Story of a mistake and how others got pleasure from it!

Story of a mistake and how others got pleasure from it!

My name is Nicole. I am an American woman who got married to an Indian man and has been living here ever since. My husband comes from a sex cult family. To explain it better, in his family, sex is not considered as bad rather as a divine act that humans must indulge in.

Anyone can have sex with anyone with no restrictions in the family, and multiple marriages (polygamy) is a common practice. Our festivals and rituals are also centered around SEX. I will explain things more about my family if and when required in the story. So, now let’s get to it.

It was already night when the train stopped at a small station. I was traveling along with my children.

1)My step-daughters Kavya, Meghna, Shilpa, Aira, and Anya (who were well in their 20s except for Anya)

2) My 4 daughters Melanie, Kelly, Vanessa, Diana (3 of whom were 18 and above)

3) My son Thomas (who was a kid at that time)

4) My 2 sisters Elena and Richelle, and their kids.

5) My eldest step-daughter’s little girl, who was a little over a year old

6) And my husband’s 3rd wife, Mila.

The train remained stationed there for a long time. Everyone in the carriage had their own theory. But no one knew for sure what the reason was. After 3 hours, my son demanded a pack of chips as he felt hungry.

Shilpa (looking out of the window): I can’t see anything out on the platform. It’s too dark.

Me: Let us step out and look around.

Richelle: That’s not a bad idea. It will give us a chance to straighten our backs by walking around the platform.

Me: Vanessa, go and ask others if they want to come along as well.

My little girl sprinted quickly and returned a couple of minutes later.

Vanessa: Melanie and Kelly Didi are coming, but Mila ma and Meghna Didi are busy and won’t come along.

Me: Busy? What are they doing?

Vanessa: She is performing the ritual.

Me (murmuring and shaking my head): This family!

Richelle: Why so disappointed, Nicole?

Me: They are performing ‘the ritual’ on the train.

Richelle (casually): So?

Me (shrugging off): Nothing. Let’s just step out of the train.

Diana: Mom, I’ll stay and keep an eye on our luggage. You all can go.

Kavya (getting up from the berth): Good…

Melanie and Kelly joined us.

Me: Why are you 2 sweating in an AC compartment?

Melanie: We were having sex.

Me: On the train?

Melanie (innocently): The guys asked for it.

I shook my head in disbelief.

Elena: Why are you shaking your head? They guys asked. You know they cannot say no.

Me: Nothing. Let’s just head out.

It was useless for me to register any protest as the girls grew up in a Sambhogvyanam Family. From a very young age, they were all taught to worship and welcome sex rather than treat it as taboo.

Due to this, they never knew how the rest of the world viewed sex and how we had to behave when we were among them. When I married into the family, I knew what I was getting into.

Yet, I could not come to terms with my husband’s family’s way of things.  My sisters grew in the family as well. Hence, they were comfortable with it.

We stepped out of the train, leaving our luggage in the carriage, and wandered around the platform. We scaled the length of it, but there was nothing to be found there. It was completely deserted.

No chips stall or anything, but outside the station’s premises, a little away down the road, a light twinkled. As we followed the light, it led us to a small tea-stall.

We had barely begun to enjoy our tea, the train whistled. We threw our tea aside, tossed the money to the tea-seller, and sprinted towards the station. But before we could reach there, the train was gone and my two girls along with it.

Elena (sobbing): OH MY GOD! It’s gone. We missed it. And they are gone.

I was sad, angry, and above all that, scared. I was sad to have missed my train. Angry at myself, I did the stupid thing of taking the train’s halt for granted and stepping out of it.

And finally, scared for my 2 girls and Mila, who were on that train and had no idea that we were left behind. But I had to control my emotions. I was the eldest of the group. I had to stay strong for others.

Me (wrapping my arms around Elena): It’s okay, sweetie. We’ll find another way to get back to them. Trust me.

Molly (Elena’s daughter): Mom, don’t cry. We’ll get back to Diana, Meghna Didi, and Mila ma.

Racheal (Richelle’s daughter): Don’t worry, Elena mom. Mila ma is with them. She can take care of Vanessa and Meghna Di.

Elena (whipping her tears): How are we going to get home now?

Me: Let’s get out of this station and look for a taxi or something.

We stepped out of the station once again. We looked around, but there was no taxi to be found. We walked down the street, in the middle of the night, in hopes of finding a taxi. We talked along the dark road but didn’t see even a single creature.

As we walked along the gloomy road, two cars (a pickup truck and an SUV) zoomed past us, almost running over Rebecca. They stopped and reversed. The guy in the back of the SUV rolled down his window and spoke.

Saurav: Hi, I am Saurav. Can we help you, ladies?

Me (angry): You almost ran over our little girl.

Saurav: I am so sorry about that. Please allow us to make up for that by giving you a ride.

Kavya (moving towards the car): That’s so nice of you. Thank you.

I held her hand and looked at her angrily.

Me: No… thanks. We will manage.

Elena: We haven’t in the last 45 minutes. We are lost, and they are offering us a ride. Why do you deny them?

Saurav: Are you guys lost?

Elena: Yes, we are. We did a stupid thing of stepping out of our train, and it left us.

Saurav: That’s sad. Why don’t you girls hop along with us and drop you at the nearest town? You can get a train back to your home from there.

Kelly: That’s very sweet of you guys. Mom, isn’t that a good idea?

I shot an angry look at her, which she failed to notice.

Richelle: We sure would love to. Thank you.

Despite my several silent protests, no one else seemed to care about it, and we ended up in their cars. Me, Richelle, and Elena, along with our underage kids, got into the SUV while the rest of the girls hopped onto the back of the pickup truck.

Rohan: Which country are you ladies from?

Elena: India.

Vineet: You don’t look like one.

Richelle: We are actually American but are married to Indians and live here.

Saurav: Did you 3 met each other here in India or knew one another back in the USA as well?

Elena: We 3 are sisters, actually.

Saurav: And all 3 of you are married to Indians. That’s great.

Me: Yeah, it’s a long story.

Vineet: You can tell us. We would love to know. And there is also a lot of time before we reach the city.

Me: I don’t think…

Elena cut me mid-sentence. She told the guys everything about our husbands’ family and traditions and how we came to India and met them.

Saurav: So, you are saying that across this planet, there live groups of people who worship sex rather than gods. And all their traditions are structured around sex.

Elena: Yes!

Ajay: Instead of marrying a guy or girl, you marry the entire family. Anyone within the family can have sex with anyone they want.

Elena: Yes… True

Rohan: And you 3 are married to that family?!

Elena: Yes.

Varun: So, those girls in the pickup truck, they are yours?

Me: The ones with western names are mine.

Saurav: And the African-looking girl and the 2 with Indian names, are your step-daughters?

Richelle: Actually, we don’t use the term step-daughter or step-son apart from our first child. We don’t know who fathered the rest.

Ajay: It’s hard to believe that such traditions exist, especially in India. Sounds like a sex fairy-tale.

Richelle: I understand, but it’s true. We are very few in this world, but we do exist.

Varun: Do you only marry within your community or even outside it?

Richelle: We do marry outsiders as well. I mean, we 3 are outsiders who got married into this family. It’s mostly within the community. It is easier for the other person to fit in as they are raised in such a culture. Besides, marriage is not that important in our community. You can have kids even without ever getting married. Kavya is not married, and she got kids.

Saurav: Okay… And what about your festivals and rituals. How are they different from ours?

Elena: Our festivals are also about sex. Like right now, we are going through our sacred month where we can’t say no to sex unless we are on our periods. So, if anyone asks us to have sex with him, we can’t say no.

All boys (Together): What?!

Me: Could you guys please pull the car over? I got to pee.

I stepped out and walked into the desert, away from the two cars. I sat down in the open to do my business. I had hardly finished when a bright light burst from behind. Two hands pressed against my bare butt and a voice spoke softly, “I want to fuck you.”

I turned immediately and found Saurav standing behind me. I got back on my feet, pulled my panty up and my skirt down, and stepped a bit away from him.

Me: Umm… I’m sorry

Saurav (surprised): Sorry?! But isn’t this your holy month? You are not supposed to say no to sex, isn’t it?

I did not answer him and walked away quietly. As I opened the door of the car, my horror presented itself before me. My sisters were lying naked in the back seats of the car, and other boys were upon them.

I shut the door immediately and ran towards the pickup truck to check on the girls. Over there, the scenario was the same. All my poor girls were getting drilled by those boys. I stood there, shocked, while everyone else laid there happily.

Unlike the rest, I was never able to give in to the traditions of the community. I came to terms with doing it with anyone within the family. But with a complete stranger on the road was too much for me until then. While others were happy and excited about it, I was always scared.

As I stepped back, I bumped into Saurav. He held my waist and turned me around. He pushed his hands up my back, and my heartbeat began to race. The thing I tried to avoid for all those years was on the verge of becoming a reality. I tried to think of ways to get out of it, but none came to me.

Suddenly, I found my skirt getting unzipped and being pulled away from my body. I now stood in my panty and deep neck white top. He held my top from the point of the ‘V’ and tore it apart.

Off my top went into the air after being torn into pieces. The same was the fate of my panty that was ripped apart by his massively strong hands. He pressed his lips against mine while his fingers invaded my pussy. I flinched as his fingers went inside me.

Even though I was standing in the warm desert, a strong chill went up to my spine when he moved his finger around inside my pussy. He continued to kiss and finger me until that chill turned into the warmth of lust, and I eased out.

Once I loosen my stiff grip around his neck, he pulled his lips away from mine and his fingers out. With one hand, he held his dick and pace the other on my shoulder. It was a clear indication that I should go down on my knees, so I did.

I wrapped my fingers around his tool. But he made me put my hands on his waist. He grabbed my hair as I opened my mouth and inserted his dick into my mouth. In and out of my mouth, he moved his cock deep down my throat and completely stressed me out.

Saurav (Pulling his dick out): Bend over.

I Bend against the pickup truck. My boobs hanging in the air like some fruits from a tree. My face is just inches away from my step-daughter Aira. He spread my butt-cheeks wide open and swiftly slid his dick in.

Me: Hmmm…

Saurav: Look who is enjoying now, after throwing tantrums 10 minutes ago.

Me: If you want to fuck me, then do it properly. Don’t leave me hanging halfway.

He grabbed my boobs tight and began putting some pace into his thrusts. His warm breaths fell on my back like soothing warm air from a heater in winter. My face rubbed against that of my step-daughter.

Her boobs swung back and forth as though a mango tree was shaken rapidly. While mine stayed firm in the strong grip of Saurav, who had just begun to pick up the pace.

Me: Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… yes… yes… yes… just like that… just like that.

Saurav: You like it, you like it, Miss American!

Me: Yes… I do… It feels so good… your dick feels so good inside me.

Saurav: You want more now, huh! Do you want more?

Me: Yes… Yes… I want more… please give me more… Give it to me harder.

He heeded my request straight away and increased his pace even more. My moans now turned into loud screams of pleasure. Though we were a fair distance away, I was certain that our collective moans and screams were reaching the highway.

Me: Yes… yes… yes… just like that… just like that… yes… do me harder… yes… fuck me harder… fuck that cunt nicely.

His grip on my boobs tightened as moans now came out of his mouth as well.

Saurav: Ah, Nicole… I am cumming.

Me: Please not in…

Before I could finish, he shot his load inside me and fell on my back. He stayed in that position for a while before pulling out. Though he was finished, I had just got warmed up, and so were others.

One by one, each boy took turns to bang each of us. It continued for the whole night. It was when the sun came up and shone brightly in the sky, they stopped.

Varun: Bro, I am hungry.

Ajay: I am certain I saw a closed dhaba on our way here last night. It should be open by now. Let’s go there.

Varun: Good idea, bro.

Saurav: You girls should wait here for us. We’ll get you guys something to eat as well.

They all got into their cars and drove away, leaving a large cloud of dust as their trail. We waited there for hours with no food and water, but they never came back. But the problem for us was not just that.

When they left, they left in such a hurry that we didn’t get any chance to get our clothes from their cars. All of us stood there, in the hot desert, cluelessly naked from head to toe.

Elena: I don’t think they are coming back.

Shilpa: We should get back to the highway and find someone to give us a ride to the town.

Me (shouting): Shilpa, get back here.

Shilpa: What happened, Nikki mom?

Me: Where do you think you are going, young lady?

Shilpa (innocently): To the high way.

Me (pointing at her naked body): In this condition!

Shilpa (innocently): Yes?! What is wrong with it?

Me (angrily): Can’t you see what’s wrong with it?

Richelle: Nikki, a word, please.

My sister held me by my arm and dragged be a bit away from the rest

Richelle: Nikki, what’s wrong with you?

Me: What’s wrong with me! What’s wrong with you all? You just want to walk on that highway completely naked.

Richelle: So?!

Me (annoyed): Can’t you all see what’s wrong with it! You know very well what would happen if we walk on that highway completely naked like this.

Richelle: Nikki, what are we?

Me: Women.

Richelle: No, Nikki. I meant, what tradition do we follow? What community do we belong to?

Me: Christian!

Richelle: No, Nikki. We are not Christians. Not anymore. We are Sambhogvyanamas. We don’t fear getting fucked. We treat sex as worship, not a taboo or a crime.

Me (protesting): That’s not the tradition we were raised by.

Richelle (angrily): What tradition are you talking about, Nikki? Mom’s and Dad’s, who passed away when Elena and I were mere babies?  Or the tradition of our uncle, who hated taking care of us? The man whose entire family tortured us day in day out.

Richelle: You want to follow the tradition of the man who kept us hungry for days? He hated the fact that we were dumped onto his doorsteps after the death of his sister and her husband. Or, you want to follow the tradition of the family that took us in, gave us food to eat, a home to live in.

Richelle: The family that treated us like humans and loves us to the core. You decided to give your kids Christian names, and they didn’t object a bit. They are my family, Nikki. I follow their tradition. Look at them, Nikki.

Richelle: Look at Kavya. That girl cares about you more than her own mother. I know that, and you know that as well. They all love us. And in return, if they ask us to follow and respect their traditions, what’s the big harm in that!

Me: But the outside world is not like this family, Richelle.

Richelle: I know the outside world, Nikki. They may not, but I do. And yet, I chose to live this life. The life of a Sambhogvyanam. Life as a proud member of this family and community. The family that loves me the most and the family I love the most. They accepted us, Nikki. It’s high time you accept them as well.

Tears rolled down my eyes when my sister made this appeal to me. I threw myself onto her and hugged her as tightly as I could.

Me (wiping my tears): I’ll try my best, Richelle. But it’s still not a good idea to march onto that highway in this brutal heat.

Richelle: That’s a good reason. We can take shelter underneath that rock and make our way to the highway once the sun goes down.

Me: We don’t have any water.

Richelle: Yes, but we have a good number of functioning breasts in our group. They can come in handy in this heat.

That rock was at some distance but not too far that we can’t reach the highway. We took shelter under it till the sun went down and made our way to the highway once the evening fell upon us.

This is the first part of my first story, fellows. Do let me know what you think about it. You can find me at [email protected] I shall see you all in part 2. Till then, bye.

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