobs growing big as I was breathing heavily and banged me while looking into my eyes.

And now I could hear a female voice looking for me.

MIL – Regina, where are you?

I was shocked, but he still continued his hard strokes inside my wet pussy. He started enjoying the moment I was panicking. My MIL proceeded towards Vicky’s room and knocked on the door.

MIL— Vicky, are you there? Did Regina come here?

David went towards the door nude as it was dark outside. He took me along with him and asked me to suck his cock. I was sweating a lot not only because of fucking session but because it’s my MIL outside. He slowly opened the door midway and push my face out and asked her, “Madam, what do you need?”

MIL- Have you seen Regina?

He spanked hard on my face and made me eat his nuts and mouth fucking me.

David – Ya, I saw her a few minutes back, inquiring about the power cut.

MIL – Oh, I see. I am looking for her.

David – Let me help you. Wait for a few minutes. I will change my clothes and come back to you.

I was afraid and startled, not knowing what to do. He pushed me forcefully on the bed and took his phone out. He clicked pictures of me from different angles. He took a picture of him sucking my boobs and biting my nipples. As I was biting my lips, he was making it look like I’m enjoying it.

He said, “Fucking you so hard now while your MIL is outside the room is so fucking nice,” and fucked me hard. “You better obey me, hereafter.”

Regina – Slowly, my MIL could hear me moaning.

David – Let her know how much of a slut is her daughter in law.

And he continued fucking me for a few minutes more before my MIL again knocked on the door. He shouted, “Coming.” He cum inside my mouth and made me gulp every drop out of his cock. He wore his dress and threw mine on my face and made me wear it.

While I was wearing my top, he removed the bra strap. He said, “Go to your house like this.” Saying this, he pinched my navel hard and gave a peck there. Slowly he opened the door and went out with my MIL to help here in looking for me.

To be continued.

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