Story Of Satisfying Her As She Missed Husband And Wife Love

Story Of Satisfying Her As She Missed Husband And Wife Love

Previous Part: A Lady Who Misses Her Husband’s Love – Part 1

Just a recap of the last session, Sheila, my new found love is 54 years. I Mohan Reddy 52 years. Sheila has a figure of 36/34/38 and height 5’9” and I am 5’11 “ and an asset of 6”. To continue now about how  Sheila missed the husband and wife love.

We met at the gym. Since Sheila’s hubby was abroad in Bangkok, this is her enjoyment. Sheila had the food ready. We came home, and I poured 2 vodkas for us and we started drinking and began dancing. I did not tell you that coming out of the bath we did not put anything on.

We were as we were born – cute and lovable. While dancing her boobs pressed my body and my dick between her legs. As we rubbed our bodies together we got horny. Sheila wanted to have her vodka off the tap below. So she started pouring her drink on my dick and was drinking before it fell.

I then took her and made her lie down and inserted grapes in her pussy and sucked them out with my tongue. Sheila went into waves of erotic pleasure. We had our drink and poured another before having dinner. Exploring Classic Lesbian Love After dinner, we went to the balcony.

We were on the 20th floor and facing an open field which was across the road. Being on the top floor no one could see us. So we went out and enjoyed the moonlight and watched the cars go by. Sheila was in the mood. Since she had a taste of the juices on her face, she wanted it again.

She went down and swallowed my dick deep throating it. This time before she started she covered the dick with strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Sheila started licking the tip. As she saw the ice cream flow down my dick she started sucking my balls making all the love sounds as she sucked them.

I came in her mouth after 15 minutes of her licking my dick, deep throating it and sucking it. She swallowed all the cum as it ran down her chin too. I then made her lean on the railing as I licked her pussy from the rear. She enjoyed the feeling of watching the cars go by.

She came in spurts and then made me put my dick into her pussy from the back and enjoyed her hump in the moonlight. By now she was tired. We went in and went to sleep in each other’s caresses by 11.30 pm.

I woke up at 3.30 am to the feeling of my dick being sucked and found Sheila making me hard. I pretended to sleep but kept watching. As I got hard she sat on the dick and started humping me slowly. Slowly the sounds increased and she was on the verge of orgasm.

I opened my eyes and started kneading her boobs and pinching her nipples. She burst into an orgasm and did not stop. She continued humping me hard, and the room filled with her moans.

“Oh, god, I am cumming.”

This went on for another 10 minutes until she orgasmed again. This time she flooded the bed with her love juices. I also joined in the merrymaking with my orgasm. She then fell on my chest and slept with my dick in. I too fell asleep.

The dick becoming small must have come out in a while. The flood of her juices mixed with mine flowed down my balls to my arse and wet the bed. We got up late with the doorbell ring. It was her friend who came asking for some sugar.

In a hurry she had gone to attend just wrapping around her nightgown which was open in the front and just with a belt. As she called her friend in there was some breeze and her gown flew open in the front. Her friend saw her clean shaved pussy and went with her to the kitchen.

When the door closed I assumed she had gone and came out naked to the kitchen. I had got up with an erecting as my bladder was full. Seeing me in that state her friend gave a shout and kept looking at my dick. I excused myself and went to the toilet and came back with a limp dick.

The friend had not yet gone she asked Sheila if she could have a taste as she liked to see me hard. Shelia obliged and she came and pounced on my dick and put it in her mouth. She was good at it. Licking the tip, then the balls then the full shaft.

I had by then raised her saree and to my surprise she had no panty on. I fingered the pussy which was wet with her juices and she came in a few strokes wetting the thighs. She was an excellent sucker and made me cum in her mouth which she had all. She then said she would come back after giving her husband tea.

Seeing us in motion Sheila came and sat on my dick as it was still hard and started humping her ass. Since she was not facing me I played with her nipples and boobs. After humping for 10 minutes she had her orgasm and we then had our breakfast in the nude.

After breakfast, we basked in the nude on the balcony holding each other and playing with each other. We smooched, cuddled and I sucked her tits while we lay down on the ground on the balcony. We spent the morning in each other’s arms and then we heard the doorbell ring.

Sheila shut the balcony door with me out and went to see. Her friend had come and had brought with her 6 cans of beer. They put it in the fridge and came to the balcony.

Sheila removed her friend’s clothes and stripped her off her undergarments. It was impressive to see the huge tits but the bush needed shaving. Sheila brought the razor and removed the hair. The lips looked cute and puffy.

We sat while they two kissed and were playing with each other’s tits. It was lovely to see them enjoy it.


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