A Birthday Treat With A Return Gift – Colleague Sex Story

A Birthday Treat With A Return Gift – Colleague Sex Story

Hello Friends, this is yet another of my real-life story. I am a huge fan of this website and decided to pen down one of my real-life incidents that had taken back long ago.

A brief about me. I am a good-looking 6 feet tall guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country. The heroine of this story is my office senior who was a good friend of mine. Let’s call her Angel.

She was a Muslim girl about 5 feet 6 inches tall. With the right amount of flesh at the right place with a cute face to sum up her beauty. She was making all the boys of the office go mad behind her since the day she joined in.

It was a Monday in the first week of July. I was casually scrolling through the birthday’s falling due during the week. It was Angel’s birthday week and her birthday was due on Saturday. So, I casually pinged her asking if she was excited for the week as it’s her birthday week.

She was pretty excited. But mentioned to me that she had no plans as yet for the birthday. She was not able to make one even though she was free.

I asked her if I can plan a surprise treat for her and she readily accepted. She asked me when she should keep herself free for the treat. I had a nice lunch in mind. I asked her to keep her afternoon and evening free for the treat. She was fine with it and asked to tell her when to be ready and the outline of the plan.

The previous day I told her the outline of the plan. I was going to pick her up at around 12.30 from her house and we would return by 5 in the evening. As per the plan I reached her house at around 12.15 and asked her to come down. I was waiting in the car when she arrived.

Dressed up in a pair of blue denim and a white shirt tied around her navel exposing a slight hint of her waist. I got down from the car and gave her a slight hug and wished her ‘Happy Birthday’. I opened the door of the car being a through gentleman I am.

In the car, I passed on a nice bouquet of roses that I had already got for her and complimented her beauty. She was flattered with the special treatment. Her perfume was intoxicating my senses. She asked me about the plan. I asked her to sit back and enjoy the day and leave the entire time to me.

I drove to a nice restaurant about 20 km from the city. All the way while we were chit-chatting about various topics all the way. On the way to the restaurant, it started drizzling and the climate was very romantic. We reached the restaurant and the table was pre-booked by me.

We had some nice food accompanied with hookah and were lost in our chit chats on various topics. We lost track of time and it was already about 4.30. We decided to leave and started back to the city.

On the way back I asked, “How was the treat?” She said, “I am flattered with the special treatment.” She was happy about the time spent. Upon seeing her so happy I asked her, “What is my return gift, birthday-girl?” She thought for a second and said that I can wish for anything and she will fulfill my wish.

Sensing a nice chance to try on this beauty, I asked her “I wanted to taste those red rosy lips of yours with mine. That would be a wonderful return gift for me.”

She was shocked for a second and then hit me in the arm. She told me, “Stop being naughty and ask for a proper gift.” I said, “I wanted this gift for long. It would be the best return gift I can have from you.” She initially refused my requests.

But upon being persistent with my effort she said to park the car in a secluded area and I can have the return gift. I was on cloud 9. I parked my car on the side of the road where there was no one around to watch us. After parking the car, I was staring at her.

She pulled me by my hand and quickly gave me a small 2-second smooch and left me back in my seat. That was way too quick and was done before I could even react. I retaliated, “This is not done. It’s a return gift and you need to let me enjoy the same to my content and not make it so short and quick.”

She sat back in her seat and thought for a second. Then she leaned in a bit and said, “Then come on and enjoy the return gift as you wish.” I leaned into her and slid my hand behind her head into her hair. I started with slowly rubbing my lips onto hers.

I started smooching her slowly in a romantic way and was trying to open her lips. She resisted at first but then she allowed me inside and our tongues started to fight with each other. My hands were roaming in her hair. The heat was turning up with passing time.

After 3-4 minutes she broke the kiss and sat back in her seat with a naughty smile on her face. I was about to start the car when she grabbed me by my head and started to smooch me wildly. It was like a wild cat that had tasted blood and unleashed herself.

I was stunned for a second but then started to enjoy the wet kiss from her. Now my hand was roaming around freely on her back. I pulled her up by her ass and was enjoying eating her to the core. She stopped after 5 minutes of kissing me and sat in her seat.

I started the car and started to drive towards the city. I was stealing glances of her rosy lips or her boobs in between the drive and she noticed that. After a while, she slowly crawled her hand towards my cock and rubbed her hand on my cock over my jeans.

She looked into my eyes and asked, “Was it too much for you to handle or can you handle some more heat?” In reply, I asked her, “Where can I show you how much can I handle?”

She asked me to drive to a location which was her friend’s apartment. She always had a spare key with her to enjoy in her absence. Luckily for us, she had gone to her native town for the weekend. In the meantime, we both called up our homes and made some excuses for the night to enjoy the entire night.

We reached the location and quietly got down from the car and entered the flat without catching much attention. Angel went inside first, and I followed inside locking the door. As soon as I turned, Angel jumped on me, wrapped her legs around my waist and started smooching me like a wild cat.

I was holding her by her ass for support and squeezing it at times and feeling the round buns. We both were playing wildly with our tongues and exchanging the saliva. I took her to the bedroom holding her in the air and threw her on the bed. She quickly got up and pushed me on the bed.

She said, “Lie down and enjoy the return gift.” She slowly started to tease me and strip herself. The slow movement from her hips was making her look even more sexy and slutty. First the shirt then the denim. She looked like a red-hot devil in her red lingerie which she removed.

She gave me the first look at what many people in the office had dreamed of. She came down onto me and pushed my shirt upwards and started licking and kissing around my navel. Slowly she was opening all the buttons of the shirt one by one. She was kissing every inch of my body from navel till my nipples.

She came up and gave a nice hard love bite on the right nipple and hissed, “Inspecting and marking my territory.” She started sucking my nipples, biting them in between and smashing the other nipple between her fingers. It was a different type of pleasure feeling never felt before.

Slowly she came up licking me from the nipple through the shoulder to the neck till the ear. She whispered, “Are you enjoying the return gift properly?” I could just nod in affirmation. She removed my shirt completely and started kissing me like a wild cat all over.

I started caressing her ass and started spanking her ass nice and hard to make her mild white ass red. She started moaning for each spank she had on her ass. I pushed her down onto the bed and went down licking her from the lips to the neck to her cleavage.

I pulled her up into my lap on the corner of the bed and start sucking her firm boobs while facing me. Sucking one boob nice and hard giving love bites at times while pinching and smashing the other nipple with fingers. I turned her to make her back face me and spread her legs apart.

I pushed 2 fingers into her already wet pussy. I slowly started fingering her nice and deep while kissing her all over the neck and shoulders. I started to rub my fingers in her pussy nice and hard. Within a couple of minutes, she had her first round of orgasm and she came hard.

She lied down on me for a while. I got up and turned to remove my denim in a go. She started rubbing my already hard cock over my underwear and pressing my balls nice and hard. Slowly she removed the underwear and took the entire cock in her mouth in one go.

For the next 15-20 minutes, it was a heavenly feeling. She was a pro at what she was doing. Sometimes a hand job, sometimes a blowjob deep throating my cock. Sometimes a nice titfuck rubbing my cock between her tits and sucking the tip of the cock.

In between, she would press my balls hard and enjoy me moaning. Slowly she pulled a condom over my cock and came up to me. She sat over me sliding my cock into her pussy and started riding me. She was riding me well while I was sucking her boobs.

I was enjoying them and spanking her in between. After a couple of minutes, she came and leaked her juices all over my cock. She went down on the bed, lay down for a while. Then turned herself into the doggy position and looked at me and said, “Make the wild cat moan louder now.”

I went down on her and started licking her crack from her pussy till her asshole and made her wet with my licks. Was licking her asshole wet and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy ramming it deep and hard. After a while, I lay down and brought her pussy onto my face.

I was eating her pussy and pushing my tongue deep inside her and tried inserting my middle finger into her ass hole. She moaned like anything with pleasure. I kept on eating her for a couple of minutes. She came again on me and I drank all her juices till the last drop.

I pushed her into the doggy style again immediately and inserted my cock deep into her pussy in one go. She moaned with pleasure and I started ramming her pussy nice and deep. I was going in deep into her pussy to the maximum and she was enjoying the pleasure.

After a couple of minutes of banging her pussy nice and hard I was about to come, and I pushed my cock deepest inside her and came. The thrust of cock being deep inside her made her also come again together and we both lied down on the bed.

She snuggled up inside my arms with her boobs pressing against my chest. She was nibbling my nipple. We both were exhausted and just cuddled each other. I smiled and asked her, “How was the birthday treat?” She smiled, came up, kissed me and said, “The return gift was much more pleasurable.”

We both slept for a while. We ordered dinner in the room. We continued our fun the entire night with some groovy sessions in various parts of the house.  We both returned home exhausted from the night long sessions but enjoyed them to the core.

Angel would pass me a kinky smile whenever she would cross me in the office. She would keep teasing me the entire day in office with various stuff through chats.

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