Fucked friend’s cousin Pavani in storeroom – Indian sex story

Fucked friend’s cousin Pavani in storeroom – Indian sex story

Hello everyone, my name is Leoamico (pen name for writing stories). Let me first introduce myself. I am a south Indian guy, aged 21, fair and height is 5’4. I have completed college studies a year ago.

I have been reading ISS stories for the past 3 years and I never got a chance to write a story but this time it happened. This is my first story and hope you people like it.

Now, let me introduce my characters. There is my friend Raghav and his cousin Pavani. Raghav and I are friends for a year now, and we are taking data training at some institute and living in a nearby hostel in the same city. We become good batch friends in a short period of time and share almost everything. In this story, you will read, how we even share more.

Coming to the story – this happened a few months ago when I went to Raghav’s family function at his village. We had gone a few days before the function. There I met Pavani, who is the cousin of Raghav. He introduced me to her and she lives next door to Raghav’s house.

Pavani was an energetic girl and good looking and can turn a conversation to her side, as she was that much talkative.

She was fair, 22 years old, and of 5’3 height. Her stats were 34-30-34, a perfect curvy woman with a lot of experience and knowledge of all things. We three regularly teamed up and watched movies in her house, went for outings, and had fun there.

Raghav and Pavani have a special connection. Raghav made naughty and flirty things with Pavani in front of my eyes as they were close to each other and knew each other very well. As we three are of the same age group, we all got along very well and mostly kept to ourselves.

Thereafter, sometimes I got the company of Pavani as Raghav was busy with the family function and he had to help in making all the arrangements which were later that day.

Meanwhile my friend’s cousin Pavani and I were getting close and knowing about each other. Somehow I got attracted to her and started staring at her tits closely whenever possible. One of the afternoons, she noticed this and asked me about my intentions.

I told her everything openly about my intentions to make out with her and have some fun. I was surprised when Pavani showed no hesitation to do this stuff with me. I later learned that she had enjoyed a lot and had lost her virginity.

She said she had no problems in participating in such things but was hesitant to do on this occasion and moment as her relatives were around and may find out what was going on.

I had no patience to listen to her excuses and wanted to fuck my friend’s cousin at any cost as she had given me the green signal! I asked about her house storeroom which was locked in the back yard and convinced her that it was a safe place to meet and have fun.

After some persuasion, she agreed and we went into the storeroom. It had some old dusty stuff and was dark, though there was some sunlight coming from the ventilator window even after locking the doors. It was going to be evening so she wanted it to be a quick session.

I went near and had my face very close to her face. We were breathing heavily. I placed both my hands on her waist and pulled her closer to me. Then we started kissing each other. We knew that we both were setting our souls free and that was what we are looking for.

While kissing madly, all our senses were on our lips and we were smooching and exchanging our saliva. We began breathing heavily. My hands were feeling like they set free from me and I was squeezing her boobs from her dress top.

I could sense my friend’s cousin’s boobs wanting to get free and pushing towards the palms of my hands. The heat from our bodies was increasing and it seemed that our bodies wanted us to get rid of our clothes.

Then we undressed. She was in her bra and panty and I got fully naked. My dick raised its head and reached its maximum size and was itching to enter into her love hole.

We settled on the floor as I spread Pavani’s feet and began sniffing her pussy above the panty. I could already feel it was wet by my touch. The aroma and body fragrance were making me crazy. She moved her panty-strap to the side to made an entry for me.

There was hair on her pussy and she said that she had shaved a week ago. She told me that she was not expecting any fuck session as all were busy in the function.

I wanted to start the game, but in my mind, I wanted to eat her before I fucked her pussy until she was exhausted. I started teasing her with little bites and sucking her pussy lips. I was tonguing and finger fucking my buddy’s cousin’s pussy until she some of her juices oozed out.

Then I removed her panty and I was on her top of her. I placed my dick at her pussy entrance and began rubbing it continually. She lost control and directed my dick into her love hole. I entered in smoothly as she was well lubricated because of my fingers fucking her.

I began fucking Pavani with impact strokes at the start in the missionary position. While fucking, I was squeezing her boobs which were still in her bra. I then set her boobs free from the bra and started sucking them.

I was passionately fucking her continuously with inward and outward strokes. As her moans were getting heavier, I increased the speed of fucking. Then I sensed that I was about to cum. I wanted it to be a cum-facial on my friend’s cousin. But I could not control and shot my cum on her pussy hair itself.

After this, we both dressed up and went out of the room quietly so that no one would catch us. At night she revealed everything that we did in the storeroom that afternoon, to my friend Raghav! I was observing Raghav’s face with some shyness as she was narrating our fuck session to him to see his reaction.

I came to know that I was not the only one who fucked her before. Raghav and Pavani were not in a relationship. But Raghav and his cousin were having sex and satisfying their lust for each other. She was my friend’s bitch and went to him regularly to satisfy her pussy and get fucked.

I and Pavani had another fuck session after the function the next day in Raghav’s farming field which was arranged by Raghav.

I hope you guys like my story. Please give me a minute and mail your valuable feedback to my mail [email protected]

Ladies, who are interested to chat, give me a chance without any hesitation. I will make our connection very interesting and fruitful.

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