Maya, NRI girl has variety of condoms ready! – Sex story

Maya, NRI girl has variety of condoms ready! – Sex story

Hi, this is my first writing. I have been thinking about sharing my experience and encounter for a long time now. Let’s not waste time and get to the point.

I am Pratheek doing my engineering in Computer Science in a reputed college in Bangalore, in the final year now. I am a fitness freak and a martial artist. This incident happened a year ago when I was in the 3rd year of my engineering. 

I and my friends used to practice judo (a form of martial arts) every day, after classes in the college. One of my juniors brought a friend of his to the practice one day, as she had asked him to show her how we practice. Later I found out that her name is Maya.

Maya is an NRI girl, one year junior to me in college. She is dusky and hot. I was amazed to see her hot figure in blue jeans and a green striped t-shirt. She had an amazing figure with measurements of 33-25-34 and her height might be around 5’6”.

I searched for her on Instagram that day only and texted her. To my luck, I got a reply from her. We slowly started chatting daily. Every day I used to check her picture on Insta and wanted to have an amazing sex experience with her. 

After a few days of chatting, I asked her to meet me. She said, “Yes,” and we decided to meet in a cafe near the college. This went for a few months. It was almost at the end of my 3rd year of engineering when I and Maya walked to her flat just to drop her. That walk made my fortune.

When we were walking, I slowly started talking about my other crushes in college. She replied well for that. Slowly I started asking her suggestions to impress my crush to make-out with me. She started giving me the same. 

After a few minutes of this talk, I asked her opinion about the “friends with benefits” relation. Her reply was not that encouraging, but I took a chance and asked to have a “friends with benefits” relationship with me. She first rejected but then gave me a slight sign of yes to me (but not yet confirmed kind of thing).

Then for a few days, we didn’t chat. After that I texted her, asking if she is free to meet. This time she invited me to her flat. I thought it would be a sign and carried condom packets with me when I went to her flat.

When I reached her flat, it had a decorated table with wine and a candle which was lit up. I was excited to see that. I asked her about her roommate and she replied that she had gone to meet her boyfriend and will be coming the next morning. 

She was looking very hot in her black, tube top and denim shorts. We sat at the table and had some wine with some chit-chat. After that, she took the topic of my request “for friends with benefits” relation and asked me to promise that I will not develop feelings for her. 

I replied saying that’s my line. Then she took me to her bedroom. I was so excited and I hugged her from behind and placed a kiss on her neck. My dick was hard already and she might have felt it on her back.

She turned towards me and planted a kiss on my lips. I grabbed her waist and we started smooching. Her lips were so smooth like butter and tasted like strawberry. I slowly brought my hand up and started sensing her boobs slowly. 

They were soft but firm. I slowly started squeezing her boobs while still smooching her standing position. She enjoyed it with a moaning reply. The kiss went on for a long time, at least half an hour. Then she removed my t-shirt and we continued kissing. 

I lifted her and took her to the bed. With one hand I kept pressing her boobs and with the other hand, I was rubbing her thighs. My hand rubbed her vagina on top of her denim shorts. I slowly unbuttoned her denim shorts and put my hands inside it feeling her panty. 

It was already wet and dripping. Then I removed her denim shorts and she unzipped my jeans. Now she is wearing her tube top and just a panty below and I was just in my boxers. Then she showed me the packets of condoms she had, saying that we have to practice safe sex. 

I was shocked to see so many condoms. I showed the packet of condoms I had brought and told her that even I prefer safe sex only. She had a collection of condoms with different flavors, dotted, rimmed, thin, and so many more. 

She asked me which one to use and I left it for her selection. She selected the chocolate flavored one. All this time, while the discussion about condoms was going on, her hand was rubbing my dick on top of my boxers. 

Now she put her hand inside my boxers to feel my dick. I have a five and a half-inch long and 3-inch girth dick. She liked it. She pulled my boxers down and now I am lying in front of her naked. She went down and gave me a wonderful blowjob for around 10 minutes and I cummed in her mouth. 

To my shock, she took the whole load in her mouth and drank it. Now, I pulled her up and removed her tube top. She had a matching bra and panty. And I saw her cleavage for the first time. She pressed her cleavage to my face. 

It just felt like heaven there. She had a tattoo just above her boobs. It looked damn sexy. We kissed again for another few minutes while I removed her bra. That was a heavenly view for me to see her amazing boobs naked. 

I immediately started sucking her boobs. My one hand was on her thighs, and the other was pressing her one boobs. And my mouth was busy sucking her other boob. After some time, I removed her panty and started moving my fingers around her vagina. 

She liked it very much and she was responding very well with moans. Her moaning sound aroused me more and more. I then inserted my fingers in her vagina and it was tight. She gave a loud moan for that and her nails pressed into my back shoulders. 

I fingered her for a while. Then we tried 69 position for almost 15 minutes. I enjoyed it so much. She played with my dick for a while and then put a condom on my dick herself. Then slowly she guided my dick to her pussy and I started fucking her in a missionary position.

I slowly started increasing the speed and she started moaning louder and louder. Her moan was making me madder for her and I fucked her more roughly. She asked me to fuck her in the doggy style and we did it. This went for around 30 minutes and then, we both cummed almost at the same time.

After the 1st round, we ordered dinner on Swiggy and waited for it. While waiting for dinner I was in my boxers and she was only wearing my t-shirt. We kissed several times in that period. 

Then the dinner arrived and we had dinner. After the dinner, she was horny again she invited me with her moves. This time we fucked in cowgirl position and that is my favorite position with a dominant girl like Maya. 

The second time lasted for around 30 minutes again. After the second round, we were completely wet with our sweat. Then we decided to take a shower and Maya went in first. Noticing that she didn’t lock the door, I went in the very next minute. 

There we had an amazing role-play. I didn’t insert my dick inside as I didn’t take a condom inside the bathroom. But she gave me an amazing blowjob and I licked her pussy till she cummed. In total that evening I cummed 4 times and she cummed 3 times.

That night I slept at her place cuddling her and both of us were naked the whole night. In the morning I woke up and we again had an amazing session in cowgirl and doggy position. Then I kissed her on her lips and left as her roommate was about to come at any moment.

This was the beginning of sex life with her. Then we had many more to fulfill each other’s fantasies. I will be sharing them based on the feedback for the same. 

I also had an amazing threesome sex with her and her roommate which will be related in my next story. Please give me your valuable feedback on [email protected].

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