Didi Ko Apna Randi Banaya And Then Full On Sex

Didi Ko Apna Randi Banaya And Then Full On Sex

didi ki chudai ki kahaniDidi Ko Apna Randi Banaya And Then Full On Sex

Hello everyone. This is deepak here. This is my first story, (actually I submitted before but never got published, hope iss will publish it this time)and believe me this is not fake. Its real. I have changed some character’s name in this just to maintain confidentiality. But the lead characters and their name are real. That is me and my elder sister who is 3 years elder to me. I’m Deepak and my elder sister’s name is Deepika.

This is about when she was 25 and was recently graduated as an it engineer and was working on her first job in bangalore. I was 22 then and was in 2nd year of engineering. Let me tell u something about my didi. Sheis really good looking and resembles bit like anushka sharma.

She used to do part time modeling during her college. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 54 kgs. She has killer stats of 34c-24-34. She has got super flat stomach and really awesome boobs. To tell you the truth, I have no words to express her beauty, her complexion. Just know that she is white like any irish girl. She has a very lovely personality and is kind of easy going. She usually wears tight jeans and colorful t-shirts.

Now let’s begin with the story. I’m in love with deepika (didi) since I was in class 9. I just love her face and physic. I don’t know why, maybe because of watching too much porn in early age I always wanted to nail her hard like a bitch and make her mine for the rest of the life so that I can fuck her hard anytime of the day I want. Whenever at home I used to see that flat stomach, valleys on chest and that killer thighs (she used to squat to maintain her legs for modeling) it used to drive me crazy.

I was in final sem of my 2nd year of computer engineering and we were asked to do some kind of summer training my our hod. I don’t know why but I thought this is the perfect time for me to make some move.

Since my sister was in bangalore, has been working in an it firm for about a year now, I thought I should go there and take some chances. Who knows I might get lucky. So right before the final sem exams I called up my parents and asked them that I want to go to bangalore for summer training. Without any questions my parents said okay.

So I called deepika next and I told her I want to come to bangalore for summer training, even she said yes. She said u must come here only as this is the it hub and you will find lots of good training centers. She booked the tickets for me. I was to stay for 2 entire months with her. Knowing this made my dick super hard and as usual I masturbated in my hostel room thinking of deepika. Incest Papa mummy aur main Sex stories

After exams straight away I headed for bangalore. It took me 2 days to reach bangalore by train. I was completely exhausted.

Finally I reached bangalore and there was my sweet, sexy, sister at the station to receive me. She was wearing t rugged blue tight jeans and a white t shirt. Wow her ass was trying to explode in that jeans, so was the boob trying to come out of t-shirt. She was with 1 of her office colleague. Her colleague was average looking but figure was sexy. As soon as I got off the train I touched her feet. Well I had to do that, she is my didi after all.

Didi: how was your journey?<

Me: very tiring…

Didi: I can understand, 2 days in train…Anyway lets go home, I will cook you some nice dinner.

Me:u don’t have office today, its thursday right?

Didi:I have but I took off just to receive you..You are new to city &you might not know way to my flat.

Me: ohh..I see..

Didi: ohh…meet my fren. She is shilpa.

Me: hello. How are you?

Shilpa (didi’s friend): I am good…how you doing?

Me: good only

Then shilpa said to my didi that she’ll get one auto. Saying that she went to the auto stand. We waited for her to come with auto..We waited for around 5 minutes and were watching her from a distance and we can see that she was somewhat quarreling with the auto drivers about the price.

Seeing this I told didi let me go and check. Didi said okay; but don’t talk much with these auto drivers they have this attitude problems. I said okay..Don’t worry…I went to where shilpa was started negotiating with the auto drivers and asked shilpa to go and stand with didi…So she want away

I asked one auto and he said 500, but my didi hd asked my to pay 350 maximum..So I asked that driver bhaiya 350 me chalna hai? Aap akale hia kya sir? Auto driver popped out. Nahi wo dono bhi hai; I said. Auto driver looked at the two beauties and said nahi sir 3 aadmi ka toh 500 banta hai…kya bhaiya I said angrily..Suddenly I noticed that autowala was staring at my didi’s ass and scratching his pants. See him even I got aroused..But I moved to another auto and he agreed; so we boarded that auto.

It took almost 2 hours to reach didi’s flat..On the way didi showed me many builldings and malls from auto and said we’ll come here and we’ll come there during weekends; all this time I was thinking in my mind we won’t go anywhere …if you agree with what I’m going to ask you today then all you will do is be my sweet randi and play with my monster. Anyway we reached her flat, it was a 1bhk. She quickly changed and said : I’ll prepare some tea for you and shilpa…..

In the meanwhile why don’t you take bath… I said okay and went for bath. I came out of shower and tea was ready. I, didi and shilpa had tea together and after that shilpa said she will go now….Didi tried to convince her to stay for dinner but she said she will better go as his brother is also coming tomorrow. Then she left. It was already 3 pm. Did ask me to go to her bedroom and take some rest. I followed what she said and went for a quick nap on her bed; in the meanwhile she started preparing for dinner.

I went to her bed so sleep but could not actually sleep. All I was thinking was how I’m going to fuck her. All sorts of thoughts were crossing my mind….Like….Shall I tell her my feelings first. Shall I just catch her and fuck her without her permission….What if I tell her and she gets angry….May she will tell parents in that case I’m gone….Also what if she agrees….. Believe me my head was exploding with thoughts….

So I thought for a while and decided that I will share all my feeling with her, in that case either she will accept it (which is good for me) or she will get angry. Now my concern was if she gets angry then I need to convince her not to tell it to anyone. So I made up my mind that I will tell her. Still I couldn’t sleep; I acted like I’m sleeping. At around 5pm I got up and came out in hall and saw that didi was in kitchen cutting vegetables. She saw me and said : ohh you are up…..Want some more tea?.. I said : sure didi…

I was sitting on the couch in the hall and after sometime she came with tea. We both sat together and were having tea. She was asking me all short of questions like: how is you college going on? How were exams? What course you want to do here? And I was kind of lost. I was not answering her properly and she noticed that and asked: is everything okay with you?

Me : yes.

Didi: it seems something is bothering you.

Me: no….M fine (I was really scared on how to tell her)

Didi:tell me if there is something wrong…..Is it about exams? Was it bad? Or something else?

Me: no everything is fine….My exams were very good.

All of a sudden she came on my side of the couch and touched my hand and said : you are really making me tensed….I think something is bothering you….Just tell out:

Me: no m fine. Nothing to worry about.

Then she said okay and started sharing her work experience and about bangalore city. Then she said I don’t have a tv , tomorrow we will go and buy a tv in the evening after I come from work. To that I said ohh okay.

Now it was around 6pm and she went back to kitchen to prepare dinner. I was simply sitting there, her touch already gave me a arousal and I was also checking on her boobs which was killing my cock….I don’t know how but I thought to myself : dude it’s now or never… Thinking that I said

Me: didi, are you busy?

Didi: no..Why? What happened?

Me: I have something to say

Didi (coming out of kitchen): I knew it something is bothering you. Tell me what is it?

Me(hesitatingly): I have ..Ahh….I mean something to tell….Buttttt….But m scared

Didi: what is there…..I cannot understand

Me: I’ll tell you something…..But promise me you will not tell it to anyone

Didi: it depends

Me: didi..Please..There is really something which is bothering me and I’m really scared to tell

Didi:what is it deepak? Did you do something bad?

Me: please didi just promise me you won’t tell to anyone if I tell you.

Didi: okay baba..Promise..What is it, now tell em?

Me: m scared as shit to tell, please ignore it if it hurts you

Didi: is it something related to me?

Me: yes

Didi: oh my god. What is it deepak?

Me: didi once again I’m telling you please don’t tell to anyone

Didi: I promise, just tell me now.

Me: didi, I relly love you as a sister and love to be with you; but..

Didi: okay..I love you to..But what?

Me: but didi….From last 5-6 years……

Didi: what? Just tell out deepak

Me: from last 5-6 years, I have some kind of weird feelings for you. (I don’t know how I said this, but I did. I told myself better to finish telling in one breath. So I started). I love the way you look, I like your body, every part of it.

I have been masturbating thinking of you every single time. I’m completely in love with you. I would like to make love to you, fuck you day and night. I want to press those boobs, put my dick in your pussy and ram you..(saying this dick was becoming hard at the same time I was getting more scared to see didi’s face change)

Didi: (starting slapping me)you filthy bastard, is that you feel about your own didi, god why did not I die, why I have to see this day, my own brother wants to fuck me, you rascal

Me: (catching her hand strongly after taking 7-8 slaps) please didi, stop. M sorry, please stop crying don’t do this, please I told what I feel like, this was bothering me from a long time so I thought it’s better to say it out. Please do not tell to anyone please, I’m sorry

Didi: I will tell whom I think I want, I will tell papa and mama….They should also know that their own son wants to fuck own daughter.

Me: please didi, you cannot do that, you promised. This I why I didn’t wanted to tell you

Didi: oh really, just wait and watch what I do to you

After this she went inside her bedroom and locked it from inside, I tried to cajole her to open the door, but in vain. I could hear her crying. I was really scared as shit. I thought I better die now, if parents know I’m gone. Every now and then I would knock on the door hoping she would open which she didn’t. I kept sitting on the couch in the hall.

Whole night didi didn’t come out of her room, not even for bath or toilet. We didn’t even have dinner. Whole night my heart was pounding thinking what a mistake I have committed.

Next morning at around 8am didi came out of room, I tried to talk to her. But rudely she asked me not to talk to her.She went for a bath and at around 8.30am she got ready for office and left saying anything. I was completely wrecked inside. She went without saying anything; I could not understand what to do. I was afraid if she has told parents, but again if she had then my parents should have called me by now. Or maybe she will call them from office. All sorts of thoughts were kicking my head.

After she left at around 11am I was feeling hungry but was not feeling like eating anything. So I thought I better go out and at least have some tea. I locked the room and went out. I had tea and cookies at the bakery. After that I started smoking at the bakery. While I was smoking I got a call from didi, as I was dying to know what is going on in her mind, I picked up the call.

Didi: kaha hai? Room kyun locked hai?

Me: oh I came out for tea

Didi: mujhe key chahiye…..I’m home now

Me: okay I’m coming in a minute.

I put off my cigarette and rushed towards the flat. Now I was more worried, as she didn’t know that I smoke, what if she smells it. That became my tension. As I reached the flat, didi was standing outside, looking very angry still. I opened the flat and we went inside. She didn’t say a word. I tried to talk to her.

Me: office itni jaldi ho gaya?

She did not reply and went straight to her room and locked it. After 10-15 minutes she came out. I was sitting on the couch.

Didi: tujhe saram nahi aayi mujse aisi baat bolne mai?

Me: I’m sorry didi..But

Didi: but kya….Tu mujhe chodega ha? Tu bhul gaya ki mai teri didi hu?

I was shocked to hear that word : chodega.. From didi.

Me: please I’m sorry if I hurt you, but I told honestly what I feel. Please don’t tell to mummy-papa

She didn’t say a word, we both kept silent for maybe around 5 minutes. After that

Me: please didi don’t tell to parents

Didi: nahi bolungi

I was lot relieved to hear that.

Didi: mujhe bahut ghussa aaya jab tum ne kal mujse kaha.

Me: I’m really sorry

Didi: its okay…..Maine raat bhar soocha, office me bhi soocha. Then I thought its better we talk about it. So I took off from office and came here just to talk about it.

Me: hhmmm….

Didi: dekh deepak, I know you are a guy and it is obvous that you get attracted to girls. But to me, I’m your sister. You cannot do that, how can you even think about it.

Me: but didi you are also a girl first, and believe me your super beautiful

Didi: yes I know(and she smiled).

Seeing her smile a was completely relieved and I knew that now I can talk openly with her.

Me: we are a girl and a boy first then we are brother-sister.

Didi: I know, but we cannot do that

Me: why not?

Didi: what will people say, moreover I don’t feel like, its awkward. I can understand your feelings now, I’m sorry too that I slapped and shouted at you.

Me: it’s okay didi

Didi: no its not okay, my reaction on you yesterday was very bad. You are lovely boy, but I’m sorry, we cannot do what you want.

Me: why didi? Don’t you love me? I love you didi, I really do. I mean it. I really want to feel you; I want to own you for the rest of my life. And didi, it is going to between us, nobody has to know.

Didi: again please don’t start. It is not possible

Me: okay didi, just tell me one thing: do you love me?

Didi: off course I do.

Me: didi please not as a brother, for a moment forget that I’m your brother, just take me as some random guy and then tell me do you love me?

Didi: what is that….

Me: please didi me honest

Didi: (after much thinking) yes I do.

Me: okay, can we talk openly for a minute, can I ask you few more questions to clear your mind

Didi: what questions?

Me: just tell me can you talk openly with me for say 5 minutes, after that if you don’t want I want to ask you again


Me: okay, so you said you love me as a boy. Now tell me honestly don’t you want to spend some quality time with your lover boy, I mean don’t to have sex? Don’t you want to open yourself for your lover boy? Don’t you want that your lover boy makes love to you? Don’t you want to open that boobs and let your lover boy play with for the time immortal? Don’t you want to suck and fuck with your lover boy dick?

Didi: deepak what sort of question is that?

Me: just answer me honestly

Didi: yes I do……But you are my brother

Me: but still you love me, don’t you?

Didi: yes

Me: then there’s nothing to worry. Please didi let’s do it, it is going to be between us. Please didi, I beg you, pleaseeee

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