Kissed and fondled private parts of hot friend in bus – Hot story

Kissed and fondled private parts of hot friend in bus – Hot story

Hello readers, I hope you all must be eagerly waiting for this 2nd part, to know what happened next. How a quick adventure of mine, leads me to another one, and this time with loads of lust.

In case, you haven’t read the previous episode, kindly do read it, in order to have some background about this part. Without wasting any more time, let’s get back to the story.

I was actually curious after that exchange of texts with Aakansha who had helped me escape from that situation. But later she realized that I was actually making out in the lady’s washroom. It was kind of shocking for me to receive texts from her. I couldn’t believe that she had tricked me to get my contact number.

Even though I do not judge people by their looks, it came as a shock to imagine Aakansha having all those imaginations. From what I recalled of her, she was in her late 20s or early 30s. She had a  nice height of 5’5 – 5’6, a toned body with the right amount of fat in the right places. She wears specs and has a fair skin tone (I am not a racist though).

Aakansha had pretty long hair, some acne on both her cheeks, very perfectly shaped lips, and a very attractive smile, with many subtle profound qualities.

The next morning when I woke up and checked my phone, I found her texts and even a missed call, which came like a shock to me. She told me in the texts, that she had slept last night. She wanted to talk, but since she sleeps early, and gets up early, and has been following this routine since the beginning, she could not make the call.

She told me that she often thinks of being a “bad” girl (I don’t know what is bad in feeling pleasure), and this very thought turns her on.

Then she texted me that she was sorry to sound desperate (she wasn’t) and that she had also called me. Her last text was, “Text me immediately when you see my text,” to which I immediately replied,

Me: Hey, good morning! I was sleeping. I just woke up.

Within seconds, she replied back,

Aakansha: Good morning. I don’t know what to say. I acted so desperately, and now I am embarrassed.

Me: Oh, chill pill Aakansha, you don’t know how it is like to be desperate. You are still far from being one.

Aakansha: So, you think I am not desperate just because I wear specs?

Me: No.. no, not at all. Specs make you look even more attractive.

Aakansha: Wouldn’t your GF be angry if she finds out that you are calling me attractive?

Me: Oh no, she will not! She barely cares about me.

Aakansha: Why would you say that about her?

Me: Just leave it. She is into many men, and I am not her exclusive.

Aakansha: You do feel for her though?

Me: Are you going to get us married right now? (wink emoji).

Aakansha: Oh no, I wouldn’t want that, at least not right now, else she will have the sole authority of having the suhagraat with you.

Me: Ahem.. Ahem, someone dreamt of suhagraat with me last night?

Aakansha: Do not embarrass me like this! (shy emoticon).

Me: And you wet your clothes too?

Aakansha: I would want you to do that.

I was amazed by her way of expressing desires, and it was actually a turn on imagining her this way. She was enjoying breaking rules, and so was I.

Me: Uumm.. isn’t that too fast?

Aakansha: You seem to be slow!

Me: Slow and steady wins the race..Ha..ha.

Aakansha: But let me be clear. I have a BF and I do not want any emotional complications. My sole purpose is just to break the rules, and live my fantasies.

Me: Obviously, I am the specialist in fulfilling, committed women’s fantasies (thinking what life has become).

Aakansha: Is it? I really have high expectations from you then.

Me: Ha..ha! I hope I don’t break your expectations.

Aakansha: Now listen to the plan. Meet me at 11 at xyz bus stop, and do not make any plans for the afternoon.

Me: What? Just 2 hours in 11.. I wasn’t expecting this.

Aakansha: I am not giving you an option. If I could talk to you over the phone, I can very well arrive at your doorstep to talk to you face to face, right in front of your parents, and then ask you what you were doing in the lady’s washroom?

I wasn’t expecting that. That was pure blackmail. Is this lady blackmailing me to have sex? Isn’t it exciting? To get blackmailed to have sex?

Me: See lady, this is blackmail. I wasn’t expecting this from you.

Aakansha: Ha..ha, you don’t have any idea what all I expect from you. Meet me at 11 and don’t be a nakhre wala bacha, itne bhi kuch khaas nahi ho tum.

Me: Okay, but be respectful. I do not like people getting rude to me.

Aakansha: Hey idiot, chill I am kidding baby. This is my way to steam things up.

Me: And I already like it. I am into you. Will see you at 11 at the bus stop.

I got ready and had no time for breakfast. I was already filled with lust. Till now, I have been just with my girl, and this will be for the first time I am seeing someone.

I was wearing denim jeans and a shirt. I reached on time, and there she was already waiting. I was like, “Aww, isn’t she actually cute. Look she is here well before time.”

I was awestruck looking at her. Wait, what is she wearing? a saree? Damn no. She was looking so hot, contrary to the last time.

She has an amazing body, and her height is a plus point. Tall girls always attract me, and even the girls taller than me are my types.

She was wearing heels too, which was making her look taller than me. She was wearing a shade of blue, a very elegant saree with a black blouse and with a sleeveless pattern.

I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her. She was smiling like anything but wasn’t able to make eye contact. On the contrary, I was (mostly) looking directly into her eyes.

Aakansha: Are you going to stare at me all day like this?

Me: Uumm…. ah, if I start right here which I can, you would feel embarrassed.

Aakansha: Shut up! Do not talk nonsense. Keep your words subtle and actions explicit.

Me: You look gorgeous in this saree, Aakansha. I am glad that you are wearing a saree.

Aakansha: I was confused about what I should wear, but from the angle of convenience, I thought that a saree would be the best.

Me: So are we going to stand here all day and talk?

Aakansha: See the bus is here, hop on.

We both boarded the bus with was fairly crowded, so we were standing facing each other on the low floor bus. I was standing right in front of her, in such a way that no one was behind her. I asked her where she was taking me? She said, “You know the place already. You were there yesterday.

Me: Oh, are we going to the same mall again? The same spot?

Aakansha: The same mall, yes, but not the same spot. Just wait for it.

The mall was fairly 30 minutes away. After 10 minutes, my fingers started rolling gently on her stomach, around her belly to which she freezes and looked at me.

I got close and whispered in her ears, “You wanted to break the rules na? Now, I will teach you.” I gradually held her hand and with eye contact, placed it over my crotch over the jeans, which were already stiff due to the erection.

I felt her body getting cold and she started sweating. After a minute or so, she started caressing my cock over the jeans. HER eyes were like that of kids who get happy when they get what they want.

She was caressing, and it was the tip of my cock on which her fingers were (obviously over the jeans). That very moment the bus driver applied a forceful break, and I got the opportunity to hold her directly from her waist.

I held her as if she is mine, dominatingly her from her waist, and wrapped my arm around her back. I could actually feel her heartbeat. Her heart was throbbing like anything.

As no one was standing behind her or was able to see, I put my hand over her perfectly shaped (there is no perfect shape, body shaming is a sin) ass, which felt warm over the saree.

And the moment I put my hand over it, I grabbed it and started pressing and fondling it gently. Her eyes started closing and her fingers started moving like anything.

It was then, that she unzipped me, which gave me shivers like, “No” this is fucking risky. I moved her hand back.

Me: Aakansha, you wouldn’t want to get caught. Even if yes, then this is not the right place to get caught. You will be judged.

Aakansha leaned on me put her head on my shoulder and whispered, “Oh, baby as you said, I do want to break the rules and you have no other option but to oblige.”

Now, I was in a complete state of shock. That was fucking risky, not just for me but for her too. The bus was packed, however, she was so horny at that moment that I felt unable to control her.

I positioned myself in such a way that nobody could see us. She entered her fingers in my unzipped pants and opened the button of my boxers (it is the same as a zip on the jeans, a button on the boxer).

The moment she opened the button, the animal within bounced out and was in her cold hand all of sudden. She wasn’t expecting this.

She was making direct eye contact with me and said very slowly, “Bheeeenchooood, what were you hiding in your pants? Isko gym lekar jaate ho kya?”

I was actually less comfortable in a jam-packed bus, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t getting excited with the mind that I was with.

More than her physical beauty, her lust was making me mad. She kept on holding my erect cock in her hand, which was definitely not fitting in her palm.

Her four fingers were wrapped around me, her palm was cold and her thumb was touching the tip of cock. I have an uncut tool, and when it gets totally erect, the foreskin automatically comes completely back like a circumcised cock.

But she was holding it from the top, so the foreskin was not able to come back, but the top was open. She was continuously touching her thumb tip on that as if she is holding a joystick and pressing the button again and again.

Just to tell you, readers, her fingers were so beautiful, and she worked very hard on her nail art. It all was so impressive which I expressed to her too.

Such compliments are the rewards of putting in so much effort. She felt happy and said, “Tum kitna notice karte ho? Mujhe to laga seedha sexual parts par hi comment karoge, lekin nail aur finger tip? aadmi hi ho na?”

Me: Stop generalizing, lol… and it is getting out of control.

I was constantly caressing her ass over the saree, and trying to feel my hand right between her ass crack, while she was buttoning my tip.

Aakansha: I so want to kiss you right here in front of everyone.

Me: See miss turn on, I have a plan. But first put my snake back in its hole, as we are about to reach the destination (I whispered).

Aakansha: Okay, wish granted.

She tried adjusting my cock back in my boxers, but it wasn’t easy for her to do so. I took my hand back from her ass and adjusted it quickly. I then told her to zip my pants, to which she obliged.
Me: Now listen, when I say, “Now,” kiss me the way you want to, and get out of the bus without thinking about anything further.

Aakansha was looking at me with her eyes wide open. As the bus was about to reach the stop, I grabbed her ass and said, “NOW.”

She held me from the neck and started we started smooching. What an amazing kiss it was. It felt like blood was rushing in our veins, and to be honest that kiss was one of the most pleasurable kisses I have ever done.

Before anyone could say anything, we ran out and de-boarded at our stop. The bus started moving, and we noticed people watching us turning their heads from the moving bus. It was fun.

Aakansha: Dude! Thank You (that was unnecessary though).

Me: Shut up. I pulled her towards me from her neck, and started kissing (there was no one on the stop), and said, “Happy?” She held me by my hair, and pulled me again to her and said, “A little bit,” and burst into laughter.

Aakansha: This was just the trailer, Mr. Happy Guy. The actual movie is about to get started, but for that, you will have to wait for the third part of this story.

To be continued.

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