Massage with Happy Ending

Massage with Happy Ending

Massage with Happy EndingMassage with Happy Ending I was feeling so tired & felt like my whole body was lifeless, I needed some pampering & decided to go for a full body massage with Happy Ending.Can’t wait to knock off work. The time finally came for me to drive off.

Reached my destination & looked for my fav masseur.

She ushered me to a room which was dimly lit & smelled so heavenly. I can feel some of my stress melting away. Can’t wait for her to work her magic hands on my body & sooth my lifeless body to life.

I undressed & laid on the bed face down & she covered me with a thin blanket. She told me to hold on for a while. Suddenly she came back & apologised that her boss has arranged for her to massage another client, there was some miscommunications on our appointments. She promised me that her replacement has skills as good as hers & told me that I will enjoy my massage. I was disappointed but unable to do much, so I just agreed to try another masseur.

To my amazement, it turned out to be a male masseur. He had a deep husky voice & said to me, I just want u to relax, not to be shy as I m a professional masseur & I will try to sooth your tired body & help u to relax. Just let go of any shyness u may have at the moment, close yr eyes & relax, let me work my magic on u. I said ok.

He put my hair up in a bun, pulled the blanket off my shoulder, spread oil over my upper back & slowly massaged the back of my ears, neck & shoulders. Slowly kneading & massaging away. Working on my upper to middle back, neck, arms & telling me to breathe in & out & to relax.

Then he said he’s done with my upper back & going to move downwards. He said again I don’t want u to be shy, I just want to sooth away the tension & stress from your body.

He pulled the blanket up to cover my upper body & it exposed my lower body.

He whispered & said nice big butt u got there. I could feel myself blushing.

He covered my lower back, backside & legs with oil & massaged away, long strokes across my legs n lower back, briefly touching my inner thighs. Desi Maal

The feel of his hands were so good, I almost fell asleep.

Then his touches got more intense, his hands kept massaging my inner thighs & I could feel some soft & fast strokes touching my labia. He whispered to me to relax, he said he can feel my tensions & it’s not good for my body.

He asked me to slowly get up & sit on the bed with my eyes closed.

I grabbed the towel to cover myself, sat up & started to say I have a condition, he put his hand over my mouth & said relax, u don’t have to explain to me anything, I know your condition.

Sex with massage with happy ending English sex story:

He asked me to lay on my back & covered my eyes. He massaged my arms & told me to trust him to bring me to the next level of relaxation, just let him do his work. He pulled the towel off & I was entirely naked. He cupped my breast in his hand & smeared some oil on it & massaged away. His hands moved down to my abdomen & very fast & subtle, he spread my legs apart & started to massage my thighs. His finger briefly touched my labia while he was massaging my thighs & legs.

He told me to relax & he said he can see my wetness. He said there’s nothing to be ashamed off, it’s the way how our body works & it’s natural.

Before I know it, he was massaging my labia & slowly inching his fingers massaging my love button & the sides of my love tunnel.

I told him to stop. He said he can’t as he has not completed his work.

He must complete something that he has started.

Then he pulled me up, tightened the cloth that covered my eyes & asked me to just follow him.

He seems to be leading me to another room.

He made me lay on something soft & furry. I told him please stop, I don’t want to continue this game anymore, I want to go.

He held me by my shoulders & said no, I can lead you to total relaxation & this is what you came for, so no, u are not going anyway.

With that said, he tied me up, one handcuff to each hand & attached to one side of the couch/bed. He pulled my legs apart & spread my labia & massaged my love button & around my love tunnel.

He said I need u to cum for me, release all your tension & stress. He went on & on & on until I can’t take it anymore, then suddenly, he penetrated deep inside me & was pounding inside me with long powerful strokes. I moaned out loud & asked him to stop. He just untied me, flipped me over on my knees & started to pump from behind. I couldn’t move, he was too strong, he pinned me down & kept pumping away until I begged for mercy.

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He said I am not done with u yet as I can still feel some tension in u, he said this while he was still pumping away.

Then he stopped, made me kneel n faced him, took off my blindfold, thrust his manhood into my mouth & deep throat me until I almost threw up. He let up a loud moan massage with happy ending to say he’s coming. He came full into my mouth & he whispered to me, swallow it darl.

I can see he was still hard. He pulled me over n made me sit on him. He told me to ride him like crazy & that he wants me to be his little whore for that nite. I can’t seem to get away, when I stopped riding him, he made me go on all fours again & doggied away. massage with happy ending

Then he pulled me up & lead me to a mirror, he bent me over & penetrated into me & started pumping while looking at the mirror.

Next, he pulled me down on the bed made me lay beside him on my side while he thrust his finger into my pussy. He told me to stay this way for a while.

Not long after that, he pulled his finger out & inserted his penis in my pussy again.

He pumped away until he was satisfied & came all over my face. He hugged me n said I was a good little whore & he enjoyed to help me relax so much.

He said I can go wash up & go massage with happy ending.

I said to me, I am sure I will come back for more.

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