A Young Man Experiences The Warmth Of A Matured Aunty

A Young Man Experiences The Warmth Of A Matured Aunty

Hello, my dear readers, I am Rahul from Sambalpur, Odisha. I am 28 years old and fair looking. I work in Bhubaneshwar but keep visiting Sambalpur at regular intervals.

So without any more delay, let’s straight away jump into the story. This happened with a matured aunty who was 49 years old. To tell you the truth, I mix fantasy with reality to my stories. These sexy hot encounters, which I narrate over here, are half true and half fantasy.

So here I start my narration. Sulekha aunty was the woman who gave me the kind of sexual pleasure, which I cannot forget in my whole life. This woman quenched the thirst of my body, mind, and soul. Sulekha aunty and me, we both have been fucking each other crazily since our first sexual encounter.

We both lost count of our sexual unison. Her desire for me is still burning, and my desire for her is still on the fire. That too, after having passionate sex with each other for an uncountable number of times.

So there she was one early morning, standing in front of the gas stove. Sulekha aunty was preparing tea for her and me. Last night sex was so hot that it left both of us completely exhausted. Still, I have no idea how she woke up so early and got busy in the kitchen.

I was so tired that I was sleeping as if I was in a coma. But there she was, sexily draped in a yellow-colored chiffon sari, with orange-colored flowers printed all over it. Sulekha aunty looks so sexy in a sari that I always get a solid erection. I just woke up with an early morning erection.

My hot Sulekha aunty was committed to causing my erection to get much harder. She is a healthy-looking woman, with enough amount of fat all around her body. She is actually a bit on the heavier side, as many Indian mature women are.

Her heavy body looks so sexy and voluptuous in the sari, that my cock responds almost immediately. That early morning too, after seeing her draped in a sari, I could not stop myself. I walked up to her and embraced her from behind. She obviously knew that only both of us were at home.

So she was pleasantly surprised at my sudden hug. She immediately might have felt my hard erection pressing on her fleshy ass through her sari. She said, hmmm, it seems like something else too woke with you from its sleep. She was addressing my hard cock, that was pressing against her soft and bubbly ass.

I started grinding my cock against her sari-clad ass. She moaned softly, “Rahul! What are you doing?” I replied, “Oh, really? As if you have no idea what I am doing with you right now?” Saying this, I gave a sudden jerk with my cock on her ass. She moaned again.

But this time, her moan was louder. I kept on grinding my hard cock against her ass. All this while, my palms were massaging her soft and fleshy belly. I just love doing this to her. Sulekha aunty always wears saris. Only during the night while sleeping, she changes into a nighty. I love this woman in her sari.

Many times I have just lifted her sari, pulled her panty down, and rammed my hard cock into her wet pussy. She, too, always enjoys these kinds of kinky acts of mine. So all this while I was poking my hard cock against her ass and massaging her belly.

Seeing my sexy act aunty said, “Last night itself, we fucked like crazy. Still, you want more?” I replied, “Even if I fuck you all day and all night long, still, I would be eager to fuck you again. You are just awesome, aunty.” She giggled at my words, and I turned her around to face me. We both looked at each other.

Aunty was looking at me deeply with a half-smile. Then she said, ‘I cannot believe that a young guy like you would be so crazy for an old woman like me.” I replied, “Attraction never sees the person’s age. It just happens. You are my mom’s friend, I really respect and adore you. We share a special bond aunty.”

Aunty and I have made love to each other so immensely, that not only our physical bond got stronger, our emotional bond got stronger too. She was my mother’s age, and also a close friend of hers. Respect for her would always be in my heart. But here I was also taking care of her physical needs.

I was literally taking care of her soft body. After I had sex with her for the first time, I noticed a glow on her face. That glow was nowhere to be seen before that. Her husband avoided her sexual needs, and I took care of it. Obviously, she loves her husband, but she is not sexually satisfied.

Even I want her husband to satisfy her sexually. But he is too busy with his work and social life. That’s why aunty chose me to sexually satisfy her. If I tell the truth, if husbands had taken care of their wives’ sexual needs, no woman would have looked forward to having sex with someone else.

Sulekha aunty seduced me to have sex with her. Not because she loved to have sex with someone other than her husband, but because she has suffered for too long by lacking sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is too strong. Once you taste it, you will long to taste it again and again.

I could not say no to Sulekha aunty when she seduced me for sex. I was 24 years old at that time, and she was 49 years old. After having sex with her for the first time, she told the truth about her life. Her husband avoids her sexual needs.

Since that moment, we have been fucking like two sex-crazed persons. I have tasted Sulekha aunty’s lips, her huge soft breasts, her soft, plump belly, and her deliciously juicy pussy. So there we were both standing in the kitchen, hugging each other lovingly.

We looked at each other, and then we simply locked our lips together. I kissed her, she kissed me, we both kissed each other. Her lips were so soft and warm, they were delicious. Her saliva was pouring into my mouth generously. I was savoring the taste delightfully. We both kept on kissing each other passionately.

Her lip gloss was completely smeared across my lips. The jelly kind of taste of her lip gloss, along with her saliva, just sent a tremor to my hard cock. All this while I was rubbing and massaging her entire back. Massaging her fluffy ass through her thin sari felt awesome.

Aunty was moaning sexily and kept on kissing me hungrily. Then I broke the kiss and looked at her. Her eyes were half-closed with desire. They looked heavy with lust. I brought her face near me and playfully licked her wet lips once.

Aunty smiled sexily, and again locked her lips with me and smooched me passionately for nearly a minute. Aunty broke the kiss, and we both were panting out of breath. We both licked our lips while looking at each other. I then knelt in front of her and started lifting her sari slowly.

While lifting her sari, I was taking in the aroma of her hot pussy, that was radiating through her sari. When her sari reached her thighs, I dug my nose between her thighs and inhaled sharply. My goodness, dear readers, who on earth won’t get sexually charged and aroused after smelling that.

I lifted her sari completely and saw her panty. Aunty was wearing a black color panty, and it was completely wet. An aroused woman’s pussy juices are no less than a delicious mocktail. Her wet panty was arousing me too much, along with that her musky smelling pussy juices.

I simply touched my nose against her wet panty and brushed my nose gently. The smell that got into my nostrils can never be erased from my memory. I started licking her pussy on top of her wet panty. The taste of her pussy juices through her wet panty was setting my mind and body on fire.

I was licking her pussy, sucking her pussy, and lapping her pussy juices through her panty. Aunty was moaning like a lusty hot woman. She was pressing my head against her pussy. I then pulled her panty gusset aside and dipped my tongue into her wet pussy hole.

Aunty screamed loudly. She gripped my head more hard and now started gyrating her hips against my mouth. I was lapping and slurping her warm pussy fluid. Her pussy juices were so sticky and juicy that I lost my senses completely. I ate her pussy as if it was the last meal on the planet.

Aunty orgasmed twice during my pussy eating. She bucked her hips so powerfully that she had almost lost her balance. I licked all her juices clean and stood up. My nose, mouth, and my entire chin area was smeared with her pussy juices. We both looked lustily at each other.

We both were gasping out of breath. I pulled her to me and started kissing her. I french kissed her passionately, and she kissed me back more hungrily. Without breaking the kiss, I backed her up against the kitchen counter. Aunty started unbuckling my belt hurriedly.

We both yanked my pants down along with my underwear. I again hiked her sari up and pulled her panty down. I removed her panty and tossed it on the kitchen counter. Aunty caught my rock hard cock, and started masturbating me by looking deep into my eyes.

She was breathing hard, and she was looking so sexy. We kissed again and licked each other’s lips lustily. Aunty then pointed my cock at her pussy hole and started murmuring my name. I rubbed my cock head against her pussy slit. I just love doing this just before entering a woman.

Aunty moaned my name impatiently and begged me to fuck her. I placed my cock head at her pussy hole and gave a thrust. Her pussy was completely lubricated with her juices. My cock just pierced into her pussy so good that we both gasped with pleasure.

We grasped each other desperately, and I started humping her. I started slowly, with gentle but deep strokes. I kept on fucking her slowly. She hugged me tight and pulled me more into her. We both were hugging hard, and then I increased my force of thrusting.

I started moving my cock into her pussy like a piston. I was going on, penetrating her deep and hard. Aunty broke the hug and looked at me. She looked deep into my eyes and kept moaning my name again and again. She moaned my name each and every time I thrust into her.

Her moaning and lust-filled eyes increased my desire to fuck her like a maniac. Now I was fucking her with such an intensity that made both of us shivered with pleasure. Aunty started shuddering with my powerful strokes. She was still in her blouse and bra.

I dug my fingers into her massive cleavage and tore her blouse. I bent a bit and dug my face into her tempting cleavage. She was wearing a red color bra. Her big breasts looked so hot in that sexy red bra. I clutched her boobs over her bra and squeezed them hard. Aunty moaned and screamed.

I unhooked her bra at her back and removed it along with her torn blouse. I took her erect nipples one by one and sucked them heartily. Aunty cooed in pleasure. All this while I was kept fucking her hard. Obviously, because of undressing her and sucking her boobs, I was not able to completely focus on fucking.

But that roughness and intensity made it unbelievably erotic. I stopped sucking her breasts, clutched both her boobs with my palms, and then started fucking her very hard. We both looked at each other, and aunty was murmuring my name crazily. Her sari was falling down because of our humping movements.

I caught her sari in a bunch with my right hand and continued ramming her burning hot pussy. Aunty was raising her thighs and adjusting the angle all the while we fucked. The way she lifted her thighs and made space for my thrusting was just erotic. We both must have fucked for at least half an hour.

How long could I have stopped myself from cumming? Aunty had orgasmed twice during this erotic fucking. I looked at aunty and said her with heavy breaths that I am going to cum. Aunty was panting heavily and nodded her head with a yes. I put all my effort into my final strokes, and then I erupted hard.

I was out of this world. When we orgasm this hard, we fail to believe whether this feeling was real or not. Aunty dug her nails into my back. That pain was nothing before the pleasure of my volcanic eruption. It took nearly seven to eight minutes for us to regain our senses.

She simple looked at me and locked her lips with me. We gently kissed each other until we were completely back to normal. We smiled at each other and stood straight. We both somehow dragged ourselves to the bedroom and fell on to the bed. We hugged each other and just relaxed.

Aunty said, “I really thank you, Rahul, to give me this kind of satisfaction. I really needed this.” I replied to her, “You are really welcome, aunty. I am really happy too that at least I was able to give you this.”

Today I am 28 years old, and she is 53 years old. We still have sex, and still, fuck like rabbits. If I get good feedback, then I will be back with the next part of this. Till then, bye, take care.

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