Diana’s story – I lost my virginity

Diana’s story – I lost my virginity

Hi guys, First of all, I’m conveying my thanks to all of you for your positive feedback on my works. Today I’m going to narrate a different experience of an anonymous girl from her point of view with some added fantasy.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Diana, 21 years old Keralite who lives in Karnataka. I’m 34-28-32 with a fair complexion. This incident happened 3 years ago and that’s how I lost my virginity.

I belong to a financially well family. My parents got married against their parents’ wishes since they were inter cast. So they were forced to face extreme hardships in their life. My mother has two uncles.

Even though they are distant relatives, these uncles supported their marriage and helped my parents during their hardships. They assisted my parents financially to start the business. So these uncles have a great influence on our family. To be precise, they are considered as family members.

Let me introduce them to you. Their names are Raju and Gopal. Aged 45 to 50. Typical Indian uncles with a brown complexion and the most important factor, the big tummy.  They were the only family we got, and we were close to them. We used to visit them at least once a year or they used to visit us.

The incident that I will narrate happened 2 years ago when I was 19.  I am fully aware that I already mentioned this information. It was during the summer vacation. I just completed my 12th standard and was enjoying the vacation. These uncles came to Karnataka for business, and they stayed with us as usual.

I was very close to them. Even though I was 19, I used to sit on the uncles’ lap, and I had the freedom to do stuff like these with the uncles. My parents did not object to any of these actions as they trusted the uncles. They were sure that the uncles were treating me like their own daughter.

We had a maid named Suja. She was 38 years old, chubby with a dark complexion. She was a new recruit with just a few months of service in our home. She used to sleep in a small room near our kitchen.

Two days passed after the arrival of the uncles. I usually sleep after midnight. That night I felt thirsty and went to the kitchen to drink some water. I noticed some strange noises coming from the maid’s room. So I went near the room and started to listen more clearly.

The noise was strange but familiar. I was sure that the maid is getting fucked by either Raju uncle or Gopal uncle. I peeked through the keyhole. But to my surprise, they were enjoying a threesome. To date, I only watched sex on porn movies. It was my first live sex. I watched their erotic actions for a few minutes.

But what the uncles did next stuck inside my mind. The uncles were double penetrating the maid. I enjoyed the entire scene. My pussy was oozing, and this made my panty to get fully wet. I couldn’t resist anymore. I went to the toilet and fingered my pussy until I was satisfied with an orgasm.

In the morning, the maid and the uncles acted normally as if nothing was happening between them. I was really excited. So I peeked into their erotic sex for the next two days without their knowledge. But on the third day, while I was enjoying their sex and fingering my pussy.

I was leaning towards our fridge with all my weight. This caused a steel glass that was placed on the top of the fridge to accidentally fall down. The maid and the uncles were stunned to hear the noise. I was really frightened. I quickly escaped from the area and went to my room.

Even though I was really frightened, everything was fine the next day morning. But when the uncles touched my body during casual conversations. It felt different. I felt like they were looking at me from an entirely different angle. They were cracking jokes with double meanings.

It was really a different feeling. During that night, I once again went to watch their sex. I was wearing a short and a t-shirt. To my surprise, Gopal uncle was missing from the act. I placed my hands inside my panty. I inserted a finger into my pussy and enjoyed finger fucking while I squeezed my boobs over my t-shirt.

Suddenly, to my surprise, two hands grabbed me from behind and closed my mouth with one hand. It was Gopal uncle. I was really scared. He told me not to scream, and he knocked on the door. The maid opened the door. She was naked. She smiled, looking at my face.

Gopal uncle and I entered the room. She went near Raju uncle and sat near his lap, and started rubbing his cock. My face was filled with nervousness.

Raju uncle: We knew that you were enjoying our act for the past two days. Is that right? (all of them were laughing)

Me: I was just…it’s not like that…

Gopal uncle: Don’t worry, Dia beti (it’s my nickname). We were just having some fun. Are you interested in joining us?

Me: No, uncle, it’s not like that.

Suja: Come on, Dia beti. Let’s have some fun.

She was stroking Raju uncle’s cock. After saying this, she licked the tip of his cock with her tongue and looked into my eyes, making a slutty expression on her face. I stood there like a statue. I couldn’t say anything.

Gopal uncle: I think let her watch our skills, and then she can decide.

Raju uncle: That’s right, Gopal.

They made me sit on the corner of the room so that I can watch the entire act. Both Raju and Gopal uncle took a condom from the Kamasutra packet and put the condom over their cocks. Raju uncle was lying on the bed. He made Suja sit over his belly, and he placed his cock near her asshole.

Gopal uncle was on top of Suja, and he placed his cock near her pussy lips. With a few strokes, Raju uncles cock completely disappeared inside Suja’s ass hole. Then with a single stroke, Gopal uncle pushed his cock inside her pussy. Their cocks were sliding in and out of Suja’s pussy and ass simultaneously.

She was moaning like hell. I couldn’t resist myself seeing such hardcore sex. I pushed my hands inside my panty and was rubbing my pussy. I accidentally let a moan slip from my mouth. With this, they were sure that I couldn’t resist anymore.

Gopal uncle removed his cock from Suja’s pussy, and he approached me with a dirty smile on his face. He bought his face near my lips and kissed them. At the same time, he was squeezing my boobs. He asked me to get up, and he stripped my t-shirt and bra.

He sucked my boobs with his mouth. He made me strip my shorts and panty. I was completely naked at that moment. They made me lie on the bed. Raju uncle came near my pussy, placed his mouth near my pussy lips, and sucked my pussy. While Gopal uncle was busy sucking my boobs and squeezing them.

Suja was sitting next to my face. She bought her lips near to my lips and kissed me. She inserted her tongue deep into my mouth. After a few minutes of French kissing, she brought her boobs near my mouth and asked me to suck them. I sucked her both boobs with my mouth.

Those melons were huge. Both the uncles interchanged their respective positions. Raju uncle asked me whether I am a virgin or not. I replied that I am a virgin. Raju uncle and Gopal uncle looked at each other’s faces for a few seconds and played some kind of a game with their fingers.

Gopal uncle won the game. They told me that my virgin pussy belongs to Gopal uncle and my virgin ass belongs to Raju uncle. Looking at my face, they said that they are interested in enjoying my virgin pussy and ass without a condom. Raju uncle signaled Suja with his eyes.

She went near the uncles’ cocks and removed the condoms from their respective cocks with her mouth. Gopal uncle was preparing to break my virginity seal. He made Suja suck his cock and lubricate it well with her spit. Then she filled my pussy with her spit.

Gopal uncle placed his cock near my pussy and was rubbing it over my pussy lips. Suja came to me and told me that it’s going pain a little as it is my first time. “But, you will see heaven after the pain is gone.” She kissed my lips and inserted her tongue inside my mouth.

Then she gave a green signal to Gopal uncle. He positioned the cock near my pussy and started to push his cock inside my pussy. With two strokes, his cock touched my hymen. He then gave a hard push, and his cock broke my hymen and was fully inside my pussy.

I cried out of pain, but Suja’s tongue resisted my voice from slipping out of my mouth. Blood was oozing from my pussy. He waited till my pain is gone. After a few minutes, he started to fuck my pussy like hell. His cock was sliding in and out of my tight pussy.

Suja sat over my face and asked me to suck her pussy. Without any hesitation, I sucked her pussy. Raju uncle came near Suja and asked her to suck his cock. Suja was sucking Raju uncles cock while I was sucking her pussy, and Gopal uncle was fucking my pussy. The room was filled with the sounds of sex.

Gopal uncle increased his speed, and my pussy exploded with my juices. It was my first intercourse orgasm. After a few more strokes, Gopal uncle filled my pussy with his hot cum. At the same time, Suja filled my mouth with her juices, and Raju uncle filled her mouth with his cum. It was salty but good.

Now it was Raju uncle’s turn. But he said that he is exhausted and will enjoy me tomorrow night. Saying these words, he kissed me on my lips. All four of us slept hugging each other for almost half an hour and then left for our rooms.

In the morning, something urgent came up, and the uncles had to go back immediately. So I accompanied them along with my parents to the railway station. They went for quick shopping and presented me with a packet of Dairy Milk chocolate.

Along with the dairy milk, Gopal uncle handed over an i-pill to me. He hugged me and whispered in my ears, “Don’t forget to eat this pill. Otherwise, you may get pregnant with my baby, and I don’t like to be a father once again at this age.” He laughed, and then he kissed on my cheeks.

My parents only saw a loving uncle and a packet of Dairy Milk. Raju uncle hugged me and told me to keep my virgin ass exclusive for him until his next visit. Both the uncles once again hugged me and said goodbye to my parents, and board the train. This was just the beginning of a new adventure.

I’m really honored with all those positive emails. Thanks for all of your suggestions and feedbacks. Keep supporting. Write your comments to [email protected]. Also, comment below.

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