Exploring Classic Lesbian Love With A Stranger On A Train

Exploring Classic Lesbian Love With A Stranger On A Train

If you haven’t read the first two parts, check out how the train journey of classic lesbian love began. Let the lust drip.

The feeling was surreal. Barely a few hours ago, I was wondering how amazing sex would feel and how much I missed it. And a few hours later, here I was, exploring one of my sexual fantasies. Exploring the world of lesbian emotions, with a woman about whom I knew nothing.

All of these I felt while I kept staring at her, breathing heavily, with a child-like twinkle in my eye

Me: What if I wanted to call out your name while I moaned?

Her: (laughing) Kriti.

It was now that I started noticing how beautiful she looked. Her smile was from another world I felt.

Me: Meghana.

Kriti: Never have I ever done this, Meghna. I came searching for my seat, and there you were, eyes closed, barely covered, pleasuring the fuck out of yourself. I could see how badly you needed it.

Kriti: I did not want to disturb. I, in fact, got so turned on looking at you that I sat right opposite diagonally and watched all of you through the small gap the curtains offered.

Kriti: The very sight of your naked body set my hormones on fire. I decided at that moment. Fuck everything else. I am going to fuck you tonight.

Meghana: Hahaha! I don’t know what to say. I can’t even believe if this is real.

Kriti: It is, and also the fact that I am still horny as fuck and dying to eat every inch of you up. Your skin, your breath, the warmth, god. I can’t describe it. I am sorry if I am going overboard with this. But I just thought I should tell you what you’ve done to me.

Meghana: Sorry? For this? What should I be saying then – for thinking about taking you away with me and making love to you forever?

Saying this, I moved on to her side of the berth, grabbing her face and pouncing on her lips. It was magical. The kiss was so passionate and warm that we never felt we were strangers.

I climbed on top of her and sat on her lap, still kissing, with our eyes closed, salivating, our breasts crushing each other. We could feel each other’s warm breath in a rather cold ac coach. We did not want to stop. We could not stop.

We ground each other’s pussy’s through our clothes and could feel the wetness of it. I let out a small moan, with all the passion inside. It was that orgasmic. She let go of my lips and gulped my right breast with her mouth, pulling me closer to her with her left hand.

Her right hand paid attention to my left breast. All the sexual energy that I hadn’t felt for so long surfaced that day, that moment. I was giving in. The world outside the closed curtains didn’t matter anymore

She ate my breast to her heart’s content. The shirt was all wet with her saliva. She paused for a second. She got both her hands on my shirt and, in one swift motion, tore them open. She started eating the other breast now, galloping every inch of my mountain as an anaconda would slowly swallow its prey

I pushed her head to my chest as much as I could. The pleasure that pain could induce is unexplainable. It can’t be explained. It needs to be felt. She slightly lowered my trouser to feel my bare skin, to feel my ass.

She pressed them, pulled them apart, and tore them as if they were meant to be treated that way.  I was losing any control that I had on myself. I was drooling, and so was my vagina. I had to do something about it. I freed myself from her mouth’s grasp.

Me: I can’t take it anymore. Just fuck me, Kriti, I can’t wait to feel your fingers in mine. I want to get crushed under you. Fuck me now.

Listening to this, she just laid me on the berth, kept my shirt open. Slowly removed my trouser and threw it on the top berth. There I was with my shirt open and a completely drenched pink panty, a waist chain, and an anklet, watching her undress.

She was on her knees. She slowly pulled her saree pallu away. The very sight could have given me an orgasm. But I controlled as she slowly unhooked her blouse that could barely cover her breasts.

Hotness dripped from every inch of her body as she completely took off her saree and stood there, ready to be consumed in a black lacy bra and a see-through black panty.

Me: All yours. Now. Please…

She pounced on me as we broke into a passionate kiss yet again. Our bodies were on fire, our panties completely soaked. We were breathing so heavily that it could have woken people up from their sleep, but we didn’t care.

She kept grinding her pussy on mine while we endlessly kept kissing each other, feeling each other’s bodies. It was unstoppable. She licked my neck and bit my earlobes while I inserted my hands through her panty, feeling her round ass.

Oh god, I can’t explain how amazing it felt. I kept pressing her ass, kneading them, while she started eating my breasts one at a time. Our pussies were on fire, and we would have had an earth-shattering orgasm if we continued this even for a second more.

I dug my nails into her ass, indicating her to stop. I was breathing heavily. She looked straight into my eyes with so much passion that I reached out to kiss her. I swallowed the kiss down, still breathing heavily

Me: And when will I get to eat you?

She gave me a look and, in a second, pushed her marvelous breasts into my mouth, aahh. I was lost in another world. It tasted divine. I kept sucking on them like a hungry child. I was still laying down with her on her fours. Her breasts hanging right above my face as I suck it.

I could see her expressions change slowly to that of lust to immense pleasure. I circled my tongue around her nipples. She couldn’t control the excitement and started letting out soft moans.

Kriti: Yes, fuck, don’t stop. (she spoke softly)

It was her pleasure point, and nothing in the world comes close to the feeling of being pleasured where you feel the most of it. I pulled both her breasts together to my mouth and put both her nipples near each other and started licking it in circles

“Ahh,” she moaned and pushed my head towards her. I kept doing it. I could see tears of pleasure dropping through her eyes. I bit them now. She screamed in pleasure and collapsed on me near my ear and said

Her: Fuck you, bitch! (her voice trembling)

Me: That’s all I want you to do…

She now completely collapsed on me. We embraced each other tightly, biting each other on whichever skin was close by. We just couldn’t let our lips go off each other. I pulled her panty down and inserted my finger inside her vagina from behind.

The warmth and wetness just made my finger slide into her like it would on butter. She let out a gentle moan. She was still lying on top of me, with her face buried near my earlobes. I could hear her moans, I could feel her breathe. It was driving me nuts. I increased my speed and also the number of fingers.

I loved the way she had completely spread her legs and was lying on top of me. I wanted the moment to last forever. I did not want her to move. And finger fucking her to orgasm was the only way I wanted it to happen. I took some wetness off her vagina with my other hand and inserted it in her ass.

She shuddered. I could hear her say, “Fuck, yes,” in a deep trembling voice. She had now started shivering. I increased my pace, and with each push, she widened her legs, increased her moans, and vigorously started biting my neck. Ah, fuck, the pain was so pleasurable.

We both started breathing heavily, and I kept fucking both her holes. She started trembling I could feel her vagina tighten around my hand. I knew she was about to have an orgasm. I put in all the strength that I had. All I could hear her whisper now was, “Faster, yes.”

She screamed in pleasure as she shuddered to an orgasm. Her body kept shivering for a good one minute. She didn’t move an inch here or there. She was all mine for those minutes. We were breathing in sync now. Both our breasts went up and down together.

I let her be. I let the moment get etched in our memories. I pulled the bedsheet over us. We made a small world for ourselves under the bed cover. We were dead with pleasure, yet felt all alive.

To be continued.

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