Teenager shows his dick to neighbour’s maid! – Exhibitionist story

Teenager shows his dick to neighbour’s maid! – Exhibitionist story

Hi, I am Harsha from Bangalore and this is about how I exposed myself to my neighbour’s maid and the interesting after-effects of that.

To describe me, I am a fair guy compared to most other males around my region. And I had more of a sweet boy look rather than a manly look what most females desire.

My scrambled hairstyle, similar to Wasim Akram, 5.9 height but healthy physique, innocent and sweet looks, along with my fleshy thighs a great bum, would attract a wide range of females ranging from college-going girls to naughty aunties and even grandmas. I know because my grandma always wanted to bathe me even when I was an adult whenever I would visit her place! Of course, I objected. She was not on my mind!

Older women, aunts, and married women would not hesitate to call me home and flirt with me in front of my mom, trying to pull my leg that I would have many girlfriends at college, which would embarrass me.

I never took any of those as advancements as I had no inclinations toward elder women during that period and I was too naive to understand their intentions though it would have been only to for a harmless flirt.

I was a horny guy nonetheless and would not spend a day without fantasizing about each and every sweet girl in my college and spend my youthful exuberance in the bathroom.

It was during the 1st PUC holidays, I was put to 2nd PUC tuitions right from the holidays. I had to leave by 4 pm, by which my mom came back from work. My younger brother and dad would come back home a little late. So I had the house the entire day till 4 pm to myself.

I was in my late teen (18+ years old) and I would always be curious about my fast-changing body, my pubic hair and how my dick would never go down once activated! I would literally roam around my house which was on the first floor, totally naked for hours together. I would be whacking in between at least twice, and sometimes even thrice before my mom came.

There was no internet in those days and I had no computer at home too. So it was all my imaginations, some magazines or some college sweetheart that would come to my mind and I would whack off. My only issue was I get a lot of precum and had to keep wiping it every now and then.

I also used to “bed-fuck” – if you know, what I mean. I would place a pillow vertically, hug it if it were to be a girl, place my underwear near my dick so that the cum would not spoil the bedsheet, and then start fucking while holding my pillow as if it were to be the girl’s head and neck. Such was my level of imagination then!

I would come within a minute or two maximum. Yes, it would take no time in that way. Moreover, the movement of my dick with the bed would tickle and excite me so much that once I began the process, no matter what, I have to cum. Even if someone is at the door, I just could not stop! There was no self-control at that time!

I could shag back to back thrice! Also, when I was alone, I used to pull of my foreskin back to expose the bulb of my penis, although it was uncomfortable when I was erect as the dick was pulled by the connecting skin. I enjoyed the whole thing a lot.

The look of my bulb and the precum – all was a mesmerizing time for me. I was self-obsessed with my body and would enjoy being naked and roaming around the house in that state. But I would never show off my body to anyone else, I was too shy for that. I was too shy to talk to girls as well, even when I knew the girl would want to talk!

So, this continued for some time. One day, I had finished my bath. I wrapped the towel, opened the outside door of my bathroom that led to the balcony where all the clothes would be hung, to take my undergarments.

I just casually took my clothes and that was when I noticed that the maid of the diagonally opposite house who was in the backyard watering the plants saw me in that state and was just standing there and staring at my body! I noticed how perplexed she was as if she never saw any boy topless.

I was not skinny but was chubby. So I had a fleshy chest with very little hair and small nipples. My towel was way above my knee and just covered a foot below my waist which probably caught my neighbour’s maid’s attention.

I did not give this much importance as the maid was a young girl, a lot younger than me who stayed full time in that house and was not my type. I had no attraction toward her and that made me more casual, for an otherwise very shy guy.

I came in and wore my clothes. I had already whacked off twice – once in the bed and then in the bath. So, I got on to my regular chores of watching some TV, listening to the music, or would go out to hand out with friends only to come back for lunch and then leave for tuition.

I came back that night and when I slept for the day, I thought about the incident with my neighbour’s maid. No, this maid was a young girl, not very attractive. But to my mind, she was a suitable victim. She did not mind seeing my body. In fact, she enjoyed the sight. She did not complain. Nor she was related to anyone I knew.

This gave me more courage and I thought of taking the next step!

For the next few days, I tracked my neighbour’s young maid. She would come to the backyard of the house by midday, watering all the plants from near the main gate and then to the back which faced my back of the building and my bath door outlet which led to the balcony.

Now she would be on the ground and I was on the 1st floor. The distance between us was at least 12 to 15 feet or so. And my balcony had a mesh covering but was clearly see-through.

I noticed that my neighbour’s servant girl would take 5-10 minutes for the whole watering exercise.

The week went by without any action till the next week as my parents would be at home on weekends. But I had sufficiently tracked my prey and would think of it while at sleep which would give me a hard-on. Not because she was good, but it got me excited that I would show it all to a person, it was to be the first time in my adult life.

So the next week, as usual, I was alone, and I was waiting for midday for the first-ever adventure. I took a bath much before my neighbour’s maid would come. Then I waited for her to come and water the plants.

I opened the back door only slightly to appear it was closed, but would peep through to see if she was there. And after some time, there she was. She started to water the plants first near the front of the house. In a few minutes, she would come to the backside.

I was now excited as it was time. My body had dried up so I again opened the shower for a few minutes and got drenched completely. Now I had to make this look like an accident so that she does not raise an alarm.

My dick was always out of control and erect so I had to cool it down. I had not masturbated that day. I just closed my eyes and composed myself and let it cool down. It came down but it was still semi-erect but nothing that would look like I was excited. But my foreskin was still back exposing the bulb. I let it be that way!

So here I was, about to expose myself to the maid next door. The first exhibitionism adventure of my adult life.

I now peeked to see her position. The young girl was slowly moving to the left side and was coming toward the back watering the plants. Once the water was over, she would go to the nearby tap, fill up and come back where she left off. I waited for two more refills.

At the third refill, she would be facing me. My heart started pounding with excitement. It was time. My neighbour’s maid now went for the third refill. I had to take position. I checked myself, wiped off my precum, and poured some more water off my shoulders to appear wet.

I casually opened the bathroom door to the balcony. She was about to come at any moment. I stepped out of the door totally naked with my penis glistening in the sun. I acted as if I was choosing my clothes just out of the bath. And there she came, holding the bucket and a mug to water the last leg of plants. I

did not make any eye contact whatsoever. In fact, I acted as if I had not noticed at all. But I could see her approaching. I was shivering with excitement. Immediately, my neighbour’s maid noticed me as if she knew I would be standing there for her!

I did not stop my hand movements. I kept fumbling with the clothesline as if I was looking for something specific. Chills ran down my body. Here I was finally standing completely naked in front of a female for the first time in my adult life!

Now I noticed that she was in shock. I saw that she now kept the bucket on the ground. She was in complete shock of her life.

I then turned around showing my bum and checked out the other line of clothes and then turned back, once again exposing my nude frontal to my neighbour’s young maid! I still acted as if I did not notice her staring at me.

Then came the exciting part. I saw that she was holding both hands on the compound just in front of her as if she would fall if she let go. Her head was turned toward the first floor of my building watching me. There was no lust in her eyes but she was shocked, perplexed at the sight.

I then saw her withering. She had cum!! It was like she was paralyzed. She didn’t move as long I was out there. She did not blink, did not turn away nor did she get lustful. She was just in shock and this got me excited.

The whole nude exhibition adventure thing did not last more than 2 minutes. As I now faced her, I could not pretend not to notice her for long. I had already done the damage.

I just took my innerwear, and for one last time, I turned my back, showed her my chubby bum, stepped indoors, and closed the door. But it wasn’t over. I quickly kept the clothes and came back and slightly opened the door again to see her directly. And that was when it was confirmed that she too had her moment of truth.

My neighbor’s maid stood still there, now facing forward but her head bent down. Her hands were still on the compound. She took her time to recoup.

It was my turn now. I had not shagged the whole day and all this dirty nude and exposing act made me so ever excited. I just had to touch my dick for a moment.

The whole thing played in my mind and I came waves after waves! It was as if the cum was waiting for my signal to come out. I just had to hold my dick to direct the cum. I did not even shag!

I then strangled to squeeze out the remaining cum. I cleaned up and left the bath. So, here it is guys – my first nude exposure adventure. It was all about me and not about the girl. It got me more excited than imagining or seeing a girl nude! It was crazy. The exhibitionist in me was born! It was the best 2 minutes of my entire life!

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