Making love to a friend’s wife

Ever wonder how it is to have sex with a good friend, who happens to be a woman and who happens to be your friend’s wife ? We (about 8 couples) all had fun, weekend parties and stuff just like usual. We respected each other, and there was no hint of raunchiness or lewdness. But among all of us, I and Kamini (not her real name) had a hint of sexual tension, I guess.
So it so happened that Kamini’s husband – who is also my friend – had to go to Kansas for a business trip. That evening, I drove to her place to deliver a PC to their house (Bought this for them at an auction at my company). Kamini opened the door, we said hello to each other and I barged in with the heavy PC and took it to their basement. She followed me to the basement and watched me as I hooked the monitor to the PC and hooked the PC to the Ethernet port.
I asked her for a screwdriver and apparently she got it and was standing behind me and I didn’t notice. Not knowing she was behind me, I got up from my sitting position and bumped my back to her front side. Now, that was a shock. Her soft breasts squeezed to my back. I quickly turned around, backed away a bit and instinctively my hands gripped her shoulders as if to steady myself.
I have no idea how it happened, but it was quite apparent that we both were overcome with the underlying sexual tension and longing for each other. As I clasped my hands around her back, she did the same. We both hugged each other and reveled in the closeness – not a word was spoken. I kissed her soft cheeks and her breasts were beckoning and my mouth made its way to her soft breasts. She still had her shirt on, and I kissed her on her soft shirt. I then lifted her shirt and kissed passionately on her soft lovely breasts. She was definitely enjoying it. As I sucked on her soft breasts, it was a heavenly experience, for both of us.
Condom? I asked. We quickly went up to their bedroom and pulled it out. We made love passionately. This was the first time I had sex with another woman other than my dear wife. In fact, this was the first time I touched another woman in a sexual way. It was a strange and exciting experience – to touch and kiss and suck on a totally new woman.
Did I do wrong ? Did she ? These questions haunted me for a few days. But no more. We had fun. We enjoyed it. We are also dedicated to our spouses. After that day, we did not have sex again. When we meet for weekend parties, there is a special affinity between us and a knowing smile. Life’s still the same !

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