Amateur callgirl Priya fucked in Indore hotel room – Sex story

Amateur callgirl Priya fucked in Indore hotel room – Sex story

Hey! I am Rahul. I am 21 years old, have a 6” dick and a 6 ft height. I have well built athletic body with incomparable stamina and pullout game. Well, today I am gonna tell you about my experience with a girl in Indore that happened around a year ago.

I was in college and I thought why not earn some extra money apart from the monthly pocket money from my parents. I tried using apps for that but all were a waste of time.

Then I found an app and posted Ads as a playboy. However, in a city like Indore. I had no luck. Then, I posted an Ad for call girls and luckily, after 1 month, I received a message from a girl named Priya. She was 19 and needed some money for her personal needs.

I explained it to her and we got ready to meet. I picked her up early morning at Geeta Bhavan in my car and met her for the first time. She was hesitant and sat next to me.

I started to talk to her to make her relieve stress. Then I took her to an OYO hotel. On the way, I picked up a quarter of Bacardi lime. Next, we checked in to our hotel room.

We both drank the whole quarter in 5 minutes! Priya was a bit dizzy. I turned on the AC and TV and we made ourselves comfortable inside the blanket provided by OYO.

Then I moved closer to her and kissed her on her neck and cleavage. She started responding and gave a soft moan, “Ah”. Next, I kissed her lips softly while gently caressing her boobs over the t-shirt. The amateur Indian call girl was now fully turned on!! Her nervousness now started to dwell in her aroused state.

I pressed the drunk girl’s big firm boobs and kissed her neck and lips alternatively. She was getting mad! I removed her t-shirt exposing her big round boobs. Holy fuck!! I had never seen such great Indian boobs! I caressed them over her bra and kissed her cleavage simultaneously.

Slowly, I removed her bra with just one hand. And with full passion, I sucked those perfectly round boobs and the erect nipples waiting to be licked. Priya got mad and started saying, “Aahhh.. Achha lagrae..Aaahhh”.

Then I removed my t-shirt and pants as well. I placed her hand over my underwear. She started stroking it over the underwear. Meanwhile, I opened her pants’ zip and inserted my hand in, touching her bare pussy. Man, it was wet AF!! I was shocked as she told me she only had sex once! I was excited by then.

The drunk callgirl took hold of my penis by removing my undies and I too removed her lowers.

Then I told her to give a blowjob. She refused at first, so I pushed her on the bed and started to lick her pussy in missionary position. Slowly, I brought my middle finger on her vaginal lips and inserted it inside. She couldn’t say anything but, “AAhhhh.. Dard hora hai. Nikaaloo ise ahhh..”

After some time, she started enjoying and said, “Ahh Rahul..Maza aara hai. Karte raho karte raho..aaaaahhhh..Thoda aur tezz pleasee..”

After 5 minutes of this, the call girl cummed. Then, she willingly took my dick into her mouth and gave her first blowjob. Now we both were hot AF and I was ready to fuck her like never before!

I took my 6” rod, rolled the condom over it and put it at her pussy hole, and inserted half with force. She screamed, “Nahi nahi.. dard hora hai. Ahh.. rehne do”.

But I pushed further and entered her pussy completely. Priya screamed even louder but I didn’t stop. I started fucking the sexy call girl slowly, increasing the pace every minute. I fucked her continuously and she had 2 orgasms. She was tired but I still wasn’t cumming.

I looked at the watch and was shocked. I had been fucking her for 40 minutes continuously!! I was like, wtf! We both were soaked in sweat even when the AC was on.

Then I told her to turn around and then fucked her in doggy style while me standing on the floor and she on the bed. All she said was, “Rahul, maine nahi socha tha ki tum mujhe itna chodoge.. ahhh main kabhi nahi kar paati itna…ahhhhhh.. ahhh.. ahhhhhhhh”.

Now after a total 1 hour, I came in the condom and removed my dick. We were both fully tired and sweaty.

Then we slept for 1.5 hours and then she got up to take a shower before returning to her hostel. Well, I somehow got turned on seeing her naked sexy body. I followed her to the bathroom.

Me: Priya, open the door.
Priya: Par kyu?
Me: Yaar urgent hai, please!

(Priya opened the door and let me in.)

Priya: Kya hua? Ab bolo!

Me: Kuch nahi, bas tere sath nahana hai aaj. (and gave a naughty smile.)

We started to bath together and started to kiss her lips. We forgot the towel outside so we went naked to the room. I started to kiss her and bent her over. This time without condom I inserted my dick in and started to fuck her. We were both wet with water.

She started saying, “Rahul ab wapas…uff mai to marr gayi aaj”.

I fucked her for another 10 minutes but suddenly I was attracted to her asshole. The young girl’s asshole was very small and looked unexplored.

I tried inserting my finger while fucking. She immediately tried to move away but I didn’t let her move. She kept saying, “Rahul.. dard hora hai rehne do…udhar ungli mat daalo..wahan kabhi nhi daala kisi ne..ufffff”.

I fingered her asshole roughly with my finger and it bled a bit.

After that, I stopped fingering her asshole and fucked her pussy for 5 more minutes. Then I pulled out my naked dick before cumming. And we lied next to each other hugging. I dropped her near her hostel and she left.

Unfortunately, she shifted to Ujjain after that week and we couldn’t see each other since then. I hope to have some time together again.


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