My First Meeting With Rachna, The Beautiful Indian Sex Angel

My First Meeting With Rachna, The Beautiful Indian Sex Angel

Hi readers, I’m Sandeep (not exactly my real name but close enough). 26, male, from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This story is about the sex I had with a sex angel,  while I was in India last year. But it won’t be stated in my viewpoint. This story will be stated from the viewpoint of the husband. So sit back and read. Trust me, you’ll love the story.

Hi, I’m Rakesh. But the important person in the story is my wife, Rachana, and my friend, whom I got to know through a sex story site, Sandeep. My wife, Rachana, is now 29 years old. We’ve been married for 2 years now. She works at a construction site.

The story I’m going to narrate to you happened a year back.

Let me state things as orderly as possible. Our marriage wasn’t going with too many problems, you know, other than the usual disagreements. We enjoyed sex to a great extent, as well. I loved reading sex stories and experimenting with my wife.

One day, I came across this sex story series by this guy Sandeep. After reading them, I came 3 times in a row. Those stories were that erotic. I was wondering if I could contact this guy. At the end of the stories, he had stated his email address. I sent a message to him on hangouts. He replied, and that’s how we got to know.

Okay, long story short, I asked him if he could visit us anytime. He said he’d be visiting India soon, and he would visit our house too during his vacation here.

You guys might be wondering why I wanted to know this man at a personal level, in the 1st place. Well, from what I read in his stories, I could guess that he was pretty creative when it came to sex.

He also wrote a story about him and a woman named Rachana, which was the name of my wife. So, I imagined him having sex with my wife. I wanted to see that in real life.

I introduced him to my wife and let them get to know each other beforehand. I let her chat with him while I was away. What she didn’t know was I was sneaking through their conversation without their knowledge.

Yes, as expected, their chats had turned sexual. He was planning to fuck her after he visits our home. The day came when he was visiting our house. It was dark, and we were both still awake.

“Are you sure he’s gonna come today?” My wife, Rachana, asked in a bored tone, standing and looking out of the door. She was wearing a red saree with flower patterns and a golden stripe running through the edge, with a showy sleeved blouse.

She was wearing a gold chain and a chain made of pebble-like things around her neck. She had some colorful strings around her wrists. Yeah, ever the traditional Hindu housewife. We’re Hindu, and my friend Sandeep is Buddhist.

“He’ll come,” I said to her, sitting on my sofa.

It was almost midnight by the time Sandeep arrived. This was the 1st time I saw him. He was 6 feet tall and a somewhat well-built person. He was well shaven with medium length hair. He was darker than us, like someone from the south. It was understandable from the fact that he was Sri Lanka.

He had very broad shoulders, and even without a beard on his face, he looked pretty manly and mature. All the more reasons to see him mercilessly banging the hell out of my wife, I thought. But I said nothing.

He greeted us, and we later had dinner. I saw his already growing bulge in his trousers. It must be because of seeing my wife. We talked throughout dinner. I observed that whenever Sandeep looked at Rachana, his eyes were full of greed and lust.

Well, I couldn’t blame him. She was a beautiful woman, and he was, well, he was Sandeep. Rachana was trying her best to hide her feelings for Sandeep. But I could tell that she wanted nothing more than to have his cock inside of her pussy.

We finished dinner. I, on purpose, took the plates with me to the kitchen, leaving them to talk to each other. What I did was running to the kitchen, placing the plates and running back to the living room. But instead of entering the living room, I sneaked towards the dining table from a curtain nearby.

They were smiling, talking, facing each other from the opposite sides of the table. Her left hand was in his right hand! He was rubbing the top side of her hand with his right thumb. From the way he was holding her hand, I could tell he was a strong person, and they were planning their midnight move.

“So, Sandeep, What’s your plan for tonight? For me?”

“Well, let’s get Rakesh to bed asap, and then…”


“Then I am going to bang your brains out, mercilessly,” Sandeep said, as he tightened his grip on her hand.

“Aah,” Rachana let out a painful moan. “Sandeep, you’re hurting me.”

“Sorry,” Sandeep said as he immediately let go of her hand. Her hand was already red due to his grip.

It was then that I entered the scene again. They pretended as what just happened, didn’t happen. I didn’t try to create a scene either.

“Oh, I’m really sleepy now,” I said, pretending to be sleepy. “Rachana, I guess I am going to sleep now. You can show Sandeep the guest room, right?”

“Sure, Rakesh, no problem,” Rachana said with a smile. I could swear a lusty shine was imminent in her eyes as she said so. I went to bed, as Rachana stood up and went to the kitchen.

“I guess I’ll just wait here till she finishes the work,” Sandeep said. I walked away.

After I went to my room, I sneaked behind the curtain of the room, to see what Sandeep was going to do. As expected, he looked at the curtain as if he was trying to know something. After a few seconds, he also went towards the kitchen.

Now I was playing a very dangerous game. I slowly stepped behind him towards the kitchen. The kitchen, too, had a curtain in front. I saw Sandeep enter the kitchen. I gave it a few seconds and closed in. I peeked through the curtain.

I saw Rachana washing the dishes and smiling. Sandeep closed in from behind and held her shoulders with his hands. Her smile got a little wider, showing her nice sets of teeth. His hands slid on her hands, towards the front. He hugged her from behind and placed his chin on her left shoulder.

His left hand slid all along her left hand and ended up sending his fingers through hers. He hugged her from behind and held her like that for a while. He then started kissing her from her left shoulder all the way towards her neck. She closed her eyes. He kissed the left side of her neck a few times.

“Aaah,” a moan escaped her mouth. He left her hands, but then held her elbows and pulled her arms towards her back. He slid his right arm in front of her elbows but behind her back, and held her left elbow with his right hand. Rachana seemed surprised.

“Whoa, what is this?” She asked in a surprised tone. Sandeep held her in that position and turned her towards the curtain. Now I had a better view of what was going on, even though the risk of being caught was higher.

He put his left arm from her left side to her front side, held her neck, and turned her face to her left side. He turned his face towards hers and closed in for a kiss. She wasn’t struggling or resisting him. She closed her eyes and started kissing him back, in a submissive manner.

Their eyes were closed, lips were opening and closing, and tongues were entwined against each other’s, like snakes. It was hot to watch. My bulge was growing.

I wanted to run to my room and start masturbating, but I wanted to know what happens next, even more. She started smiling in the middle of the kiss. After a few more seconds, he broke away. He completely left her.

“Why, Sandeep?”

“Strip,” Sandeep said as he stood back and started stripping himself.

Rachana spent a few seconds thinking before starting to strip. First, she took her pallu off her shoulder. She took it round and round and took it off her body. Then her petticoat. She pushed it down to her ankles and came out of it.

Then her blouse. Then her bra, and when she took her bra off, her boobs came forth like coconuts. But she kept going. She then pushed her panty down and came out of it. And finally, she removed her two chains and put them aside.

Then she turned towards Sandeep, who was also naked by now. It was then I saw the actual size of his bulge. It was nothing like my own. There was no comparison. His cock was as fat as my wrist was, and its length…I had no idea.

“Oh wow, it’s so big,” Rachana said in an astonished tone. She closed in, trying to hold his cock in her left hand. But Sandeep, without a word, held her hair tight in his left hand. She held his right wrist with her left hand.

“Aah,” Rachana let out a painful moan, as Sandeep pulled her towards himself and pushed her to his knees in front of himself. Now she was kneeling in front of her. He held her chin with his left hand and turned her face upwards.

She looked at his face and smiled. He held her neck with his left hand, held his cock with his right hand, and hit her face with it a few times. She closed her eyes.

“Cheating on your hubby, my friend,” he said as he kept hitting her face with his cock. He later left her neck and his cock. “Open your mouth,” he said, holding her hair tightly in his hands, and as he opened her mouth, he started pressing his cock into her mouth.

It stopped going in before it was fully inside of her, but he kept pushing, which made her gag. She gagged, and held his thighs close to his cock, trying to push him back, but he kept pushing.

“Take it all. You can do it,” he said as he kept pressing in. Her eyes were tight shut, and her lips were wide apart, exposing her teeth. She was having a hard time to avoid biting his meat.

He pressed in until her nose was pressed against his groin. He held her like that and moved her head to both sides a little for a while. “Ggk,” she was choking on his cock. I should have interfered. But I was too horny, and I had pulled my cock out already.

Soon she started patting on his hands. He let go. But he was far from done. He held her neck with both hands and pulled her up. She clung to his wrists. I think she was choking on his grip. He pulled her close and started eating her mouth, greedily.

He was still holding the back of her neck with his right hand while he broke the kiss and sent his left hand down. He, looking at her eyes, squeezed her right boob. “Aaah,” she moaned. He slapped her boob. She moaned again.

He did the same to her other boob, and she created similarly. This happened a few more times. “You like that, huh?” He repeatedly asked as he did this. She was just looking at his face.

He then grabbed her right boob by the base of it, pulled it up, and started sucking it hard. “Aaah,” she moaned as she threw her face upwards and closed her eyes. She looked at his head as he continues sucking it loudly.

He later bit her nipple for a while, until she let out a painful, “Aaah,” moan, before finally letting go of her boob. Then he started tasting her left boob, and again, she started moaning.

His right hand slid down and held her hip by the right side, as his left hand slid down to her pussy. While still sucking her left boob, he pressed the middle and ring finger of his left hand into her pussy.

He started moving his hand up and down, making a ‘chaka-chaka’ sound from her pussy. “Aah!” Rachana moaned and threw her face up again. He stopped sucking her boob and started finger fucking her pussy, even faster.

“Aah!” Rachana moaned, as she finally pushed his hand off her pussy. She was leaking like a pipe. He held her neck like before. “You still want this cock in you?” He asked her. She nodded up and down.

In the next part, I will tell you the different ways in which Sandeep fucked my wife Rachna, the sex angel.


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