Watching A Video Of Sex With Tailor And My Neighbor

Watching A Video Of Sex With Tailor And My Neighbor

Previous Part: Threesome With My Neighbor And Her Ladies Tailor


In the first part, you read how I was tricked into sex with tailor. Now, read about what happens when we see the video made slyly by my neighbor and the tailor.

Before I begin the second part of my story, I want to thank each one of you for your feedback and encouragement For all those who have not read the first part of my life’s experience (shall not call it a story), read it first, and then proceed.

That night, I could not sleep due to the pleasurable pain in my pussy and the guilt feelings. And of all the days, my husband wanted to have sex with me that night. But I told him I have a headache.

I was also worried that he may notice that my cunt lips were swollen and red (though I doubt it, as we rarely fucked with the lights on).

Now, many men think that the size of the penis does not matter to a woman. This is just male propaganda. Every woman who has filled her hole with a massive cock will vouch that the feeling of fullness and the cunt lips being stretched is out of this world.

Once you get the taste of a big cock in your hot oven, you will not want a smaller one. Ask any of your women friends.

That night I was feeling a bit guilty that I cheated my husband for the first time. But then thought that every woman has a right to have her lust fulfilled.

Actually, I felt that I should have had extramarital affairs earlier. I don’t know whether the circumcised cock makes a difference. Still, the whole night, I was dreaming and feeling Naseem’s engorged cock taking me on the waves of ecstasy. I hardly slept.

The next day, as soon as my husband left for work, Meena came to my house with a broad grin. First, I thought that I will pretend that I am angry with her. But her smile and hug, made me forget everything.

She asked me, “So how was it?” I smiled and told her that my cunt and thighs were still hurting. She said, “It happens the first time when you have such a massive cock drilling your hole. But the pain will disappear in 2 days, and then you will want the cock filling your pussy again.”

She had also brought the oil to apply to my pussy and thighs. I told her that my boobs had also become bigger. She said that they will become even bigger in the coming days when it is sucked and massaged every day. I was happy to hear this.

I had always felt that my boobs were slightly small, though my nipples were huge. Every woman wants big and shapely boobs to please the man she is fucking.

I then told her that Naseem had promised he won’t deposit his load of cum in my pussy and that too so deep that it must have reached my womb. She explained to me that it is difficult for a man to withdraw his penis when he is cumming. Besides, I did not push him away when his hot lava was filling my pussy.

She said, “I could see the joy on your face when you were also orgasming at the same time and catching his back tightly so that not a drop was wasted. You wanted to suck out every drop with your pussy lips.”

“Didn’t you like the feel of his hot semen filling up every corner of your pussy?” I just smiled as this was true. She then said it was not a big issue as she had brought emergency I-pills, and I had to take those. I had never taken such pills before.

I was worried that they had made a video of our fucking. Meena said that it was Naseem’s demand, and he would not fuck if she did not agree to his plans. She put my doubts at rest, saying that it was only for our private viewing.

I had never imagined that this video will create such pleasurable problems for me in the future. I will tell you about it in my later episodes.

After 2 days, I had completely recovered, and all the pain in my pussy had disappeared. I was feeling energetic again. So after 2 days, I went to Meena’s house again. This time I was keen to watch the video with her. She told me that one copy of the DVD was taken by Naseem.

We were both relaxed and wearing only our gowns without any underwear. We kissed each other and fondled each other’s boobs. Then she suggested that we should see the video in the nude.

I was feeling a bit shy, not knowing what to expect. I was excited, though, and there was a tingling in my pussy as I would get to see Naseem’s big, fat cock again. Though it had done its magic in my pussy, I was too shy the first time to see it properly.

Many of you will have watched porn videos, but how many of you would have seen your own love making videos. These days with mobile cameras, many bold couples do make video clips of theirs.

I was thinking that the video will start with Naseem and Meena fondling each other, and she sucks his cock. But they had smartly switched it off, and it only started when Meena pushed opened the curtain, and Naseem lifted me and brought me out.

Remember that I did not know the recording was going on. Throughout the video, Naseem and Meena’s faces are not visible. But they cleverly showed my face, pussy, and fucking clearly.

Then they had undressed me. I was now feeling quite shy to see myself nude. But also pleased to see my firm breasts, which looked like ripe mangoes. Even now, my boobs stand out, and many guys in my colony first look at my boobs, then my face and smile.

Earlier, I used to feel shy. But after this experience, I feel proud and want my boobs to become bigger than Meena’s.

Naseem was sucking my breasts and pulling my nipples with his lips. As I told you before, I have big nipples, which look like grapes. I have to wear a bra which has more space in the cup to fit my nipples. Even when they are in a normal state, they are big and round.

Naseem kept on sucking my nipples and kneading my boobs for more than 10 minutes. But he was gentle, unlike many Indian porn clips, where the men think the boobs are rubber balls and have to be squeezed as hard as possible.

Let me tell you, we women like men to be gentle while sucking our boobs and clit and rough while fucking.

Now I understood why Naseem had pushed apart my thighs and opened my legs wide while pulling apart my cunt lips. He wanted a clear view of my pussy in the video. Many of us women hardly get to see the inside of our vaginas, as unlike a man’s cock, which pokes out, our equipment is hidden.

During my college days, my girl-friends used to tease me that since I had thick, luscious lips, my cunt lips must also be thick and juicy. I did not pay much attention, and neither did I check. But now I think it is true.

They used to also tease me that men will suck your cunt lips more than your lips. Nothing like this happened till now. But I had never thought that their saying will come true.  It was exciting to see the fleshy pink inside my own pussy, when Naseem, pulled the cunt lips apart.

It looked wet, juicy, and suckable, just like a strawberry. I had never seen my pussy in a mirror earlier. So this was quite new to see so deep inside. I actually licked my lips with my tongue to see if they were as thick as my pussy lips!

Watching all this on the video, made my pussy wet and moist. My juices had started flowing. I wanted to finger my pussy, but Meena stopped me. Then there was the scene where Meena lifted my legs and made me cross them over Naseem’s back.

She knew all the TV angles to get a good shot of my pussy filled with huge cock. I could see my cunt lips like an elastic band around his cock. Each time there was piston in-out motion, my cunt lips would tightly grip his cock, not allowing him to withdraw.

I was feeling the same sensation now in my wet, dripping pussy. Again, Meena stopped me from touching my cunt.

And the next scene, when we both were cumming, was unbelievable. I was thrusting my legs wildly, holding on to his back, with my fingernails digging into his back. His tongue lashing my mouth and furiously fucking my cunt with all his strength. My loud moaning and screams till he emptied all his hot lava into me.

And the final scene, where his thick white liquid, mixed with my own juices, oozing from my cunt and flowing down my thighs, was like icing on the cake. Now I could not hold on any longer and put my finger on my cunt.

Then the doorbell rang. Meena smiled and went to open the door. She had planned all this. I was still shy and even wondered whether it was Meena’s husband? What would he think, seeing me like this? I quickly grabbed a pillow and covered my nudity.

But it was my knight with the huge cock, the man who had just now fucked me in the video, standing before me. Now, I understood why Meena was not letting me finger my swollen and wet cunt.

Even though this man standing before me had only recently fucked me and shown me heaven. Still, I was shy and tried to cover myself. Many married couples don’t even remove all their clothes while fucking as also me and my husband. So I was feeling shy.

But once a woman tastes a cock and likes it, she will do anything to have it again. Naseem grabbed my hands and made me stand up. Then he said, “Meri randi kaisi hai aaj?” (How is my slut today?)

I was feeling a bit ashamed, hearing these words. But as he had told me the first time, I was now his slave, and his cock was my master.

He said, “Aaj se meri randi ka naam hai, Hasina Begum. Hasina ka matlab jaanti ho? Hasina ka matlab hai, khubsoorat” (From today, my slut’s name is Hasina Begum. Do you know the meaning of Hasina? It means beautiful and pretty).

Hearing all this, I had a blush on my face and an itch in my pussy. I felt like I was in the sky. My husband had never said such things to be, at least I don’t remember now.

Meena said, “Usko ab bhi bohut kuch sikhana baki hai, kaise gaand marna aur double chudaai.” (She has still lots to learn – how to have anal sex and double penetration, etc.). I did not understand what she meant and just smiled.

Naseem then caught my face with both hands and began lustily kissing me. He was wearing some attar (perfume), which was intoxicating me.

Automatically I began to respond, and he took my tongue in his mouth and sucked on it. Then he put his tongue in my mouth and made me suck. This I later learned is called French kissing, where there is lots of exchange of saliva.

Actually, he was literally pushing his saliva into my mouth, and I was swallowing it. Lots of salivae were dripping from our mouths on to our chins, and there was a suction noise as we tried to pull each other’s tongues into our own mouth.

I could feel the bulge in his pants beginning to grow. This time I took the initiative and placed my hand on the outside of his pants. Immediately, I felt a twitching and as if his cock had recognized me. I slowly unzipped his fly. I wondered how he could keep such a huge cobra snake in his pants.

As I played with it, it started growing and almost reached up to half my knee-length. Just holding it made me aware of how massive it was and how deep it must be in my pussy. I even thought for a moment, what if his cock in my pussy reaches my throat? Will I have to fuck and swallow his cock at the same time?

Now, I had become so horny that I did not care what he or Meena thought. I knelt down and cupped his balls, which felt swollen and full. I made some spit in my mouth and opened it as wide as I could. I could still only take the head. He caught me by the hair and rammed his cock in.

It went deep in and touched my throat. I began to gag, and tears flowed from my eyes. Meena was laughing. She said that I am a quick learner and will soon be ready. I did not understand what she meant then. But later on, I understood.

I had seen Meena give blowjob and wanted to copy her. I quickly learned that men like their balls to be licked in between sucking their knobs. Also, the most enjoyable part for a man is just below the tip on the underside, where there are the most veins.

Meena had also taught me that you should look at the man’s expressions when you are sucking him, and you will come to know what he likes best. Now, Naseem’s hands were all over me. At times, he was kneading my boobs. Other times pulling my engorged nipples.

Sometimes holding my bum and pulling them apart and sometimes trying to enter his finger in my cunt from behind. I motioned to him to finger my dripping cunt from the front. He pushed me on the bed and lay down by my side. I had tightly gripped his cock.

He was kissing me and now began fingering my pussy. First with one finger, then with two. He was too good. He would bend his middle finger so that it would touch my clitoris and give me a lightning sensation. Then he would use both fingers and gently hold my cherry.

He even made me orgasm with his fingers. But he would not stop, and neither did I want him to stop. As you all know, a woman can orgasm multiple times, unlike a man who can cum only once and then needs a break for his erection to come again.

He lay down and made me sit on his face with my thighs on either side and my open cunt on his mouth and lips. The feeling of his rough tongue hitting my clitoris was magical. I would just close my eyes and enjoy the unbelievable sensations. This was his way of making me his slave.

He was in charge as he held both my hands behind my back. Then he made me lie down and continued showing me, ‘his tongue magic’ as he pulled and licked. He sometimes gently bit my cunt lips and even left a dark mark on my pubes.

Then it was time for us to pleasure each other. He lay with his cock over my mouth and his mouth and tongue servicing my pussy. I think he could do this for hours, but I could not take it any longer. I wanted his cock in my pussy, which by now had reached gigantic proportions.

I signaled to him to come on top. He said, “Mooh se bolo kya chahiye? Aur naam lekar bolo.” (Say what you want? And say by name). So I said, “Naseem, mujhe chodo.” (Naseem, fuck me).

He said, “Kaho Naseem, mein tumhari randi hoon aur tumahara mota lund mera gili chut mein dal do, aur mujhe bohut chodo, jitna tumahara dil chahe.” (Say, Naseem, I am your slut and fuck me with your thick cock. Put it in my wet cunt and fuck me, as much as your heart desires).

By now, I was so much on fire that I was willing to say anything he wanted. Men love to see women begging to be fucked. Now he was in charge. He pushed me down roughly on the bed. Standing by the bed, he lifted one foot of mine so that my cunt was inviting his cock to fill it up.

He is such a good lover and fucker that he will keep changing positions. Since he does not have the problem of cumming in a few minutes, he will make you beg him to stop. Then he lifted both my feet and kept it on his shoulders. He put a pillow under my bum so that he could lift me up.

In this position, the cock goes deep in, and I could feel it banging my womb. I was actually screaming in joy, and I did not want him to stop. But he withdrew and turned me over. Now with my tummy on the bed, he straddled me with his feet on either side of me and again put his cock in.

My pussy did not want a second invitation and grabbed his cock. But in this position, though I was relaxed, I could not feel his cock very deep. After being some time in this position, he made me kneel in the doggy style. He first gave 3-4 hard slaps on my buttocks, making them red. This was pleasurable pain.

Then I was expecting his cock in my pussy, but he did something terrible. He tried to push his cock in my butthole. I screamed and shouted in pain and turned around, with tears in my eyes.

Meena came running and told him, “Abhi nahi. Usko taiyar karna hai. Agli baar, oose taiyar rakhungi.” (Not now. She has to be prepared. Next time, I will keep her ready). I did not understand what she meant. But I was happy that he did not try again.

Instead he put his cock, where it was meant to go – in my pussy, and I again got into the mood. This was enjoyable. He kept on pumping for at least 10 minutes, and I had my second orgasm. He then put me again on my back and fucked me in missionary position. I could feel his cock pulsating.

He then suddenly stopped, withdrew his cock, and positioned himself on my head. He parted my hair and let a few drops leak on my forehead, where we married women put the sindoor. Then he lay by my side, with my back turned towards him.

I lifted one leg, and his cock found my cunt again. His arm was protectively under my head, holding me in a tight embrace and continued his jerking, building up the tempo once again.

We could both clearly hear the whoosh-woosh sound as my cunt lips gripped his cock and wanted him to release his love juice. He continued in this position for at least 10 minutes, until we both suddenly exploded.

This time I felt I had peed too, as my juices squirted and erupted. I tried to pull away, fearing the mess I must have made on the bed, but he did not allow me. He held me tight, with his cock now limp, still in my pussy. And that is how we both slept for at least 2 hours, exhausted and tired but happy.


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