Nures ki Chudai

My name is Madhu…a Computer Engineer working with an international company and I am very sexy man around 23yrs of age with tough muscular shaped body & 5’4″ height. It was March 98, my brother-in-law came from abroad with some spinal pain, for which we treated with different doctors in Kochi, but that could be not be recovered properly. Then somebody advised to go to some Hospital in Trivandrum where there very good doctors for this type of disorder. According to this plan we admitted him in….. hospital, I was with him in order to asist him for different needs along with his wife (my sister), He had been given a deluxe room to stay but I stayed in a lodge very closed to the hospital. Whole day I used to be present in hospital and in the evenings I used to go to rest to my room.
Now I will go to the actual exotic sexy experience on the very first day when we admitted my brother-in-law in the hospital, the on duty nurse came in the room in order to give some prescription (I already intercepted her at the reception where she was sitting behind the counter), she was wearing white tight frock (usual nurse dress) and had a very beautiful figure, she was a fair looking girl around 22-23yrs with a height almost 5’2″, her butts were very amplitude with a hemispherical pair of doom & a very sexy ditch in between (clearly seen). Although her boobs were of normal size (In fact always my more craze is towards hips than boobs). With my first glance on her sexy butts I became crazy for her, in order to have more looks of her jumping hips while walking I went to reception counter of that ward and sat next to the counter, whenever she used to pas-by close to me, I was feeling my body temperature risen up. I used to watch constantly at her jumping butts and get enjoyed. My this practice was continued till two more days, in the meanwhile I used to find some chance to speak with her and used to give smile to her, initially I never got any response from her, on the third day I offered some fruits and sweets to her (which I used to bring for my brother in law) with a meaningful smile. Initially she said, “Nahi thanks…”with a proxy expression on face, which I noticed and persisted insisting her, which she could not deny. While giving her those things I rubbed my palm on to her fingers and threw a meaningful smile, she also replied with a sexy smile. This encouraged me, and I begin with plotting further strategy. After an hour again I went to the reception, sat there and started talking with her about hospital, about Trivandrum, about her family life then I asked her” are u married” she replied “are u?”I said “no. looking for”, and then she also started asking me about my qualification, my job, my family, etc.
During this tenure I was feeling very uneasy without her appearance and her presence, whenever she gets her duty off, I used to feel disappointed, in fact there was some sort of pasion developed in me for her, although I was a flirt guy & never used to get entangled with such type of sentiments. Before also I had sexual relations with five females (right from 16 to 23years). But with her I had some sort of affiliation. However, on the third day itself, I was waiting for her duty to be off. I went out in the front garden of hospital and stood under a tree watching her arrival. Finally she came with pink Punjabi dress and she was glamour like a SONALI BENDRE (my favorite film actress). When she came closed to me I asked her how she would go home. She told by bus, I told I would also like to roam around with you in order to get familiar with roots and areas of Trivandrum, she said “I will show u Trivandrum”. On this reply I came in very high spirit and went along with her to the bus stop. After a short while the bus came and we got into the bus, we sat on a two-seater chair very closer and sticking to each other. During the journey I was praising her beauty and trying to attract her will upon me. She was expressing her ectancy in silent mode. When I found such a response I advance my activity further, I started rubbing my leg to her leg, I found she also started responding i.e. she also rubbing her leg with me. Then I tried my elbow to insert behind her arm towards her boobs, she relaxed her arm and gave more space to ease my elbow to enter in. Then with my elbow I started pressing her boobs, which were very tight.
This procedure was carried on for about 7-8 minutes then I tried to observe, how many people in bus are observing/concentra ting at us, I found nobody was keeping eye at us. Even on adjacent seat there was a single old man was seating. Then I kept my hand on her these put her dupatta on my hand to cover it up, then my hand started pressing her thigh which was very smooth, soft & flashy. This moment she closed her eyes. I was also under my extreme sensation of sex. My cock was so tight that it was about to tear up my pant & come out. I was getting enjoyed too much and my body became hot like a flame. Then my hand started slipping towards her pooru, I was rubbing my palm on her thy which was slowly moving towards her pussy, when it reached just almost one inch behind, she stopped me and told “ayyo, abhii naheee…” I also respected her will and kept this act for the next time, pulled back my hand and kept pressing her balls by my elbow. While this act she was making very sexy voices like, which I can only hear. AAHHH, SSSSSS, OOOHHHH, I felt that she is also enjoying too much and under exited state. This procedure was going on for about 20 minutes then I asked how further your home is from here. She told 10 more minutes, then I insisted her to get down and we will have a cup of tea in some hotel, she agreed upon this. We went in a hotel, which had a family room.
We sat in a last corner with nobody there. I ordered for snacks and tea, then after our play started again in that hotel, I slowly started pressing her thy she also started becoming hot then she put her hand on my LUND which was already in the 90 degree angle, she started rubbing my penis, that time I was not on the earth but somewhere in the sky. Then slowly I moved my hand towards her CHOOT, she caught my hand and said “Aglii baar please…”, but this time I ignored her appeal and moved my hand towards her CHOOT with little force, finally I could succeed in touching her vagina and started rubbing it then she stopped resisting and started giving response. Her body was also became hot with the excitement, then all of sudden I saw waiter coming with tea and snacks, immediately I removed my hand from her deep treasury. After the waiter gone back I slipped my hand again to her CHOOT, after two minutes of rubbing I tried to insert my hand through her shalwar, that time she resisted and told “koyi dekhegaa” but I never heard her and inserted my hand into her shalwar and through panty to the actual destination i.e finally the moment came when my palm was rubbing the lips of her CHOOT. Her CHOOT was fully wet I found good amount of sticky fluid occurring there, my whole palm was caught with vaginal fluid, her CHOOT was an elongated slot with bushy long hairs grown on it, I made my two fingers in inverted ‘V’ shape and tried to spread her CHOOT’s two lips, then I inserted my middle fingure into her CHOOT and started giving to and fro motion to my fingure that was moving in and out in the CHOOT, her CHOOT was excreting too much of fluid, her whole salwar was became wet.
During this work I found that her vagina was not so tight as virgin, for further check I inserted my fore finger together with middle figure and I found that both of these slided easily in her CHOOT this revealed that she was not a virgin but a f-ckken one. Anyhow I was not concerned about it whether she is virgin or used girl. Then I started rubbing her clitoris that time she gone out of her control and making very sexy sounds SSSSSS AAOHHHH AAAHHHHHHH & she started jumping on the seat. That time I felt that it is not fair at such place because she was very much in the excited state that could attract the attentions of the peoples there. I removed my hand and made her to cool down. Then finally we finished our breakfast, and I asked her to come to my room next day, she promised she will come to my room in the lodge after duty hours tomorrow. We kept the further programme for the next day. She got into rickshaw & went home. I also returned back to hospital. In the night I could not sleep properly, the whole night I was dreaming about her. On the next day I went to hospital little early i.e. around 8′o clock, she was there on her duty from 7′o clock, when she saw me her face became pink with glade or shy and expressed her excitement on her face. Before I go to my brother in law’s room I stood with her for about an hour talking and asking condition after yesterday’s meeting. She also said she could not sleep and dreaming about me and she is also became crazy for me. I told her to come towards bathroom side, she told me to go ahead & she will follow me in a short while I went to bathrooms, after a while she come there, as soon as she came close to me I grabbed her in my arms and started kissing in a giant vigour and pressing her butts in craze. I really got too much of joy with this. We came out of the bathroom. I started finishing essential works of the day before 3 o’clock in order to be free during that time.
After a curious & hard waiting, at last the time reached for which I was dreaming hard & eagerly waiting. Right at 3 o’clock I went down and stood under yesterday’s tree. After a while she also came with a shy full walk and smile on her face. We got in a rickshaw and came to the lodge in my room. As soon as we entered room & closed the door I grabbed her in my arms and started kissing her chicks, her neck, her forehead and took my hands on her back and started pressing her butts. I took her two large, perfect round and hemispherical BUTTS in my two hands and started screwing & pumping it I inserted my fingers in the ditch between two dumes, started rubbing smoothly with my this action she got very much exited and pinched me with her maximum energy & stuck to me like a wall lizard. She wrapped her one hand over to my neck and another around my back & trying to apply her max. Strength to hug me and started kissing everywhere on my head and screaming in very sexy voices like AAAHHH SSSSSSSSSSSSS (with elongated tune My hands were in action on her hips pressing BUTTS gently, getting into her ditch and touching her ashole. I had pinched her BUTTS in such a way that my hard and erected kunna was rubbing her CHOOT, she was also giving strong down jerks at me, and she was sticking her CHOOT on my LUND.
This action was continued for about 5-6 minutes (actually before the intercourse I always like to press and pinch female body gently with this I get more enjoyment & fun). After this I opened her shalwar and pulled it down, she was wearing white colour penty inside. Then I undressed her, now she was with white bra and white panty then I told her to open my pant and I myself removed my shirt. This moment I was with only underwear on my body. I lifted her in my arms and took her to bed; My LUND was very hard stretched in very high tension. This is nearly 6″long and 1.75 – 2 inch round. Then I removed my underwear. She caught my LUND, I told her take my penis in her mouth she started sucking, it was really a joyful time, then I took out my penis from her mouth and came to a position such that she was sleeping under me, my LUND was on her mouth and my mouth was on her CHOOT, this position is called ’69′. Then we came in very sexy action. My LUND was in her mouth & my mouth was in her CHOOT. Her CHOOT was a very fleshy, soft with grown black hairs jungle on it. I removed the bushy hairs from the lips of her CHOOT, the view of vagina was very exiting, I spread the two lips in order to see inner chamber. The profile was as if there is a lake deep full of water between two long hills and black clouds over this valley. Then I started smelling her CHOOT like bulls do while f-cking, it was a very sexy smell that I could feel, that doubled my vigour. Then I started licking on her clitoris when I beggined with this she also got more exited and started pushing her CHOOT upwards like stroking. While licking CHOOT I was inserting my finger in her ashole. She was giving me a very gentle sucking.
After this had been done for about 5-6 minutes I changed the position and I started sucking her BOOBS, which were of medium size with a pink nipple on it. The BOOBS were very tough and hard I really enjoyed the sucking. While I was sucking her nipples she was giving very sex appealing sounds SSSSSSSSSSS ASSSS AAAHHHHH and pulling my head firmly towards her chest. This was continued for about 10 minutes, and then I spread her legs, folded at knee so that her CHOOT lips were separated and stretched and the slot was open. Then I kept the tip of my LUND on the opening of vagina and rubbed the front CAP at the clitoris At that instant she screamed with a very sexy sound SSSSSSS, and she pushed her CHOOT with upward stroke against my LUND and my LUND completely slipped into her very juicy CHOOT with a very good grip (because the thickness of my penis is more), this moment was very sensational pleasuring. Then the vigorous in and out rubbing first round started with powerful strokes from each other, I took down my hands underneath her hips, started pressing gently simultaneously with f-cking. The way she was pushing me with her upward strokes I have never got such response from any female till today. She was a very very sexy girl, such type of response I never encountered so far. Then I changed position of hands during the f-cking action, I inserted my fingers in her hairs holding her head from backside. And her lips and tounge were in my mouth in turns, I was piercing those gently & my fingers were creeping in her hair slowly.
The gentle & rough f-cking was carried out for about 10 minutes in my first shot. Then finally I cummed in her vagina, in this shot I was in very exited, that’s why the emission was early, and my grip on her became loose but she said I want to get more f-cking because she was still not cummed, I told her to wait for 5 – 10 min. During that period I wanted to make myself ready for the second shot, then I moved to her BOOBS and took her nipple in my mouth and again started sucking her BOOBS, she hold my cock in her hand and started shaking & rubbing smoothly. Due to these actions I again became ready for another shot. For the second round I put my hand in between two lips of her vagina and started rubbing slowly, her CHOOT was already wet inside & upon my rubbing it started excreting juice & she became very hot, now I found her absolutely ready for the second spell. For this shot I took her legs on my shoulder and told her to set my cock on to her vaginal hole, after she did it I applied a stroke so that my entire length of penis entered in her CHOOT. The moment I inserted my LUND in her CHOOT, she screamed her eyes became red, then she took my lips in her mouth and started sucking it, she was going on sucking my lips as well as giving jerks to her CHOOT against my LUND. She was moving her CHOOT up and down in the synchronism with my strokes AAH what a good response it was!!!!!!!& What an exotic sexual sensation it was AAAAAAHHHHHH! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!
The in-out rubbing was going on with indescribable taste for about 10min.then I took out my penis &told her to bend like dog, she obeyed me.I stood near the bed just behind her & inject my LUND again in her PUSSY, in DOGGY shot manner. This time she complaint me that its paining her, then again we change the position and came to the normal. I spread her legs and folded at knees, she pulled her folded legs upward, now her pussy was nicely exposed get it. I insert my cock in her CHOOT again the f-cking came in action. During f-cking my penis came out of her CHOOT, that time I saw her PUSSY, lot of vaginal juice was flowing towards her ashole and down to the bed sheet. The f-cking was smooth but with consistency. I was very much enjoying with her response, which I never got from anybody else so far. Also she was making sexy voices AAHHHH AAAHHHH AAAAHHHH SSSSSSSOOOO. After about 15 min. she told I am cumming and after a while she got discharge. Now she is saturated and told AB BAS, HO GAYA!!!!! But I was in the mood to fuck more, I took out my cock and told her to be upside down, when she turned as such, I made my fingure wet in her vaginal fluid and put in her ashole and tried to lubricate her backhole properly, when I found it is good enough lubricated I entered my COCK in her ASShole. This time she cried/screamed in pain AAAAAAA. I hardly have took her ASShole for one minute, because of her screaming I took out my penis from her ASShole. Now we were separated from each other after an hour. Then we went to bathroom to wash. After returning from bathroom. Then we dressed up and went to a restaurant to have some food. Finally she went to home and I went back to hospital. Every day we I used to take her to my room & f-ck her twice, this series was carried out for 9 more days. During this time I suggested her to take pregnancy preventive medicines, which she was taking regularly. Finally the time came, which was very disappointing, my brother in law got discharged from hospital. At the day of my departure from Ernakulam we finally met in a hotel’s family room she was weeping too much & told to be back to Ernakulam as early as possible. Then after also I used to go to her very often.

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