Cuckold husband enjoys wife banged by another guy – Sex story

Cuckold husband enjoys wife banged by another guy – Sex story

Thank you for your responses to the earlier part. Let me now describe what happened next and how Satish’s list of fantasies got fulfilled.

You can read the first part here – Satish badly wanted the Cuckold experience – Pt 1

After the long first session, the 38-year-old Indian wife Ramya was sweating heavily even in that cold weather. She got her pussy cleaned off cum by the licking act of her husband Satish. She looked at me and said, “What a wonderful session! Thank you for making my day!”

“You should thank your husband in the first place. Just tell him how much you love him for giving you all this.” She just smiled hearing it and I could see coyness in her face.

Satish was still busy licking his wife’s cunt. I insisted, “Say it in your words. Why do you hesitate to express yourself? Don’t you feel grateful to him?”

“Yes, really grateful” saying so, Ramya pulled Satish over her and lip-locked him for full 2 minutes and said, “Thank you, dear. Thank you for arranging all this for me.”

“Only loving hubbies shall wish to share wives,” I told Ramya. “Satish wanted to see that glow in your face and that lust in your eyes, he wanted you to enjoy life to the fullest.”

“Hey, that’s so nice, Sumith. You know how to comfort a woman,” she appreciated me for those words.

“No need to appreciate me, just promise your husband that you will turn each one of his fantasies into reality.”

“Sure, my loving hubby, I am now open for you.”

“Your husband wants to see you making out under the shower. Isn’t it, Satish?” I asked looking at Satish, for which he told, “Oh, very much!”

But Ramya already felt she had too much for now and said, “Oh, no dear. I need a break. Not now.”

“Don’t worry, Ramya, I won’t be as harsh as I was, let’s take it slow now,” I added, “Let’s have a small drink now.”

This made both Ramya and Satish to get up. Satish had confessed to me during our chats that he was more of a booze guy. But Ramya had just got the sweet taste of rum which she liked. “I didn’t know that rum tastes just like a juice.”

Satish laughed saying, “That’s because you tried it with Pepsi.”

Ramya replied, “Then how does it taste without it? Let me try that too now itself.” She seemed to have fully opened up with just one session.

I told Satish with an instant smile, “And you were telling me that she was quite orthodox and traditional.”

“She was such all these years,” said Satish.

“For God’s sake, can you stop embarrassing me now” Ramya showed fake anger while I was preparing the drink. Watching me mixing her rum with Pepsi, she authoritatively declared, “I want it without Pepsi now.”

“Hold on, my dear mistress. There are other two glasses for you to try first. If you feel it good with just water, I shall have the sweetened one.”

She walked over the bed to grab a towel.

“Hey no!” I shouted. “You aren’t supposed to cover yourself now.”

Ramya stared at me with a smile and walked back towards the sofa across the teapoy with her boobs bouncing at every step. Though a mother of two, this Indian wife had her boobs in perfect shape with a pointing nipple. I couldn’t resist myself licking it once.

She had my glass of rum and took a large gulp. Her body shivered for its harshness. “Wack, how do you guys drink it?” she asked us, recovering from it after a minute.

Satish let a loud laugh and said, “See, you used to complain back at home that I was always enjoying the drink. Now, did you get to know what troubles we guys undergo for drinking?”

As if she didn’t hear his words, she asked me for a cigarette. While I took one out and she asked, “Can we have the other one now?”

“Wait, my lady, let’s go slow. Smoke a cigarette now,” I said, “but this time, I won’t just light it for you, I shall pass on just the smoke.”

“Oh, you are more naughty than you appear to be, I thought you were a cute innocent guy.” I took a drag and she came close to me. Caressing her nipples, I lip locked and let the smoke in. She then let it out enjoying the smoke coming out from her mouth. She behaved as if she just turned eighteen.

We finished our drink and I led her to the bathroom, keeping the door wide open. Satish shifted his chair in front of the door to get a full view.

I opened up the shower and wow, she looked like a sculpture when water started to flow around her boobs. Massaging her boobs in one hand, I took the other nipple to suck. She held my head tight.

Playing with her boobs made my dick erect and she felt it poking her. She let her hand down and started to stroke it while I french kissed her.

Ramya then got into her knees and started to suck me. I asked her to look at her hubby, “He wants to see the lust in your eyes, look at him.”

While she was sucking my dick, I heard Satish exclaim in ecstasy, “Oh.. yeah, that’s marvelous, dear.”

This appreciation from her hubby prompted her to start sucking me like a porn star. She started giving long licks and sucked my balls with great passion. She sucked me for about 15 minutes, and looked up at me to say, “How long do you take to cum?” I replied, “Haha.. how long did you think you got fucked?”

“Seriously I don’t know, I had lost myself,” she said.

I looked at Satish, he had finished his drink and was busy stroking. “Let me see how good can you suck, you must make me cum now,” I told Ramya.

She got into the fiery mood and started to suck me vigorously and sucked me until I gave her mouthful. She gulped it all looking at her husband.

We then continued our bath to finish off quickly. As soon as we stepped out, Satish came with our towels. I wiped her out inch by inch by smothering her.

It was already 7 pm and Satish got a call asking at what time should the dinner be served. We started to feel the hunger by then and told sooner the better, and asked if they can double the quantity to which the owner promptly agreed.

For the next hour, we wore our clothes and just relaxed watching TV keeping the door wide open to enjoy the cold breeze. The dinner arrived by 8 and we were quite hungry. We filled our stomachs but Ramya told us there was still a large amount of food left. I told her not to worry and we could have it later.

By 8:30 pm, I suggested we go out for a walk but Ramya told me she was scared. However, Satish convinced her to go out.

We had our lights but anyhow there was ample moonlight. After a brief walk towards a ridge, we just stood there without lights until our eyes got used to the moonlight. It was really a cool atmosphere and a great feeling.

“So, tell me how many men have you been with until now?” I asked Ramya. “Just my hubby and now you,” she said.

“No chance,” I persisted. “In fact, Satish wants to enjoy hearing about your sexcapades. He anyhow knows you aren’t an angel.”

“Just you two,” she said but I knew she was just trying to bush it aside. I asked, “How about your old friend who is a lecturer now?” She was literally shocked by hearing those words from me.

“How the hell you know about him?” she asked shockingly.

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t him. But Satish has told me that he smelt something about it. He knows he visited you when Satish wasn’t there.”

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and turned towards her husband to say, “Sorry dear, I have cheated on you.”

Ramya got a bit emotional. It was evident in the way she spoke.

“So, with who else? Let it be the day for all your confessions,” I calmly told her.

She lied on her hubby’s lap and started to speak about all her experiences. Ramya had 2 boyfriends before marriage and had cheated with two guys after marriage.

Satish started to get hard hearing those. I came to know that when I heard Ramya saying, “Hey! You are getting hard!”

“Why don’t you thank him with a blowjob now?” I suggested. And I lit a joint.

She had sucked him for just a couple of minutes. “I can get the blowjob anytime, but I wish to see her smoke now and I don’t want to cum now,” Satish insisted.

Ramya grabbed the joint from my hand and calmly started to smoke.

“Ahh. I am really very relaxed now,” she thanked me. “Thank you for making me speak out, you really helped me to take away the guilt that was within me.”

She brought her face near me, her palms held my cheeks and gave me another deep kiss over the lips.

Things started to get horny again between us. Our smooch went on for more than 5 minutes. She ate my lips and pulled my tongue with more vigor this time. I put my hands into her pants, she wasn’t wearing pantie now and started to finger her. She started moaning. By then, Satish held his dick, stroking.

I pulled her pants, lying down over the rock bed, I made her ride me. She had a perfectly round ass which my palms held.

After a few strokes, I called upon Satish to say, “There is another of your yet to do fantasy, bro.”

Thoughtfully, he just looked at me while I continued, “You wanted to lick her ass while my dick is in her pussy.”

“Hahaha..” Ramya let out laughter and with that, she raised her ass for her husband to give open access. He got onto his knees and started to lick her asshole. It was getting too much for Ramya now. She bent down and licked my nipples quite hard, sucked my lips, moved her head up and down in ecstasy. She didn’t know what to do.

I sensed her pussy flooding again with lots of juice now. Without cumming, I took a break and lit the joint while lying on her back and kept her legs wide open for Satish to suck her dry. She started to smoke while still getting licked.

Once killing the joint, she asked for my lips again. Ramya wanted to suck out the taste of weed from my lips.

After another romantic kiss, I asked for a brief blowjob. The weed made her induce much more passion now. Then I bent her beside a tree, she held herself towards the tree and I entered from behind. This time, I was too ruthless, pounded her pussy spanking her ass.

She started moaning to such an extent that her hubby had to close her mouth with his lips.

“I am cumming,” I declared.

She broke his kiss in a flash saying, “Into my mouth, now! I want it down my throat.”

She knelt and took my dick as much as can into her mouth. I vigorously face-fucked her for around 15 strokes and unloaded a large bust.

When we returned to the room, we were hungry like hell due to the weed. Satish had another peg and when Ramya and I were discussing life on a whole, we heard Satish snoring. We cuddled together feeling each other’s body and slept.

The next morning, we had a few more sessions until late afternoon till we parted. I could feel the pain in my thighs due to prolonged fucking of this hot wife but the feeling of bringing the couple closer weeded it away.

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