Bachelor guy tricks and fucks his mallu maid – Sex story

Bachelor guy tricks and fucks his mallu maid – Sex story

My name is Sajin. I am from Kollam, Kerala. I am 6 ft tall, weighs 85 kg, average built, and 24 years of age.

It all began 4 years ago. I was home alone. My parents and siblings were out shopping. Our long time mallu maid Revathi was also home doing the dishes and washing clothes. Revathi was dark-skinned with curly long hair about 5 ft, 55 kg, and 39 years old back then.

I was taking a break after studying for a while. I was walking around the house and saw Revathi in the kitchen. She was wearing a dark blue saree with black. We started talking.

Revathi was facing away from me. I noticed her white bra outline through her blouse. It made me horny and I ran my eyes to her back and caught a peek of our mallu maid’s stomach. My cock was rock hard!

I wanted her but knew I could be in deep trouble if I did anything dumb. So I kept talking and took a plate walked beside her and while passing her rubbed my cock across her ass. She didn’t mind. Then she said she was going to wash the clothes. When washing clothes, she always changes to a nighty.

After changing to the nighty, the servant went to the washing area. Meanwhile, I went to the room which she changed. I saw her clothes and saw her panties too. It was wet and her smell was very arousing. I jacked off into the panties and rubbed my cum all over it!

She came back after a while and changed. Knowing she was wearing my cum smeared panty made me hard again.

I started asking her about her family. She said her husband left her 5 years ago and she has been living with her mother. I told her that if I was a husband I’d never leave and she blushed hearing that. Nothing more happened.

Life went on but I always had this lust for our Kerala maid Revathi in the back of my mind

Years passed and I started working as an accountant in Kollam. After getting a promotion, I built a small house. Then I required a maid to take care of my house. I contacted Revathi and she was willing to work for me.

When I saw her at my house, the old feelings came back. She looked the same. I showed her around the house and she went on with the work.

It had been a week since she started working. One day I was in the living room just browsing the internet and she was there cleaning. She asked when I was getting married and I said there is still time. She told me a wife would complete my life. I replied to her saying that she was there to take care of me. She giggled and said, “That’s not all that a wife does.”

I took the opportunity and said, “Well, you could do a wife’s other duties too.”

The maid giggled and went to the kitchen. I went after her. She was washing the plates. I knew it was now or never! So I asked her softly whether she could show me what a wife does. Saying so, I slowly put my hands on her shoulders! She turned around and looked down to see my raging boner which made her smile.

Revathi touched my cock and asked if I wanted her. Then I told her about the incident in the kitchen all those years ago. After hearing that, she pulled down her panties from her nighty and gave it to me! I smelled it in front of her and put her hand in my trouser and started stroking me.

I then grabbed her hand and led her to my bedroom. I then pushed her into the bed and told her to show me what a wife does. I undressed and she sat up.

I pulled up the maid’s nighty and removed her bra which revealed her perky hard nipples. She squeezed them and licked them. I could see she knew that was making me hard.

I joined in on the squeezing, kneeling down. Then I slowly moved down to her pussy which was not shaven but had some hair but I didn’t mind. I fingered it and then licked it. She started moaning and told me to come up. I went to her face and kissed for a while.

Then I stood up and she sat up facing my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and she moved her lips close to my cock to kiss it. She took my cock in her mouth and was slowly blowing me.

After a while, my mallu maid started speeding up and I was fully fucking her mouth. This made me cum hard. She looked up at me with my cum oozing from her mouth. She swallowed some and went into the bathroom to clean.

But I wasn’t done. She was at the washbasin and I went behind her. I grabbed her tits from the back and asked her if she wanted me. She nodded yes.

I squeezed her nipples and she was moaning, begging me to fuck her. I guided her to the bed and spread her legs. Then I stuck my cock inside her wet pussy and started fucking her.

After some time, she told me to go faster and I did. Then she started to pull the bedsheets. She moved herself away from my cock and squirted on me. It was so hot that I reinserted myself in her and then she was grabbing my ass and gesturing me to fuck her more.

I fucked the horny south Indian maid for some more time and then pulled my cock out. I immediately gave it in her mouth. She took my whole cock, cradling my balls. I finished in her mouth again.

Then both of us laid there and fell asleep.

This took place in the afternoon and I woke up in the evening to see her naked body. It made me hard again I rubbed my hand through her skin, feeling her breasts and lips. It made her wake up too and she smiled at me asking if she had been a good wife?

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