Anal Defloration Of Mariah In The Himalayas During A Trek

Anal Defloration Of Mariah In The Himalayas During A Trek

I’m Rohit, 24 years from Mumbai with good experience of sex, thanks to my 7 inches of hard muscular dick. Long enough to break apart a pussy. This story is not about a pussy, but about an anal defloration.

I went to Kedarkanth trek in November 2019 with 3 boys and 2 girls. I was the odd one out, as I was the only single guy out of the lot. Sometimes, being single makes you enjoy worldly things without many complications. It lets you dive deep into someone’s pussy without any hesitation.

I am always ready for some experimental sex. Believing in one-time sex dates helped me getting some crazy sex experience. This is another level of experience. It helped me get inside a hot Christian girl named Mariah. She is 26 years from Mumbai, with whom I had my first, steamy anal sex.

It was the 3rd day of the trek. There were all sorts of team displacement, and I got off with some other team of trekkers. I joined them, and there was this hot looking team leader Mariah. She was skillful in trekking with a lot of authority and dominance, with the way she spoke.

Her 36 boobs and master curves made everyone drop their jaw, and they all followed her. She was 5.6 inches tall, brunette hair tied in a pony, with a big busty ass. She looked like a whore to be drilled completely. I followed her closely.

Since she was wearing too many clothes beneath (due to harsh climatic conditions), I couldn’t ogle at her the way I’d want to. On the 8th day, finally, the moment came. I fell sick due to extreme weather. I was asked to rest in a tent and was given a separate place to rest and recover.

At around 7 pm, it was time for all to sleep and take rest. Mariah came to my place, and she gave me assurance that I’d be fine and back to action by morning. She gave me some medicines and was about to leave. I requested her to be with me the whole night.

I was feeling all alone there so, I needed a good company to spend the night. After some time, I started shivering too much. She began to warm me up by moving her hands around my back and holding me tight and close to her body. I could feel her soft, warm body, giving me instant comfort.

I held her tight and stared in her eyes. I asked her to make me feel special and memorable. She kissed me immediately and pulled my lips slowly, and took 15 seconds to slowly release my lips and smiled, looking at me. I began to feel some energy.

I swirled my tongue inside her lips and sucked her tongue to take her heat and feel something that I never had. She then asked me to sleep and rest. She comforted me, saying that I’d complete the trek and be back to normal soon.

On the 11th day, finally, after completing the trek, I asked her if we could spend 1 night together. I would love to reward her for helping me complete the whole trek without hassle. We took our journey ahead, and finally, we took one room in the hotel. We began to unleash our sexual fantasies.

It was the first time I saw her completely naked and was wondering how she could be like that. A perfect brown dusky chick, wide, deep cleavage, swinging hot and spicy boobs, erected hard pointed top nipple, and a deep hollow navel. She had a perfect figure and warm boobs.

It could give erected dick a pleasure to do its job and put some warm juices onto her boobs. She removed her shirt quickly and started to dominate me as she wanted to be on top of me. But I’m equally dominating, and that’s what made our sex a story to be cherished.

I pushed her to the bed, and without wasting any time, I started to bite her nipple and nibble her hard while holding her hands tight. She pulled my ears while I was sucking the life out of her nipples, biting and licking them hard. I gave her some marks on her nipple.

I made sure it was painful before I move down. She was pulling my hair and scratching my neck and making me feel the same pain that she was going through. I slapped her boobs, shook my head wildly on her boobs. I smelled her skin to feel some erotic flavor.

I pulled her hair and got her down to the floor, but she held onto my dick and got off my pants in one go, staring right into my eyes. Her lips were so tempting, and she wanted my dick inside her mouth. I gave her my dick straight into her mouth.

She was pleased to see my cock, which has hard veins on it. She sucked me in and out, and the action was driving me crazy. I cummed deep inside, without giving her time to spit, and she was made to swallow my juices wholly. Then I went to her boobs and boob-fucked her for 15 minutes.

She kissed and gave me blowjob multiple times before I kicked her to the floor and pulled her jeans and got off to tore her panties. I was ordered to just and just focus on her ass and that she wanted to lose her anal virginity. Since it was my first time too. I agreed and began to hold harass.

She was lying in the doggy style, wide ass high on top, and she struck the pose like a pro. I spitted at her anal entrance and fingered her asshole. With my index finger, I explored her anal hole, and with another hand. I pulled her nipple and twisted it between my fingers.

I got off with a flying start and gave her the anus dipped finger, asking her to suck it. She slapped me hard and put her hand inside my mouth, and pushed my jaw back. I asked me to lick my finger, which was inside her asshole. I did it and kissed her lips.

After that, I got my finger to her lips and put it in. She tasted it and liked the taste. I tried to get my 2 fingers inside her asshole and slowly went ahead with it. After multiple attempts, I got her anal hole to adjust to my fingers and lubricated her with KY Jelly.

Finally, she gave me a handjob, and I was ready to enter her anus. It was very tight and hard to get my thick dick inside her anal hole. She, too, found it hard to accommodate this big tool inside her. It was her first time. But we managed to finally crack down her anal hole, and I pushed it as deep as possible.

She pussy leaked instantly and squirted immediately. I removed my dick and began to fuck her squirting pussy. Without a condom, it was a pleasure for us, and we had sex for 10 minutes straight. I again concentrated on the anal sex and went on to spread her asshole and gave her some hard time.

After 5 minutes, I held her up to my arms and lifted her on top. She was sucking my juicy lips and swallowing my saliva. I was licking her ears and neck in between. I got to fuck her asshole well while lifting up and ended a fantastic 10 minutes asshole fuck.

It was her fantasy to get her anal cream pie, and with the remaining cum. I fulfilled her desire. I sucked her creamed asshole and ended on to kiss her for 10 more minutes. It was the best ever thing that happened to me in 2019, and the memory still gives me chills and boner.

We slept together naked that night with bodies warming each other and me getting inside her pussy. We slept with her pussy blocked by my thick cock and kissing together.

Mariah and I are frequent sex buddies in Mumbai and would surely get some more thrill and excitement in the future. Without being in a relationship, we continued being good friends and sex buddies.


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