Fucked innocent looking but lusty Indian girl in Paris – Sex story

Fucked innocent looking but lusty Indian girl in Paris – Sex story

It was the month of December when this happened. I went on a tour to Europe with my parents. I was 24 years old, and I’m 6’2″. New year per mom ki chudai 2022

On the day of the tour, we reached the Chennai airport in the morning at 4.30, and I was waiting for the other families who would join us on this tour arranged through a travel agency. I was hoping that at least one pretty, young girl will join us.

Time went by all and all who had arrived were middle-aged people and kids. Then, there entered a family, parents and their daughter.

I later learned that Jessie (daughter) was a 19-year-old girl, 5’9 height, and having a fair complexion. She was wearing tight blue denims and a white medium length top. But she didn’t look like a girl who I can seduce and have fun with.

She was looking at the ground most of the time and was always staying by her parents’ side. I was relieved finally though, that there was a girl on this tour, and she was tall and curvy. But I wasn’t sure how I was going to get her.

We boarded the flight and we changed two flights to reach Paris. During the travel time, there were 2-3 instances where she and I locked eyes. College ka pehla din pehli chudai – Hot desi kahani

On our last flight transfer to Paris, the seat she got was next to me and her parents were sitting some distance away. My parents were sitting in the front row.

I was so excited, the flight travel was for 6 hours. I wanted to speak to her somehow, but she never even turned to my side and I didn’t know what to say.

All of a sudden, I heard a voice, “Hi! I am Jessie,” I couldn’t believe that it was her! I said, “Hi! I am Hrithik.” We shook hands.

Wow, her hands were so soft and her long fingers were like a candy stick. She didn’t speak much, but later in the flight, she asked me to help her with her movie screen and other stuff.

After a really long journey, we landed in the city of love, Paris!! Since it was December, it was snowing. Everyone started to get their hoodies and jackets out. As Jessie tried to open her suitcase bending down, her deep neckline revealed her two plump melons. I just wished I could grab them.

We went for dinner and reached the hotels and checked in. There were only two bedrooms available, so my parents stayed in one room and I stayed in a separate room.

Later that night, I stepped out for a walk. In the hotel lobby was Jessie. I saw her and she smiled. She was asking for the Wi-Fi password at the reception.

As I crossed her, she asked me where I was going. I told her that I was taking a stroll. She asked me, “Can I join you for the walk?” I was so excited and there was a spark in her eyes when she asked it.

We went for a brief walk where we spoke about basic things about us. Since it was too cold, all of a sudden she held my arm, saying, “It’s too cold. I wanted to feel a little warm, hope you don’t mind.”

As she was holding my arm, here boob was crushing my arm and that sent a rush through my body. She knew about that, but she didn’t move away.

I asked her what she was doing at the reception? She said that she was getting the password to access internet. “What are you going to do with internet access now?” I asked.

“I thought of watching something hot in this cold to keep myself warm,” she said and giggled.

I turned towards her and she hid her face in my arm, saying, “I was just kidding.”

The girl who had seemed innocent at the start of the day, now didn’t seem that innocent anymore. Maybe it was because of the cold weather and the city’s vibes, which was bringing out her other side.

We came to our hotel, and finally she let go of my arm. “Which room are you staying at?” she enquired. I told her my room number, and she was like, “Oh that’s just a few rooms away from mine. Maybe I will pay you a visit to your room”, she winked!!

Ahhhh, that wink was enough to set my mood soaring, “I will be looking forward for your company since am alone. It will be nice to have some company,” I replied.

We got into the lift. There was a big sexual tension between us during the short travel time in the lift. She took off her jacket revealing that she was a wearing a very thin white shirt inside. Her nipples were hard because of the cold, so I was able to see them through her shirt as she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Now, I understand why you felt so cold when we were out walking,” I said looking at her nipples and her face.

She held her jacket up to her breast and hid them and said, “Shut up.” We reached our floor and went to our respective rooms.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock at my door. I was confused about whom it would be at this time. I opened the door. To my shock, Jessie was standing there wearing a robe! I wondered what was inside the robe.

“Would you like company?” she asked.

I said, “Sure, please come in.” I made the bed and asked her to sit down, but she went and sat on the single couch with her legs crossed.

I was able to see her long, white legs and a little bit of her thick thighs. I guessed she wasn’t wearing anything inside. I was wearing a track and a Tee. I was about to wear more clothes because my room heater wasn’t working.

“Is this what you wear at night?” she asked.

“I don’t wear anything in my room. But the heater is broken here, so I am trying to keep myself warm by wearing clothes.”

She suddenly stood up and started walking towards me. As she came close she asked, “Do you want to feel warm?”

I felt a little nervous as it was the first time I was with a pretty girl in a room alone.

“Yess!!” I said. She put her hand inside my tee and placed it on my chest and rubbed them. I started to get a little hard down there. She noticed it too.

“Hard enough? I mean hot enough?” she asked in a naughty tone and laughed.

I didn’t say anything or move. She suddenly moved away saying, “Maybe, I am not hot enough for you.”

I don’t know what got into me, but I stopped her by grabbing her hands, and pulled her back towards me. She bumped into me, as her boobs hit against my chest. I said “You’re way hotter than you think.”

I took off my shirt. I opened her robe. She was wearing a black transparent baby doll dress, and a panty. Her boobs were a little visible, and they looked so juicy. I took off her robe entirely.

My eyes wandered all over her body. She was a beautiful piece of work. All the fat and curves at the right places, her feet with a freshly painted red-nail polish looked so sexy. Maybe until then, I never knew feet could turn me on.

As I moved up, her thick thighs, damn those thighs with those muscles and curves made me drool. That fat ass which I could sleep on, was so inviting. I spanked it, “Awww,” she whispered.

That sexy curvy waist and a deep navel which I would like to fuck! And then there were those two best things in the world – her perfect round boob. Her sharply pointed nipples, the long neck which I would kiss all over, and the face which looked so innocent like a baby, unlike her body which made it look way hotter.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. She placed her hands on my shoulder and chest. I leaned in closer to her face, her warm breath touched my face.

I kissed first one cheek, and then the other cheek, and went down towards her neck. As I breathed down her neck, she trembled a bit. I kissed her neck and she hugged me tightly.

I kissed her neck all over, there were a few wet kisses. She held me tightly. I took her face in my hands and kissed her on the lips, it was so soft and so juicy. She kissed me back harder and slipped in her tongue, I didn’t expect that. I sucked her tongue and saliva, it tasted so good.

I got a full boner and since she was hugging me, she felt my boner on her body. So, she slid her hands from my shoulder to my boner and grabbed it above my pants. I was taken aback, first time a girl and that too a sexy chick is grabbing my dick. As she grabbed it, I grabbed her boob – it was heavenly, it was so soft and big.

I wanted to play with it, so I took off her baby-doll dress and stripped her down to her panties. I saw those two boobies popped out as her dress fell. I grabbed them both with my hands and squeezed them. She moaned which turned me on more, so I started sucking one of her boobs and squeezed the other one!!

I sucked her hard nipples and bit them. She held my head tightly. I played with her tits using my tongue, and I went to the next boob and sucked it hard. I kissed all over her boobs and her neck and kissed her lips again for a really long time and broke off the kiss coz we needed to breathe.

After taking breaths, she suddenly dropped on her knees. I was excited and nervous. That was the moment I wished for so long. She looked up at my eyes, and she pulled down my pants.

My dick fell out hitting her face, yet she was looking into my eyes. She took my dick in her hand and stroked it softly. Slowly, she was increasing the speed. I was feeling high, when with her other hand she grabbed my balls and rubbed them gently.

Before I could think, she kissed the tip of my dick. That sent an electric shock through my body. Slowly, her red-hot lips parted, and she took my dick inside her mouth. I couldn’t believe this is happening!

She sucked the tip. I placed my hand on her head and pushed my dick into her mouth and she took it in. She sucked harder and faster. I couldn’t handle myself, she sucked for 10 long minutes. It didn’t seem like her first time, but before she told me that she had no boyfriend, I was about to cum.

I took my dick out and cummed all over her face, she took it on her boobs too. I was overwhelmed by her blowjob. She looked into my eyes and asked, “Was I good, babe?”

“It was heavenly, you were so good darling,” I said. I made her stand and pushed her onto the bed. It was my turn to give her back.


This is the first part. If you like this story and want to know what happened next, please let me know in the comments. This is my first time that I am writing a story.

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