QuickRide To Heaven – A Sweet Love Making Story

QuickRide To Heaven – A Sweet Love Making Story

It was a Friday morning. I woke up a bit late, and I was getting ready. I was confused about whether to go to the office or do work from home. Every day, I used to pick a colleague near my place for the office. He used to come with me daily. That particular day, he had taken off.

So, I thought, let’s try finding riders towards my office in QuickRide. It is one of the best bike/carpooling apps. I use this app whenever my colleague is off. I posted a ride, and I was going through a riders list. Suddenly I got a ride request notification.

It was from Shalini. She had kept a nice picture as her display picture. She was looking very cute in that pic as well. I accepted her ride and called her for coordinating the pick-up point details. She picked the call up and said, “Hello!” Her voice was very nice. She told me the exact location details.

I went there and waited for her. It’s been like 10 to 15 minutes but no sign of her. So I called her. She said she got stuck, please wait. I said sure and kept waiting. And she asked which color shirt I am wearing and the bike color. I told her the same.

After 25 minutes, a beautiful girl was approaching towards me. She was gorgeous. She was wearing a black top with an overcoat and blue jeans. It was absolutely stunning. I was praying to god, please let her be my ride partner. She came straight towards me and introduced herself as Shalini.

I was very happy and said, “Hi, I am Raj.” I gave her the pillion rider helmet. She came behind me and sat on the bike wearing the helmet. She was apologizing twice for being late. I said no problem, and we started the ride.

During the ride, she told me that she is very new to this app, and she is not aware of how this QuickRide app works. I explained all the details. And I was asking about her work. She said she just graduated and joined an MNC 2 months back. Then I asked her about her family, whether she likes the work and all of that stuff.

She responded well to all the questions. I thought to myself that she is showing some interest in me. Also, she told me that she just moved to Bangalore and is very new to this area. So, I took it as chance and told her I travel in this route every day. “You can ping me if you want to join.”

She said sure. I shared my Whatsapp number with her and told her to ping me from her number. We reached the dropping point. It took around 30 to 40 minutes to reach there. I said bye have a nice day, she replied back with a cute smile on her face. I left for my office, which is just 500 meters from hers.

At around 12 pm, I received a message in WhatsApp, which reads, “Hi, Shalini here.” I was on cloud nine by reading this. I texted her back, and we slowly started our conversation. I got to know more details about her. We were texting continuously. I was a bit scared to ask her shall I pick her up in the evening.

With all the courage I had, I asked her the same. She didn’t reply for a minute. My heartbeat was racing. She replied, yes. I was very happy that she likes my company. I picked her up in the evening at 6 pm. She looked very tired. I asked her about how her day had been.

We were talking all the way back to her place. Without any gap, we shared about our day to day life. I dropped her and returned back to my place at 7 pm. Then I had my usual routine. At around 9.30 pm, I thought of trying my luck with Shalini. I pinged her. Our conversation goes as follows

R: Hi, Shalini.

S: Hi, Raj.

R: I hope you had a nice ride today.

S: Yes. Thanks a lot for helping me today.

R: You are welcome. What are you doing?

S: I just had dinner. You?

R: I am watching a movie.

S: Good. Which one?

R: Annabelle comes home.

I took a pic of a scary ghost and shared it with her. We continued chatting for some time. She felt more comfortable in talking with me. Then I took a picture of my entire house and sent her.

S: Looking nice. I like it.

Our conversation went on like this for another hour. We are talking very freely. Then she was saying like she does not like her PG as her roommate is not nice with her. Since she was talking about everything, I thought of trying my luck further.

R: You can join me. We can watch a movie together. (with a winking smiley)

S: Now?

R: Yes. Now. I will drop you back after the movie.

S: It’s late.

R: So what, Shalini? If you are not sleepy, then come.

No reply from her. I sent my terrace pic and said, “It’s a very peaceful place. Are you coming?”

S: Yes.

I was on cloud nine.

S: Wait for me in the same place we met in the morning after 20 minutes

I went there and waited for her. She came after some time. She was wearing a green color top and black pants. She looked very pretty in that dress. I picked her up and came straight to my house. I showed her my terrace and my house. Then I gave her water. Turned on the TV and played some romantic songs.

We started talking about her family and past relationships. She openly shared a lot of things about her. I also shared a lot of personal things with her. We were sitting close to each other. I was showing her some of the pictures on my mobile.

As time passed by, the distance between us gradually reduced. We came very close. Our hands were rubbing against each other. Then she started showing some of her pics. I gathered courage and tried to hold her hand as if I am zooming in the picture and taking a close look. I was praising her.

All the pics were well taken, and she looked absolutely stunning. I noticed that she didn’t take back her hand. I was still holding it. I took it as a green signal and put my hands on her shoulder. She didn’t object to anything. She continued to show me the next pictures.

I went close to her and placed my face next to her as our cheeks were touching each other. After a few minutes, I slowly turned my face and placed a kiss on her cheeks. She didn’t react. But I could see her breath increasing, and her eyes filled with lust. I started kissing all over her face.

Then I held her face with both of my hands. I placed a romantic kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes and responded well by kissing me back. Oh, man. What a moment. I just met this gorgeous girl 12hours back. But now we are kissing each other in my house for about 10 minutes.

Then I slowly moved to her neck, kissing all over her earlobes. Her breathing increased heavily. My hands ran all over her back by rubbing her shoulders and hands. I lowered her top and licked her breast region. She started moaning. She was wearing a pink padded bra.

I inserted my tongue inside the bra and started licking her boobs without touching her nipples. I removed her top. She is now with her bra and pants. I licked her navel region and kept on sucking her belly button. Then I slowly moved to her armpits. I liked the aroma.

I started licking her armpits. Her moaning increased. Then I unhooked her bra. Oh my god. Her tits were amazing. It was perky and hot tits. Her nipples were really dark and hard. I like black nipples very much. I started kissing her boobs and circled her nipples.

Then I started sucking her boobs. It was very tasty. I put both of her boobs inside my mouth and started sucking. I drained her boobs for around 10 minutes. Then, I went down and removed her pants. She was wearing brown color panties. Her legs were very slim and sexy.

I started kissing her legs and moved till her thighs. She started shivering when I moved close to her panties. I removed her panties. Her pussy was wet already. I licked her thigh region closed to her pussy. I was teasing her. She badly wanted me to lick her pussy. I looked at her face. She was still closing her eyes.

I placed a small kiss on her pussy. She shivered her entire body once. I slowly started licking her pussy. It was one hell of a view from her pussy through her boobs to her face. I was eating her pussy crazily. She was very high on pleasure. She started pressing my head to lick deep down on her pussy.

I inserted my tongue completely inside her pussy. She was on cloud nine. I increased my pace. She started moaning loudly. I continued licking her for 15 minutes. She was shivering like anything. At some point, I could sense that she is going to reach her climax.

I kept on licking her at high speed. She pressed my head hard into her pussy, saying, don’t stop. She gave a loud moan and had her orgasm. I drank it. Then she slowly opened her eyes. I moved up to her and gave her a hug. She gave me a kiss on my lips. I could see it in her eyes that she is very much satisfied.

We relaxed for some time. She slept, actually. After an hour, she woke up. She went to the bathroom to clean her up. Once she came back, I asked her how it was? She smiled and gave me a kiss. We started kissing again. I removed all my clothes. She held my dick and started stroking it.

As she looked stunning without any dress, my dick rose to 90 degrees immediately. I slowly rubbed her pussy with my dick. She was smiling a bit. Then I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy. Started stroking it slowly. She closed her eyes and was cooperating nicely.

She was hugging me when I increased my speed. Her moaning increased as I started licking her tongue. I could see tears coming from her eyes. I asked, “Are you alright? Do you want me to stop?” She said, “No. Don’t stop.” Then I understood it was due to the pleasure.

After some time, we changed to the doggy style because I like that position. What a sight! She had a tight ass. I licked her ass and left some bite marks on her ass. I slapped her ass too. I inserted my dick on her pussy and started stroking slowly. She pushed her ass-backward.

I pressed her boobs. I fucked her in that position for some time. She was on fire, and she increased her pace of moving her body backward. After some time, I was about to cum. I told her the same. She told me not to cum inside her pussy. When I was about to release, I just took my dick out and shoot the load on her ass.

Wow, man! What a fuck! It was mind-blowing. She just took my dick in hand and placed a kiss on it. We slept off, hugging each other.

The next day morning, when I woke up, she was still sleeping. I prepared coffee and woke her up. She was looking damn hot. We had coffee together. Since it’s the weekend, I insisted on her staying back in my place. She agreed. We fucked crazily in the next two days.

I satisfied her fantasies in those days. From then, we continued our adventure whenever we get time.


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