Girl gave me first sex experience and disappeared! – Sex story

Girl gave me first sex experience and disappeared! – Sex story

Hello guys, Harry here, This is the first time that I am writing here. I have been a reader on XIS for quite some time now and finally attempting to share one of the few wonderful experiences I had. I hope you enjoy it and do give me your feedback.

So I am Harry, living in Mumbai with a nerdy look and a dark complexion, not too dark though. I have a toned body with a wild imagination and with a normal-sized dick which I think so.

I won’t bore you much with more details and will get right to the story. This is the story of my first time and how I was hot for a stranger and fucked her.

I was 18 years old at that time when this incident happened. I have been always interested in girls but with my shy nature and hesitation, not to mention most of the time, I used to hang out only with my friends.

I didn’t know how to flirt or talk to girls unless I knew them, and most of the guys in my group were either engaged in a romantic or sexual relationship. I tried those double dates where there would be my friend and his girlfriend and her friend but it never worked out.

This incident took place in December when most of the guys used an excuse of the cold weather to get under the sheets with their girlfriends and it surely worked well.

It was the last day of our college, so I and my friends decided to celebrate with booze at the nearby campus. We had found a place where not many people used to come. It was a small garden at the end of the road from my college.

It seemed like no one knew about the place and so we made it our secret place where we used to party every once in a while. So everyone gathered, some with their stash of booze and cigs and some brought pints and wafers and munchies.

The party was escalating slowly and everyone was enjoying and dancing with music, sipping booze, and smoking, the drinks weren’t heavy stuff just some beers.

After some time, we started playing the old traditional, “Never have I Ever,” fun game. Everyone was asking questions and some questions were shitty as fuck. Finally, the question popped, “Who is still a virgin, and not even had foreplay or a kiss?”

My heart sank, I saw that one by one, every one of them was taking a sip. I wasn’t surprised because those who were couples would have done it. But, to my surprise, one of my friends among them who was single, even he took a sip from his cup.

That left me and some single girls who had preferred to stay single to face the glaring stares. I was getting those pitiful stares from them which I didn’t like. I asked my single friend, “When Akki?” (It’s his nickname).

He said, “It was just once at her place. She called me I didn’t even know we were going to do it, it just happened.”

Everyone was talking about their past now and their experiences and the game ended.

That was when all of a sudden my friends got spooked on seeing someone’s silhouette/shadow coming towards us. On seeing more closely, we noticed that there were five shadows. The only thoughts coming to our mind were that “We are busted.”

When they almost reached our campfire, we sighed in relief. The group consisted of two guys and three girls who were roaming after their party that they had in a club.

One of them was a couple and the rest of them were singles meaning one guy and two girls were single in their group. Soon they mingled with our group and both guys from that group and two from ours went to buy more booze.

We all introduced ourselves to each other and resumed our party. I should tell you that the two girls from their group were so hot and good looking, that I couldn’t utter a word except for the intro.

One of the girls had worn a nice jumpsuit. She looked amazing with big boobs and a slim figured body. The other had worn tight jeans and crop top just like a model. It was a sight to see them and even the committed boys started looking at them and got caught by their GF’s.

Soon they started to leave and then not many were left to party – just me, my friend and those two girls, and 2 couples were left. The couples went and sat at a distance in the park where there was darkness. We understood that the couples want some private time.

Everyone was drunk and high in spirits now. Soon we too called it a night.

I, a friend and two girls were walking side by side, talking, brushing hands, and keeping hands on shoulders. We were taking all the gibberish talk after the drinks that you must be familiar with.

I was talking freely (it was the spirit talking really) as much as I can recall. In fact, for once, I was flirting as well. The couples were at the back and without our knowledge, they left for their place.

When we turned around to see them, they were nowhere to be seen. We called out and but there was no reply. Obviously, they had left.

The girls started cursing their friend since she was supposed to accompany them home. My friend and I told them to relax. I told them that my friend stayed nearby and we could all drop in at his place. They were hesitant at first but later agreed as they had no other choice. Soon we reached my friend’s place.

I wanted to crash as soon as possible on the bed, but my friend insisted that I have a shower first and then go to sleep. So we all showered. My friend had a 2 BHK flat, where one was his room and the other was his roommate’s which he had left as soon as the exams got over.

After a shower, we changed into shorts which belonged to my friend. We then drank some coffee and were off to bed. The girls took one room and we took the other. But thanks to the shower and the coffee, I wasn’t feeling sleepy now.

I went to the living room and watched TV at a low volume. I was still a bit dazed since I had drunk too much at our party and was feeling the cold breeze coming from the balcony. I was watching this movie and there was a hot scene going on.

It started making me horny. I was all hot and started rubbing my dick over the shorts and I was getting hard that’s when all of a sudden, I heard someone’s footsteps. I stopped my act and sat straight. The jumpsuit girl entered the living room and asked, “Hey not sleepy?”

“Yeah, I guess I made my coffee a little too strong, ” I said and chuckled. I continued, “What about you? Aren’t you sleepy?”

She said, “Same here” and smiled. I forgot that the sex scene was still on. We looked at each other awkwardly and I changed the channel.

For a moment there was pin-drop silence. And then she broke the awkward situation by asking, “Is there any food? I’m feeling hungry.”

I said, “Yeah, me too, let’s check in the kitchen,” and we went and explored the kitchen.

We found some Maggie noodles.

I said, “That’ll do,” and smiled at her, she smiled back. I could tell she was still tipsy from our beer party and even after the coffee, it seemed she had drunk too much. I asked her if she was okay. She said, “Yeah.”

I was moving towards her and she got nervous. I kept going towards her when her buttocks hit the platform and she stopped. I was near her and raised my hands to grab the utensil to make Maggie. It was a tense moment.

Outside it was freezing cold, but I was already hot looking at her and the earlier act. She was breathing heavily too. I could see her melons go up and down as she breathed. It wasn’t intentional and I could hear her gulp down her saliva.

I lost track of time and I was staring at her lips. We looked in each other’s eyes and all of a sudden, we kissed. I didn’t know who started it, but we didn’t stop or couldn’t stop. I pushed her back while kissing and one of the glasses fell down but we didn’t stop.

We were now exploring each other’s body and made our way to the sofa. The adrenaline rush and the heat of our bodies didn’t let us stop. We kept kissing. I kissed her neck and earlobes as was shown in porn. I did everything.

She then put her hand inside my shorts. Her soft cold hands on my meat made me gasp. One after the other, the clothes were coming off and we were nude on the sofa under the blanket.

She lay on me, kissing me, and then slowly went down and engulfed my hot dick in her soft wet mouth. I was moaning so loudly and shuddering every time she went down on me. Man, that was some blowjob!

I was enjoying every bit of it, but I felt I might soon burst. She understood as well, so she stopped and sat on me. I could see her tits and they were so hard. Her big boobs looked yummy. I sat and licked them and sucked them one by one eating away. She was now all wet down and I could feel it.

Then I made her lie on her back and went down on her. This was my first pussy lick and it smelled great. She was clean and I did my best to satisfy her. Her moaning could awake our friends so she put a pillow on her face and moaned hard.

She had completely buried her face into the pillow. After some time, I got up and the look on my face changed from happy to shock. My friend and her friend were standing and looking at us and seeing what we were doing.

I was about to say something and that was when both of them gestured to me to keep quiet and continue doing. I saw them leaving with smiles and looking at each other, I was confused. The girl asked me, “What happened?” I said, “Nothing,” and we continued kissing.

Her pussy was wet and ready for the main action. So I placed my dick near her pussy and she helped me guide it into her. It was so wet and warm, we both moaned, “Aaaahhhhhh,” and I started giving slow humps.

We were in synchronized action and having a nice fuck while we kissed. She said, “This is the biggest I have taken so far and so thick too, Mmmmm, keep going lover,” I didn’t know what to say. I simply smiled and after a while, we changed positions.

She was riding me I could see her tits bouncing which made my dick harder and she was enjoying it too. I realized we were making too much noise moaning, but when I listened carefully, I noticed that those moans weren’t ours. Those were coming from inside my friend’s bedroom and the girl riding me realized that too.

She just laughed and started riding me with pleasure again. Then we went to the missionary position. I went a little fast and she came.

Then we did in doggy too. I couldn’t control and told her. She sat down and used her boobs to help me cum. I was boob fucking her and she licked my dick. Soon I blew my load all on her tits, boobs and half her face was filled with my cum.

After a while, even inside the room, it was all quiet. I was so satisfied and drained and relaxed and tired, all at the same time. She came and slept beside me kissing me and we dozed off.

The next day I was woken up in the afternoon by my friend and he asked me where did the girls go?

I said, “I don’t know.” We checked but they simply vanished without a trace, no name, no number, poof! Like magic.

I saw a note on my shirt saying, “Best Fuck ever,” giving proof that it had really happened. Until this day I sometimes go hard just thinking about it. I also go to that park thinking she might come there.


Hello guys, this is my first incident and it sure as hell was awesome. If you have any comments or feedback do let me know. If you want to connect with me then do ping me on [email protected] and I will surely catch up with you ladies.


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