Crazy sex with hot girl with haircut fetishism – Chennai sex story

Crazy sex with hot girl with haircut fetishism – Chennai sex story

Hi everyone, Akshay here, age 23 from Chennai. This will be my second story here. This is the experience I had with one of my readers about her haircut.

Neha was a hot 21-year-old girl who responded back after reading my first story. We were talking about each other’s experiences and stuff. She seemed to be a very kinky Indian girl.

We had similar interests and being almost of the same age, made us get along well. She had a strange fetish of getting turned on during a haircut. That got my attention, as I too liked girls with long hairs.

We finally decided to meet up one day. We both didn’t have any sexual interests on each other as we didn’t even exchange any pics. We’ve had voice calls a couple of times. Since it was our first time meeting, I asked her to take her out to a parlor for a haircut, just to make her enjoy her fetish!

On the big day, she asked me to come to a particular parlor. I eagerly dressed up well and went on time and 5 minutes later, she called me to inform me that she was there.

I had a hard-on the moment I checked her out. Neha was there in a backless lace-up midi. It was a perfect fit showing her curves and a little cleavage. This Indian girl had an ass to die for. I was thanking my lucky stars for bringing her to me.

I tried my best to hide my hard-on and exchanged pleasantries. We went inside and she explained to the hairstylist how she wants her hair to be done. All the time, I was ogling at her shape and sexy ass, which she noticed and winked at me naughtily.

Then started the main show, where the haircut began. The girl indeed had a fetish for haircuts. I was clearly able to see her facial expressions changing when the stylist was cutting her hair. And at times when the scissors were touching her back or neck, Neha closed her eyes in ecstasy!

It was such a treat to my eyes and my mind was fully thinking to bang her there itself on the rolling chair.

I was determined to take her to bed somehow, so immediately I booked a room in the nearest OYO available with some blind confidence. After a teasing show of haircut, Neha asked the stylist for a braided hairdo and then we both came out fully turned on.

I complimented her with the new hairdo and also for her shape (this was the first time I was complimenting her for her body).

I asked whether we can hangout somewhere and as she was also turned on, she instantly agreed. I made sure we went in her Vespa and she was driving so that I can enjoy the view of her sexy back.

I sat pretty close to her with the reason of talking and my hard dick was poking her sexy ass all the way. She didn’t react to my dick-rubbing, I guess she was also enjoying it.

Neha didn’t ask where we were heading to. So, I was pretty much convinced that she was up for the game. I asked her to stop mid-way and picked up strawberry flavored condoms. She gave me a naughty smile when I came out of the medical store and that’s when I told her to go to the nearest OYO.

The 20-minute ride to the OYO was heaven as my dick was completely buried in this kinky Indian girl’s ass cheeks. We checked in and the moment we were inside our hotel room, I grabbed Neha from behind and started kissing at the back of her neck! Her back was so shining and inviting, that I kissed her entire back for 5 minutes straight.

Neha was completely enjoying it and was moaning. Then I un-braided her hair and was playing with it to make her more horny. I turned her around, got hold of her neck, and started chewing her lips.

We were exploring each other’s mouth with our tongue for a few minutes. Then I slowly made her lie down on the bed and I was on top of her. I grabbed those firm breasts of her and started playing with it while biting her lips. I went to her ears and whispered that I was gonna strip her naked. On hearing that, she bit my ear!

I made her stand up and removed her lacy dress and there she was, in a black push-up bra and a thong giving a seductive pose.

My dick was waiting to tear up my underwear by seeing Neha like that. I took her hand and placed it on my dick.

Neha grabbed it firmly and gave me a kiss, pushing me on the bed. She unzipped my jeans and took out my thick 6-inch long cock. Meanwhile, I removed my shirt and was naked now. She looked into my eyes and started licking my cock slowly, teasing me more!

Neha then kissed the tip and took my cock in her mouth, she was such a pro in giving a blowjob. I held her hair in a bun and was literally fucking her mouth. She was sucking so hard that I would have cum inside her mouth itself.

After 10 minutes, I made her get up and kissed her, while my hands went to her pantie. It was dripping wet already. I took one hand inside her thongs and started biting her boobs. Neha was so horny and moaning out so loudly.

Then I removed her bra and thong to get her completely naked and was enjoying that Indian beauty. Slowly, I kissed her feet and then made my way further to her legs, knees, and thighs. I bit her inner thighs to tease her more and finally her pink pussy lips. I kissed and licked it to show her complete pleasure.

I then opened her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside. I was playing with her pussy and tongue-fucked her. Neha was pushing my head more and more inside her pussy. I ate her pussy for more than 10 minutes to make her cum.

Neha was trying to catch her breath and meanwhile, I got up and took the pack of condoms. She saw the strawberry flavor and kissed me as it was her favorite. She wore a condom on my dick and then I got on top of her. I slowly entered her in missionary position. As her pussy was already so wet, it was easy to enter.

I started fucking her to and fro and she was enjoying and shouting, “FUCKK MEE.. YEAHHH… FUCKKK MEEE…”

I continued to ram Neha’s pussy for a good 15 minutes and then I said I wanna try doggy style. I so badly wanted her ass, so when she turned and sat in doggy pose, I bit her ass cheeks which turned her on more! I then slapped her ass cheeks till they were red.

Slowly, I entered her from behind. She seemed to enjoy this position more as I could get more deeper. I was holding her boobs from behind and fucking her hard. I was twisting her nipples and ramming her pussy from behind.

After fucking Neha for some 20 minutes, I was about to cum. Since I had the condom on, I released my load inside her itself.

We both were so tired and I lied down on her. We were cuddling and I was playing with her juicy boobs and sucking those nipples for some time, while she just rested and let me play with her.

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