Exotic Massage On A Trip To Experience Sex Adventures

Exotic Massage On A Trip To Experience Sex Adventures

This story is based on my discussion with Shristi, a lady I met online about an exotic massage. She was bold with a life full of adventures, sexual adventures, I mean. Let me describe her first. She has curly hair, around 5 and a half feet in height. Her complexion is a bit on the darker side, but with curves in the right places.

She stays fit by going to the gym, yoga, and a healthy diet. Her boobs have grown bigger and sexier due to having kids, her measurements are 34-25-35, with c-cup bras. The boobs are a bit saggy if you look closely, but with that fit body, it looks sexy as hell.

The bigs boobs and the darker tone make her a perfect Indian Milf. As I said, she is not a shy woman. Let me tell you about her family. She has a husband and two kids, both in college. She is in her late forties, making her a cougar.

Husband and wife both work in MNCs and are busy most of the time. But they make themselves free when it comes to love. Of course, each of them has had their affairs and flings but are not sorry about it and love each other. They met during their MBA while Shristi was dating her husband’s friend.

They had a wild college life. Their relationship essentially started with a threesome between Shristi, her future husband, and her current boyfriend. I will narrate it in some later parts. Their relationship grew and married each other. Now, both are settled in Bangalore.

The story I am going to tell you happened around in 2018. Both went on a couples vacation to southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. The story is based on her narrations and my imagination of how it would have happened. I hope you like it.

It started with a beautiful early morning day, with Shristi’s husband planning an island adventure that will take two to three days. Both were lying naked on the bed after a night of partying and wild sex in the hotel room. They had planned for a massage that day.

It was a little distance away, as they planned to go for the island after it. Shristi and her husband made out for a while in the bed. Showered together and came out with just a towel draped around. She was a sex goddess with water dripping all over her body.

She took her leopard print bikini out of the bag. While taking it out, her big ass was visible and wet. She let her towel drop on the floor, letting her body glisten to the light. She first took her bikini top and wore it. She had finally tucked her breasts in. Her boobs popped in the bra.

It barely covered and held her boobs. It was as if the nipples were about to come out. Next, she wore the panties, slowly covered her pussy hair while pulling the panty up. Then she turned around at herself in the mirror. She looked sexy and fuckable. Her legs looked amazing with her fit stomach.

Here side boobs were visible, and the bush was slightly visible through her tiny triangle panties. It stuck to her so sexily, but the crack was visible through it. She then chose a top and a tiny pair of jean shorts from her bag. Jeans covered her panties, but the panty knots were visible from the sides.

The top was small enough to look at her cleavage and see-through enough to look at her leopard print bikini bras. She wore red flip-flops along with the outfit and took a selfie with the wardrobe mirror’s help. She was ready for the first item in the day’s itinerary.

Her husband was ready when she was ready. They went to have a quick breakfast and checked out the local markets. By late in the morning, they entered a massage parlor. Both were ready for a sensual massage. They were whisked off into different rooms where they changed into just the towels.

Shristi removed her top and shorts first and checked out how her bikini looks like in the mirror again. Further, she removed her bikini and covered herself in a white towel present in the changing room. It bearly covered her pussy, and cleavage was visible through the towel.

She had asked for a guy to massage her and her husband, a girl. She was guided towards the massage room and asked to wait for a couple of minutes. After five minutes, the masseuse entered the room. He was a good looking young guy in his thirties. He introduced himself and what he was good at.

Shristi felt horny about him and gave him some instructions with a smile and wink. You will come to know what her instructions were later. He told her to lie down on her stomach on the table, and he would come back in a jiffy. She dropped her towel no the floor, naked without any clothes.

She slept on her stomach and then pulled the white sheet to her shoulders. She folded her arms to use it as her pillow and lay on her head on it. She had to do this because of her breasts. The masseuse came with his oil and didn’t talk anything. This was one of her instructions-no talking.

He slowly uncovered the sheet up till her but crack, are ass was visible, and she slightly raised her head to look at what is going on. Here side boobs were bulging out. The masseuse poured some oil on his hand and started to rub her back. Then she rests her head on her folded arms, while the masseuse was massaging her back.

His hands went from the top till her lower back until it touched the cloth. He made sure that this would make cloth go lower until most of her buttocks were out in the open. She liked it. Now he walked toward the front near her head, his groin was facing her head, and she could see his hardon through the pants.

Now he massaged from the shoulder to her ass with a bit more pressure. His hand would go as low as possible, and his thumbs would slide along her asscrack. He would cup her buttcheeks and push it aside a little so that her asshole would get a little breathing space.

One of his fingers would be near the butthole, and he would give it a little push to get into her ass hole. She let out a small moan when he did this. He did this for a while until the oil in his hands evened out. Later he moved her hand a little up so that it was not blocking her side chest and armpits.

Now he went to the side and started massaging her shoulder and hand. At certain times he would move his hand through her waist and side boobs and slowly would tug her boobs out. Her breast came out little by little until her tits were visible to him.

Now his side massage increased, and he would massage and touch her tits. Her head was facing sideways, eyes closed, and a wide smile. He took it the signs welcomingly. His fingers went to her sides and pulled her boobs, he could feel her tits clearly, and it was hard. Now he wanted to try something different.

He covered her body till her shoulder with the cloth and opened up the lower half, exposing her legs and thighs. He massaged her legs first and then went up and up. Now he was massaging her left ass cheeks. He also managed to remove the cloth on one side completely.

He could see her uncovered tits while he was just playing with her ass cheeks. She remained silent while giving out small moans here and there. She had a big smile on her face. He then removed the cloth completely, and she was lying stark naked with the masseuse playing with her butt cheeks.

He was on cloud nine. He slowly held her waist and pushed it up, hinting her to turn around. While turning, she didn’t bother covering her bush but was a little hesitant about her tits. Hence, she held her tits for a while. Looking at this, he quickly took the sheets to cover her. She immediately let her hand on the side.

He covered it until her bush. Later pushed the cloth a little down until her pussy and her triangle-shaped bush was visible. Her huge breast had fallen and pointed towards the two sides. Now he came towards her head, put some oil in his hand, and touched her breasts.

He massaged it gently and pulled both of them up to air and left. The breast came down gently and wiggled, her nipples were hard and pointy. This gave him even more confidence and a certainty that she was enjoying it. But she didn’t show it in her face as she had closed her eyes and mouth was shut.

He continued massaging her breasts, forcing the breasts to go down and up, cupping it, moving it sideways, he did what all he could think of. He cupped one breast and was massaging it gently until he pinched are nipple and twisted it. She liked it, and her hands went up and touched her head.

She couldn’t control herself to stay calm. She let out a louder moan and eyelids contracted a little. Looking at this, his one hand glided on her stomach through her pussy hair and felt her labia. He was unsure whether she would agree and quickly came back to massaging her tits and playing with it.

Looking at her being happy, he again went to her pussy. Both hands started massaging her pussy. One hand was slowly tugging her pussy hair while the other was slowly moving to and fro from the upper part of the vagina. She liked it, and her entire body respondent.

She slightly lifted her legs and cloth slid down to her knees. He switched to pressing her tits with one hand and the vagina on the other. Next, he pushed her legs a little wider and started fingering her. She liked it a lot and started arching her back. He continued playing with her pussy and even pulling her bush hairs.

She couldn’t control and started moaning. Slowly, she started playing with her tits. She was twisting her nipples and even tried to lick it. With moans getting higher and higher her, pussy getting even wetter and wetter and she had an orgasm. After settling down, she opened her eyes and looked at the masseuse.

He sensed that she was satisfied, smiled, covered her back with the cloth, and slowly left. She felt great and satisfied and felt bad to leave him hard and horny. Hence, while he was leaving, she got up. The towel fell to her lap, uncovering her shining tits. He turned around and asked, “Any problem, ma’am?”

She called him to come near her using her index finger. He came near her, she held his cock through his pants. He said, “I am sorry.”  She was, “No worries and here’s your tip,” she pulled his pants down and stroked his hard cock, he came in 5 minutes all over her hands, stomach, and breasts.

She pulled his cock towards her and gave a peck to the penis’s head and told him to go. She laid down, then rubbed his cum over her breasts to give a show to the masseuse. She closed her eyes to rest for a while from her recent orgasm. Meanwhile, the masseuse looked at her tits once again and left the room to rest from the recent session.

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