Friend’s hot wife sexually enjoyed while friend was near – Hot story

Friend’s hot wife sexually enjoyed while friend was near – Hot story

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I kept feeling up my friend’s wife Anna’s ass crack and kept lubricating her asshole with the cum from her wet pussy. Anna was still in the impression that it was her husband.

Anna again turned closer to my ears and whispered, “Vichu, please stop!” But this time, she felt my beard on her soft cheeks and she was motionless for a second and pushed herself away from me!!!

When I looked at her, she was about to scream my name with a popping eye. I was so scared and in a reflex, I cupped her mouth when she started shouting my name. My friend Vishal couldn’t hear her because it was like a silenced humming.

I pulled my friend’s wife towards me, crushing her boobs on my chest and whispered in her ear, “I heard you wanted to suck my dick. Why not you start with that?”

Anna was shocked and looked at me for a while with surprise and was motionless for a few moments. When I understood she was calm, I slowly retrieved my hand which was cupping her mouth and instead, I started pinching her rosy lips which were partially wet from the silenced screaming.

My friend’s wife started enjoying it by gently closing her eyes. I dragged myself close to her and started kissing her cheeks and gradually, I licked down to her neck. She started moaning and started rubbing her hands over me. I was burning up hot and wanted to grab and eat her. I kept licking her neck and her jaw and finally, bit her lip which made her shiver.

Anna grabbed my hair and started kissing me very passionately and was sucking on my tongue. My friend’s wife was getting wilder step by step. This made me more confident. My dick was rock hard.

I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. She immediately started rubbing my crotch vigorously. She then pulled my shorts down and started stroking my dick by totally wetting up my dick with precum.

Anna was sugar-coating my dick. Then, without a notice, she broke our lovely kiss rudely and looked straight into my eyes with lust. Then she descended to my dick without breaking the eye-contact.

My friend’s horny wife went deep down my crotch and started licking my balls like a slut, and came up licking my scrotum to the tip of my dick.

I was so surprised to see the slut in Anna. I never thought my friend’s wife would be this slutty. In public, she was always a homely god-fearing girl for me, but not anymore.

At this time, my friend Vishal was still in the toilet stroking his dick without anticipating the fun beside the wall!

Anna was not even bothered if her husband was around. She kept sucking my cock like a bitch and made sure I was enjoying it. It continue for a few minutes and then I held her straight long silky hair and pushed her face to my crotch. She took it all in till her throat without choking which surprised me.

My dick was soon drenched in Anna’s saliva and my precum was dripping down the corner of her lips.

I pulled the blanket off her and grabbed her ass and kept spanking her ass like a token of appreciation for her hardcore blowjob! I kept slapping her ass very hard that her brown ass turned red.

The yellow pantie was a visual glaze for Anna’s ass in the moonlight from the window, which in turn made me hornier. So I pulled her panties down and started fingering her deep. The deeper my fingers went, the deeper my cock went into her throat.

I was holding back myself from cumming because of my friend’s wife’s deep-throat tease and it was too good to stop now. I wanted to make my next move before my friend got back from the bathroom.

So I grabbed Anna’s thighs and pulled her legs towards me and made her sit on my face. Now, Anna was on top of me in the 69 position.

Without wasting a second, my tongue was plunging deep into my friend’s wife’s pussy which was tight and fresh. I guess my friend was not fucking her a lot which explained her sluttiness and horny side.

Anna was deeply involved and was busy sucking my dick. Her tongue was running over the veins of my cock which was also ticking me to burst into flames.

While licking Anna’s pussy, I couldn’t resist feeling up her asshole. So I slid my finger in her tight asshole which instantly made her stop sucking my dick. She took a deep breath by unplugging her mouth which was on my dick for a couple of minutes straight.

She then said, “Your best friend has never gone there, I think you should be the first.” Those words blew my brains and without thinking, I screamed, “Fuck, Anna I am going to cum” to which she suddenly pushed herself down and plugged my dick deep in her mouth.

I shot the hot cum deep in her throat which I could feel because her mouth was full and it was oozing down my dick and her mouth to my crotch. She swallowed the most it and licked the remaining from my dick.

Meanwhile, hearing me scream, Vishal rushed and came out of the bathroom. He couldn’t believe his eyes seeing his wife lift her head between his friend’s legs with cum-dripping down her lips onto my ass. She looked at Vishal with an expressionless face.

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