Seducing My Roommate Ravi – Erotic Gay Friends Story

Seducing My Roommate Ravi – Erotic Gay Friends Story

Around last December, I was working for an architectural firm in Kochi. I am 6 feet, very fair, chubby and have very little hair on my body. My roommate Ravi, looked exactly like me. However, he had good hair cover all over his body. He was a Kashmiri.

We both look like brothers and are capable of seducing even straight guys. Both of us had gone through a recent break-up and used to drink every night to get over it. I am bisexual by nature and was always super turned on with Ravi.

Seeing him come out of the bathroom in only a towel used to give me an instant hard-on. I used to jerk off to him every night and wished if he was gay too, like me. One night we were heavily drunk and were returning home via bus when an old man came and sat next to me.

He started talking to me and while doing so, he started rubbing my thigh with his hand. I was shocked by how he could do this in front of everyone. But then, not many people were there on the bus and I let him continue. I saw Ravi staring at me in shock from the other side of the aisle.

I was too drunk to protest or hide my feeling so I just smiled. The old man noticed and went to sit with Ravi. He started rubbing his thighs too. I just looked at them and let out a seductive smile. To my surprise, Ravi did not protest but closed his eyes and leaned back.

I was surprised and thought maybe today I could confront him about my sexuality. As we reached our stop, we got out of the bus and started walking home. Our room was 2-3 minutes’ walk from the bus stand. I realized Ravi was way too drunk.

I had to support him keeping his one hand across my shoulder. As we reached our room, I made Ravi lie on his mattress. While supporting him, I lay along with him on the mattress too. We were both semis lying on the mattress with our backs against the wall and shoulders hugged together.

I asked him if he enjoyed the bus ride. With his eyes closed, he said he had never felt that sensation of a man rubbing his thigh and kind of liked it. I grabbed the opportunity and started rubbing his thigh. He smiled and said nothing. I took my face towards his neck and started smelling him.

His reeked of alcohol and that mixed with the smell of his sweat made me crazy. I slowly took my hand closer to his crotch and grabbed his cock from the outside. He let out a silent moan but didn’t say anything. I gathered courage and unbuckled his trousers and took out his cock.

To my surprise, he was hard and I could see a huge 7 inches thick cock staring at me. I started stroking it while simultaneously licking his neck and smelling it. All of a sudden, Ravi opened his eyes. He grabbed me by my neck and pulled me up and we started kissing.

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl when your partner’s mouth reeks of alcohol while kissing. You reached the seventh heaven. I kissed her back. Within seconds we had out most passionate kiss ever. We had tongue fights and exchanged and dropped saliva everywhere.

My hands let go of his cock and I started unbuttoning his shirt. He did the same to me. Soon we had taken each other’s clothes off and were lying on his mattress tightly hugging each other and kissing. The Kochi heat had us sweating and the tight hug with just sweat between us made us both crazy.

He turned me around, came on top of me, and started kissing and licking my neck and then went down. He sucked my nipples. I just kept releasing silent moans. He then went further down and in a flash, took my cock in his mouth.
I couldn’t believe what was happening.

His saliva all over my face and body gave me his erotic smell while his mouth over my cock took me too heaven. I didn’t want to stop but got up and turned him over. I licked him all over and reached for his cock. He stood up and held my head tight. I started sucking him.

Every now and then he used to hold my head tight and choke me on his cock. Around a minute later, he told me he was about to cum. I stopped sucking him and asked him to sit on his fours like a dog. He did so. I went behind and started licking his asshole. He let out loud moans of pleasure.

I inserted my tongue a little inside his asshole and kept licking. He was shaking vigorously. I let go and tried inserting a finger in his hole. It was tight but could easily accommodate 2 of my fingers. I fingered him for some time and stretched his hole.

Once he was ready, I applied some oil on his hole and tried to shove my cock inside his ass. It was still pretty tight. He cried in pain. After several attempts and struggles, I managed to shove my complete dick inside him. He shouted in pain. I told him to relax.

I fucked him in the doggy style for some time and started cumming. I came inside him. I came loads. As I took my cock out, I could see him squirting my cum off his ass. I collapsed on the mattress. But he was not done. He started sucking me again. Within seconds and to my surprise, he made me hard again.

He turned me around and started licking my asshole. Oh, that pleasure! I told him I was experienced and that he could get in. He swiftly shoved his dick inside me and started fucking me doggy style. I was experiencing pleasure on a completely different level and within a minute he came all inside me.

He came a lot too. I squirted most of it on his chest later. Then I stood up and pushed him on his knees against the wall. I shoved my dick inside his mouth and facially abused him. He was enjoying the abuse and could deep throat me for good 8-10 seconds.

I couldn’t control and let go of my cum. I came in his mouth and all over his face and chest. We lay together on the mattress, hugging each other covered in each other’s arms, swear and cum. We kept kissing and cum swapping and went to sleep.

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