Helped colleague Shalini to become pregnant – Sex story

Helped colleague Shalini to become pregnant – Sex story

Hi everyone, I am Kiran (name changed). I’m a new author here. Let us come straight to the story. I am Kiran, 24 years old, an average guy staying in Hyderabad and working as a cashier at a retail store. I have been working here for 7 years in the retail field and recently I changed to another company.

There are a lot of girls working in my company because it’s a store that specializes in women’s wear only, so naturally, there are many saleswomen in order to make women customers comfortable when they visit the store.

On the first day of my job, when I entered the store, I saw at the entrance there was a lady standing in a navy blue silk saree with full sleeves blouse. Yes, she is the heroine of this story, my crush.

She is Shalini (name changed). She is very fair, and her age is 32. She has a sexy figure that any man would get horny by looking at her. Her assets are 34-28- 24. You can imagine how she looks.

Coming to the story, at the entrance, she stood in front of me. I got horny by looking at her and I had gone into my imagination but after few seconds I came out when I heard her voice, “Welcome sir,” I got in and went to my counter.

That day I was watching her only without wasting a single minute. She also was staring at me while I was watching her and then the day ended. Again the next day I came to the store and I greeted her saying, “Good morning.” with a smile. She also gave me a reply saying, “Very good morning.”

In this way, the days passed quickly and soon it became one month. I was working here but my wish had not been fulfilled till now. I was planning for this for many days and then the day came.

Right now, I need to go to the washroom because I need to wash my face as I’m feeling sleepy. I stay on the ground floor and the washroom is on the 4th floor. I was waiting for the lift. Shalini saw that I’m at the lift.

She came without wasting much time and stood beside me silently. When the lift came and the doors opened, I stepped into the lift and within a few seconds, she also got in.

Surprisingly by seeing her in the lift with me I was getting hornier and my dick had become erect and my breath had become heavy. I was getting dirty thoughts like I wanted to hug her, but surprisingly she came near me and gave me a kiss on my cheeks.

With the help of her left hand, she pressed my dick hard. I moaned slowly. Suddenly I was shocked and was not able to do anything, and the destination floor had come, we came out from the lift.

I went to the washroom and I was imagining the scene of the lift and I masturbated in the washroom itself and came out from the washroom. To my luck, she was waiting outside for me again to travel in the lift with me again.

This time I did not want to waste my chance at all. The lift came and we got in after the lift door closed I didn’t waste a single second but I grabbed her with my hand.

I gave her a kiss on her lips by holding her tightly and then with the help of my right hand, I began pressing her boobs gently and with my left hand was on her ass cheeks and her breathing becomes heavy. We were lost in each other and did not worry as there was no one else in the lift.

Suddenly the door open and we came back in with the voice of the lift which makes the sound on our destination ground floor. We came out and we were not able to look at each other for a few hours. Later I started a conversation with her and asked her for her WhatsApp number.

She gave it to me and the day passed quickly. I was eagerly waiting for the night to have chat with her. The store closed and I ran home quickly and I freshened up and had my dinner quickly and started a conversation by sending Hi to her. I know that she has also was waiting for the message and quickly I got a reply from her.

Me: Hi

She: Hello.
Me: Had your dinner?

She: Yes and you?
Me: Yes.

She: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing thinking about you (adding masala).

She: Really?
Me: Yes really.

Me: What happened to you in the lift, why did you do that?
She: I couldn’t control myself on seeing you.

Me: You have such a nice husband, have fun with him, why are you doing like this?
She: No he needs only money, not me. I need children but he is not satisfying me physically.

Me: What you don’t have children, how many years since you have got married?
She: No, I don’t have children. It is 5 years now since marriage.

Me: What? 5 years you didn’t force him?
She: Yes of course I do, but he needs only money, lots of time he spends out of station only.

Me: Oh so sad to hear that.
She: Kiran I need your help, please.

Me: What tell me what you need?.
She: I need children and you are the only person to understand and keep it as a secret, please.

Me: What? No, I can’t, if anybody knows it will be a big issue.
She: No, nobody will know. I won’t tell anybody and you won’t.

Me: What if your husband knows?
She: No he can’t because he is never at home.

Me: Ok, but how and where?
She: No problem, that you don’t worry, I will take care of it. We will meet at my house only.

Me: Ok then, when do you want me to come?
She: Are you free tomorrow?

Me: Yes of course, what time do you want me to come?
She: At night after the store is closed, then the full night I will be yours.

Me: Really?
She: Yes.

Me: Ok good night, see you tomorrow.
She: Ok bye darling, good night and have sweet dreams.

Now my dick is very hard in my shorts and I am about to come. I need relaxation right now. Again I sent her a message, hello wait send me your selfie right now in your current position.

She said, “Ok.”

And sent me a photo. My breath became heavy hearing the notification sound. I opened WhatsApp and downloaded the photo. I was shocked by seeing it. She was fully naked on the bed, fingering herself. Seeing that picture I masturbate on my bed thinking of what it would be like when I meet her the next day.

I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow. This is the first part. Tomorrow I will post the next episode.

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