Made Out With The Maid – Indian Sex Stories

Made Out With The Maid – Indian Sex Stories

Hey guys, this is Andy here from Chennai, and I’m back with another story of mine.  This is also one of the real-life incidents that happened in my life. This time it’s with the maid in my house.

Some quick details about me, I’m Andy 22. I don’t have an athletic body, but still, I have a good physique of 5’10 height which can satisfy any woman and a decent dick of 6 inches

Moving into the story. She was working in my house for a long time, and I never had any such intentions on her. She was a lean and tall woman in her late 30s. But her body shape and structure would not be like a 30-year-old. She will be like a girl around her 25.

She used to do household chores like sweeping and washing dishes and clothes. One day she was sweeping the hall, and I came home from the gym. I was sweating like a pig, and Kavita (name changed) was sweeping the hall.

I directly went to the bedroom for the AC and slept off there and woke up after half an hour. As soon as I woke up, I saw that my t-shirt was removed and I was in my sleeveless. I was confused if I removed it before I slept, but I didn’t mind and then went out.

She was in the kitchen. I asked her to boil the water for me to take a bath, and I went back. She did it, and I took a nice bath while thinking of her. I masturbated that day.

The next day I was on the sofa watching TV. My mom was sitting opposite to me. Kavita was wearing a chudidar, and she was sweeping. She bent forward towards me to sweep the floor. While searching for the remote, I accidentally saw her cleavage. To my surprise, she was not wearing any bra.

I was slightly turned on as her nipples were erect. Even though they were tiny, it was so pinkish and pretty. As she stood straight, I was holding my dick. There was a slight bulge seen through my shorts, and she noticed it too.

Then I realized that she should have removed my t-shirt that day. I tried to find out if she’s really interested in me. So I went to the kitchen after some time. I asked her to keep the water for boiling, and she did the same.

After some time, when the water was ready, she called me to inform it’s ready. I quickly changed my clothes and was wearing only my shorts and sleeveless. I went and stood before her. She was staring at my crotch, surprised.

I asked her, “How is it?”
She replied, “It’s too hot!”
I was surprised and asked, “What?”

She said, “I was talking about the hot water,” in a laughing tone, and walked away. Now that boosted my confidence. I was thinking of the right time to do the needful. And to my luck, I got a chance.

She came home and asked where my parents went. I told her they went for a check-up. It will take a lot of time for them to be back as they’re gonna visit my relatives after that. She said ok while giving a naughty smile and started sweeping the bedroom

I went inside and switched on the AC as she was sweeping. I was a little afraid of how to start and was roaming around the house, just beating around the bush. She then asked me if I needed something to eat. I told her I wanted milk, she went to the kitchen to prepare it.

I gathered some courage to make a move. I went into the kitchen and was behind her. I was acting like I was taking something from the fridge. When she was busy facing away from me, I hugged her from behind.

She was slightly shocked, but still, she knew it coming. She held my hands and asked what I was doing. I replied, “I asked for milk, and I’m gonna get it in my style.”

And in no time, my fingers were pinching on her nipples, and our lips were tangled with kisses. She resisted initially but gave up in seconds, then started the endeavor. I immediately made her kneel and asked her to take out my dick and give a handjob. I didn’t want to put it right away in her mouth.

While she was jerking my dick, I was playing with her nipples and pinching them. She got turned on and started giving ahead even without asking. I was amazed by the way she was doing, she became a complete slut in moments. I lifted her up and took her to the bedroom.

And I put her on the bed and buried my face in between her legs. I was licking her thighs and fingering her pussy. She was relentlessly grabbing my head and pulling my head. I removed her innerwear with my teeth, and I stood up with the underwear in my mouth.

Her face went pale in shyness by seeing it. I laughed and pulled her legs towards me and started teasing her by moving my dick around her pussy walls. She was moaning and pleading me to enter inside her. I was enjoying seeing her reaction.

She became nude as I was teasing, I held her boobs and lifted up. I looked into her eyes and thrust my dick as we locked our lips. She couldn’t handle the pain and gave a loud moan. Luckily I held her mouth through the kiss, so it went out mum inside the room itself.

I fucked her hard for about 2 hours in different styles and positions. She told me it’s been a long time since she had satisfying sex. I just loved it. We went to the bathroom and told her I wanna cum. She made me do it inside her mouth, and she swallows it with love.

With took a bath there and I had a nice sleep that evening. She finished off work and gave me a blowjob on bed and left the evening.


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