Business meeting in Chennai as lovers – Office sex story

Business meeting in Chennai as lovers – Office sex story

This happened in October 2019. My name is Rakesh (name changed) and I was on a business trip to Chennai. The weather was still hot and I had just finished the scheduled meeting for the day.

I was looking forward to getting back to the hotel and go for a quick shower before meeting up with my friend, Sangeeta at a restaurant by the beach. I was looking forward to an exciting evening.

Sangeeta was the PR head of a cosmetic company based out of Mumbai. She was scheduled to visit Chennai for a few meetings but had delayed her trip to coincide with my trip. I was a VP with a multinational company based out of Delhi and had to visit our Chennai branch for a quarterly performance review.

It was around 7:30 pm and I was sipping a beer at the restaurant. She was already there and was wrapping up her last meeting for the day. I could see her shoulder-length hair left loose, smart, white shirt with folded sleeves and brown pants.

She was animatedly talking to the guy seated opposite her. I was looking at her juicy lips and was getting a hard-on. Right from the time we planned our trip, the previous day, I was hard. I had shagged thrice since the morning and was unable to control my urges gazing at her.

She then got up and started moving towards the cash counter – her bag was still on the table and the guy was still there. She had not seen me. As she walked past, I turned back and looked at her swaying hips.

Her pants were accentuating all her curves – I was so turned on thinking of taking off those pants, ripping off her G-strings, and eating her juicy pussy.

As she was walking back, she looked at her watch and then scanned across the seated diners and soon caught my eye. She smiled, walked past me gently touching my hand, looked back, and signaled that she would be with me in a minute.

For a woman in her 40s, she was very fit and extremely seductive. I was elder to her by a few years but my fitness regime kept me in shape. I am 6 ft and have a slim fit with broad shoulders and a really thick dick (I have been told many times).

A few minutes later, she was sitting beside me. We held each other’s hands like new lovers while chatting. Her perfume was driving me mad and I pulled her close to me.

Sangeeta has a slim body frame, large expressive eyes, shoulder-length hair. Her vital stats were 32-28-34 and she has really big juicy nipples that are always hard. She wears a padded bra to cover her juicy big nipples. I could see the white bra through her white shirt and I was dying to bite into those luscious nipples.

We looked around for a quieter place and found a low seating table outside with fewer people given the weather. The sea waves were splashing at a distance and the moon looked beautiful in a clear sky. Sangeeta inched closer to me on the comfortably placed cushions on the wooden floor outside the restaurant.

I was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. We had taken off our shoes and the tablecloth on the table in front of us gave ample cover to our feet playing under them. We had switched to wine and I was holding her close to me and rubbing her back.

I could feel her bra strap. She took a sip of wine from my glass and then kissed me. Her right hand was rubbing my dick over my jeans while my right hand which was feeling her back slipped into her trouser from behind and felt her naked ass. I squeezed her ass and she moaned.

A waiter was walking towards our table to take our order and we straightened ourselves. I continued to hold her in my arms and looked at the menu and placed an order for some small eats. We were hungry for each other’s bodies but also wanted to prolong the evening.

She was staying at the same hotel as mine but it was understood that we would be spending the night in each other’s arms in one of the rooms. Meanwhile, she had unzipped my jeans and pulled out my dick, and was playing with it under the table cover.

My right hand which held her close to me moved up and into her shirt from behind and unhooked her bra. She gave me an angry look while I continued to feel her naked back. The waiter was back with the snacks and we straightened ourselves.

Her shirt had underarm stains due to us sitting outside and I had a throbbing hard-on. As soon as the waiter went out of our eyesight, Sangeeta looked around and quickly ducked to take my dick in her mouth. I felt like I was going to explode. I felt her naked back from under her shirt.

I looked around and found there were 2 tables occupied but they were seated ahead of us and could not see us unless they turned back. I pulled up her face and kissed her passionately. All my pent up emotions since the previous day were out in that kiss.

I bit her earlobes and licked her neck. We were now desperate to fuck and finished our drinks and paid and moved into her office car. Sangeeta had warned me from doing anything in the car lest her office driver gets to know.

We continued to hold hands though and chatted about our work. It was a short drive back and the time was only 9:30 pm, so there was traffic on the road.

Just then Sangeeta got a call from her husband and she pulled her hand back and signaled me to be quiet. She then spoke to him for a few minutes and told him she was on her way to the hotel.

At the hotel, she took her bag from the boot and moved to the counter to check-in (she had moved for her meetings from the airport itself) while I waited in the lobby. As we moved towards the lift, she showed me her room number.

I got off on the 2nd floor while she was on the 3rd. I had to leave my laptop in my room and also get her surprise gift from my room. The condoms were also in my room. I quickly got off and opened my room, left my bag, picked up her gift and the condoms and sprayed some cologne behind my ears and was out in a jiffy.

I moved to the 3 rd floor and knocked on her door. As soon as she opened the door, I took her in my arms and shut the door, and kissed her passionately.

Follow what happened next. Any ladies in their 40s or early 50s wanting to chat can reach out to me on [email protected]

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