I Got In Bed With My Friend’s Mom After A Party At Her House

I Got In Bed With My Friend’s Mom After A Party At Her House

Howdy folks, I am James. How is lockdown going for you guys?

I am a new author in the field of sex stories, so please forgive any mistakes. I have been perusing some awesome sex stories on the site. Along these lines, I have chosen to share an encounter of mine with my friend’s mom. I trust you folks like it and would comment.

A little prologue, I am 23 years of age, and I live in one of the party cities of India, Bangalore. I work as a consultant for an American based company. I won’t bore you folks by giving too much all the more concerning myself.

The story began in October 2019, I had come home from Bangalore for Diwali. Our family friend and Neighbour’s daughter Renuka arranged a house party two days before Diwali at her home. She inhabits Vijayanagar, Mysore, in a luxurious 3 BHK condo.

Her dad owns his own firm in Dubai. He comes once a year and pretty much spends rest the year there. Her mom, Navya, is the sweetheart of the story. She is a housewife with modern looks and character. She has a boutique here in Mysore, lives with her girl Renuka in Pune.

In mid-October, Renuka arranged for a party for our friends on a Friday. She expected her mom to be at her in-laws. But at the last minute, her mom canceled. So she joined the party and was very welcoming. About 6 of us appeared for the party.

After hugging and catching up, Navya chatted with us for some time. She got some information about wellbeing, occupation, then finally everyone was enjoying and chatting with each other. A typical house party mood was floating, even Navya was in and around the room.

At 9:30, the alcohol began, and Navya didn’t mind. She was a welcoming and modern character lady.

Let me depict her. She is 39 years of age (second marriage of Renuka’s Father) with 5 feet 6 inches height, an ordinary Indian skin tone, and chubby. Yet, curves lined with the perfect amount of fat figure, which I like the most.

I am a normal-looking person with decent fitness, not too lean or fat, and 6 ft tall. I want to break the wheel of tradition, and I am not going to mention tool size on the platform. I do like listen to women, their talks even married and older women, not just sexual acts with.

Since Renuka had told her family stories to me, I had wondered about Navya and her physical relationships.

After some time, Navya left the party and went into her room. She was wearing a saree with a full sleeve blouse. It made her resemble an unwavering wife, yet the story was quite unfaithful.

The party was in full swing. The music was playing in the background. We jumped into the balcony, and by that time, everyone was drunk. As I don’t drink much, I was in charge of soda pops, juices, and food. After midnight, two or three individuals left.

Then came a circumstance where one of our friends, Raj, went completely out of control. So being the soberest one, I was given the responsibility to drop him to his condo, which was a few kilometers away. I took Renuka’s Car and dropped him.

When I arrived at Renuka’s home, it was almost 1:30 am, and most of them left. I rang the bell, and Navya opened the door for me, smiling at me. I told her I was returning her car. She took the keys. As I gathered my possessions and was about to leave when Navya stopped me.

She told me no to leave, as it was already exceptionally late. It’s hard to get back to the house (20 kilometers away) at this dead of night. She somehow persuaded me to stay back.

I finally consented to her request to remain there for the night. I called my folks and told them I would be staying the night as they were a little worried.

As Renuka was asleep, only we two were awake, and neither of us was feeling sleepy. To be honest, I was feeling sleepy due to booze. But the very thought of getting laid with this married woman and sheer hope to make it happen engulfed my sleep.

We started talking about the party and the people.  She then had started cleaning up after the party. I was trying to help her when she said I shouldn’t be doing these things at her house as I was a guest. I insisted that I would love to help her. I then helped her clean the tables and room.

All while we are talking. I did help myself to humor the situation and get her in a laughing mood, and it did work. While we both were keeping the bottles and food in the fridge, I took a risk and went behind her. I pretended to keep food items in top-shelf as I rubbed my already semi-hard dick on her round ass.

I am sure she noticed it but didn’t say anything. She might have thought that it might be a mistake. Once more, as she went into the kitchen, I followed her. I pretend to keep things back. I took a bloody big chance and grabbed my friend’s mom’s ass in a very light-sensitive way enough to make a point.

This time, she looked at me with a naughty grin and bit her lower lips. Even though that was the green signal I needed, I was still a bit terrified to make a bold move. After finishing the work, we sat on the couch. This time, she came and sat close to me. There wasn’t much gap between us.

Her eyes kept on asking me to make a move, and in the moment of lust, I did just exactly that. I placed my right hand on her thighs, my other hand on her shoulder, rubbing it. I slowly moved it near her pussy from above the saree. She closed her eyes.

She slid her head onto my right shoulder and whispered in my ears to kiss her. We lip-locked like two passionate lovers, she was a great kisser. We lip locked for a few minutes. My hands ran through her saree, to the corners of her body, even to her chubby navel.

After a few minutes, she stopped and said we can carry on in her room as there was a chance Rashmi might wake up. She moved to her room, flaunting her round ass in front of me. I followed her, staring her at her swaying ass. As soon as we entered, she locked the door behind me.

We started kissing immediately behind the door. That woman wanted it so much. While kissing, we crashed on the bed. Our lips locked inevitable as our tongues were in an exotic tug of war, rolling over one another. Her hands rubbed down my chest as she removed my T-shirt.

She threw it on the floor along with my inner banian. We then moved to bed as she slowly broke the kiss and laid me down and sat on my lap. I took her face in my hand and started to kiss her chin, earlobes while taking a grab at her big boobs through her blouse.

I felt their softness. I knew she was expecting it as she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breathing began to stutter as I sucked her neck. My hands dropped her pallu. My tongue drove down to lick her neck. I conquered her neck with small hickeys, deep kisses, and licking and kissing the nape of her neck.

I was sucking on her skin until she felt the lust in her bones. Along with each bite I gave, she hugged me tight, biting her lips. We would kiss in between. Soon, I reached her mangalsutra (wedding chain worn by wives). I dipped my tongue into depths of her cleavage, like licking ice cream.

I expressed my lust for her, rubbing their skin on the boobs. I started to squeeze her boobs. I lowered her blouse on shoulders enough to snap the first button. I moved my tongue through her collar bone to her shoulder, sucked on her shoulder. She bit her lower lip, and the voice of her breaths became deep.

I then placed her on the bed, I removed the saree as she rolled on the bed. She lay in a broken torn blouse and her petticoat. I snapped each of her blouse buttons. I kissed down on her cleavage to the blouse with my teeth, leaving the final button to be locked.

I went to the navel, kissing her belly button. I then raised her petticoat and slowly reached for her panties. It had a small wet stain from her pussy. Her body was a bit sweaty, and its aroma came on as a drug to me. I licked her from toe to thighs. She let out moans which were of a passionate woman.

I then dug my hands into her flowered blouse and ripped it off as I lip-locked with her. Then I sucked on her neck, her shaven armpits, pinning her hands down on the bed, I licked down onto her boobs. I started to suck them like a baby, sucked on her nipples, rolled them over around with my tongue.

She was panting and moaning. Her body shivered in lust. I squeezed with my fingers to make her give a loud moan. My hands squeezed and rubbed on it, pulling on it and squeezing to get the milk. I pulled her petticoat in a sudden draw, and it tore in half.

She kissed me wildly as I threw it on the floor. I pinned her hands down again. I moved my tongue to her pussy, started to lick her clitoris, and stimulated with it with my tongue. Then rolled it around with my tongue, rubbing it between my fingers and squeezing her clit more and more.

I kept on rubbing her clit, making it more stimulated with my fingers. I raised my other hand to keep on squeezing her nipples. She screamed my name. She slowly started to jump up and down on the bed, as her nails drove into my skin on my back. Her hands, too, made a mess of the colored sheets on the bed.

Her breath became heavy. I squeezed her dark nipples while my tongue moved down into her shaven pussy. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and licked her insides. She gave slutty moans, asking me for my cock. I then inserted my finger into her asshole, slowly rubbing her insides as she jumped on the bed.

I interlocked her both hands and held them on her navel with my hand. I fingered her in her asshole and pussy and played on her clit with my tongue. I then rubbed up against her g-spot, a bit harder.

The foreplay, as such, went on for a few minutes. Her lower body kept jumping until she had a great orgasm and came on to the bed. She took a great breath of satisfaction. I then stood up and kept my cock in her pussy walls and starting rubbing it. She wrapped her legs around me and hugged me tight, I didn’t enter.

She hugged me tight and whispered (with deep shallow breath):- Nannannu matte kam māḍi. (Make me cum again)

I then penetrated her pussy with force. While my lips kept sucking her boobs. I then took her by the waist and pushed her on my dick and pumping my thick dick with a hard push. I then slowly took my dick out and gave her a hard thrust as I lip locked her, she squealed.

I squeezed her nipples with my fingertips. I sucked her boobs while I started to give her hard pumps. Her tight pussy walls tightened around my dick, making me moan too. Then she hugged me tight as she moaned, her legs wrapped around me, and she moved with my push as a rhythm.

The room was filled with a ‘thap dip dap’ happy sound. She grabbed on to me and turned me pin me down on the bed and came on top of me. She then directed my dick into her pussy. My dick once again stretched her pussy walls. Her face made an expression of utter satisfaction as she let out slow moans.

She soon started to jump on my dick with her boobs bouncing along with her rhythm. Her mangalsutra was in between her boobs, as I fondled them. (I had a sudden pity for her husband. How could he leave such a horny beauty unsatisfied?)

Seeing her ride and give out moans was a great sight for my eyes. I rose myself up, kept my hands on her boobs and fondling them, and sucking those nipples. Her moans became more and more sluttish as her jumps became rigorous and speedy.

I put in my hips into her rhythm for extra force, which made her go wild. I could feel her body tremble as she neared an orgasm. Her soaking her pussy walls crushed on my cock as she gave a loud moan. Her body trembled in my hands and came on my dick.

I continued to fuck her as her breath broke, and she made a squealing sound. I pumped her even more and hard. She asked me to cum inside, which I did in the next few minutes of hardcore thrusting. We hugged each other like that, kissed passionately. She smiled at me. We cuddled and kissed.

After an hour, she made me some snacks, and we did it on the kitchen floor. Then after a shower, she approached me to dress up and go to another room so, stay away from doubt.

I woke up at 10 am, Navya was distant from everyone else at home in the kitchen. We talked and kissed for 30 minutes had tea. After that, we still meet up.


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