Lavanya’s Experience At The Photoshoot – Indian Sex Stories

Lavanya’s Experience At The Photoshoot – Indian Sex Stories

It was the weekend. Which means it was time for Lavanya’s first photoshoot. I was very excited about the shoot. But Lavanya more excited to meet her stylist than her life long dream of being a part of a photoshoot. She hadn’t heard from the stylist since they last met and is finally gonna meet him.

She got a call from the company again saying that the photo shoot will be outdoors in a resort inside the city limits. They also told her that she was supposed to be there 3 hours before the shoot for her hair and makeup.

We were ready at 9 AM. Lavanya was wearing her casual tank top and shorts. Her black padded half-cup Da Intimo bra was clearly visible. She got that and a French-cut panty from Amazon for the shoot. She had washed her hair and put it in a bun.

The car arrived at 9:15 to pick us up. We reached the resort at around 11:30. On reaching the resort, we found the dress designer waiting for Lavanya to try on her dress. Lavanya and I went into one of the rooms to try on the dress.

She stripped down her casuals to put on her burgundy colored dress. I zipped her up and took a lot at her. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked dashing. The stylist then came in to have a look at the dress and complimented how she looked in it.

After a few minutes, they walked in with a t-shirt and shorts, carrying a bag. This time the bag was bigger as it also had the make up materials. He took a look at Lavanya and was awestruck for a moment. I could see him staring at her flawless cleavage and her perfect boobs, thanks to the Da Intimo bra.

I’m sure he got a boner looking at her. He greeted her and complimented her for her looks and started unpacking his bag. He asked Lavanya to change to her casuals for him to do her hair and makeup.

He asked me to wait at the shoot location and check if the photographer and the rest of the crew were there and to help them. I left the room to find the photographer. As soon as I left the room, the stylist barged into the room where Lavanya was found in her lingerie.

He ran towards her, held her left hand with his right, putting on her head, pushed her against the wall, and started kissing her passionately. He was panting and said, “I really missed your body. I’m sorry I had to leave without giving my number.”

Lavanya shut his mouth with her index finger and pulled him towards her and started making out. He lifted his hands and placed it on top of her half-cup bra. He was squeezing it like squeezing a rehabilitation ball in which you squeeze while donating blood.

Only this time, the blood was not going out of his body but to his genitals, making it hard and ready to destroy Lavanya’s pussy. Lavanya was removing his t-shirt and shorts while the hot stylist undid her bra and stuck his mouth to her tits. The stylist then removed her panty.

Now they both were completely naked and could both see each other’s hot bodies. The stylist lifted her left leg and tucked it between his right arm and chest. He slowly slid his finger into her pussy, which was already wet. Lavanya left out a few moans in pleasure.

Lavanya got hold of his penis with her right hand and was slowly stroking it as the stylist’s finger went deeper every time. The stylist then was slowly rubbing her clit as Lavanya began to stroke his dick faster. This went on for a while.

The stylist was then on his knees, ready to make his tongue do the magic on her wet and cock hungry vagina. His tongue was on her clit, making slow circles in a clockwise direction. His index and middle fingers were busting her pussy. She was moaning louder and louder.

At one point, she couldn’t handle both his fingers and tongue of her vagina. She pulled him up by his hair, and now it was her turn to return the favor. She was kneeling on the floor as she took his long dick into her mouth. She kissed the head of the dick and put it in between her tits.

She rammed it with a titfuck. She then took his dick into her mouth. She took it as deep as she could until she gagged. She then wrapped her mouth around his dick and blow warm air at it. She then started sucking his dick. This time she put her hands on his butt and was squeezing it.

Aroused by his, he quickly unclipped her hair. Holding it in a high pony as her layers from her haircut a couple of days ago was nicely seen, directed her mouth in the direction he wanted it. She blew his dick for a good 6-7 minutes. She then stood up as she couldn’t keep her hungry pussy waiting any longer.

He lifted her leg to his shoulder as they were still standing, and there was no bed in that room and was teasing her pussy by rubbing his cock on her clit and around her vagina. She got hold of his dick and put it inside her. He moved closer to her as his dick went deeper into her to find the G-spot.

They hugged each other and started kissing while his dick was deep insider her. He then held her by her juicy ass started going in and out of her pussy. Lavanya was still kissing him and started moaning right into his mouth. He then moved his hands to her boobs and was squeezing them.

She went closer to his ear and whispered that she wants to swallow his cum. This got him really excited and started fucking her harder, and she let out moans which were getting louder every time he went deep into her. They didn’t have much time, so they had to wrap up quickly.

He fucked her hard for a good 10 minutes. He was about to cum. He made her kneel and came right into her mouth. She drank all the cum like a mug of beer, and the final few shot were on her face. They both sat naked on the floor with Lavanya’s head resting on the stylist’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, the photographer arrived at the location. He was the hottest guy I’ve never met. Chiseled face, with the right amount of beard, with an amazing jawline and broad shoulders. He was flexing his muscles as he was carrying his bag. God! I really wanted to fuck this man.

He came straight to me and introduced himself as Karthick. He asked me if Lavanya was ready. I told him I’ll go find out. I went back to the room and opened the door to see both of them were still naked on the floor. Lavanya looked at me.

I was disgusted with what I saw and shut the door hard. They got up and started putting on some clothes. Lavanya was worried about how she would explain this to me.


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