Honeymoon trip with my cousin – Family sex story

Honeymoon trip with my cousin – Family sex story

Previous Part: Cousin Brother Made Me His Wife

Hi, this is the third part of the series of how my honeymoon trip with my cousin. In the last one, I told you how we were legally married and how he fucked all my three holes and labeled it as ‘inauguration’.

After that, he called me to inform me of the next plans and inquire about my period. He was on his mission to impregnate me.

Next was the Dussehra vacation in my college, and he asked me not to go home. Instead, I should come with him on our honeymoon. I said yes because I know he now has a lot to blackmail me. Also, I wanted to enjoy it romantically. I said we should go outside India on our honeymoon.

I was instructed to drink a lot of water to lose weight and keep my asshole clear. I was also asked to tell my parents that I had to work in college during the vacation. I did all this and even asked him to be fit to enjoy more.

I reached IGI airport on the said date. Since I came directly from college, I was casually dressed. He had given me 2 hours before the flight, and he would meet me at the airport. I was supposed to use those 2 hours to be his newly wedded bride.

I used the bathroom at the airport to change into a red saree, which I have purchased. It was a red saree with a silver border. I was wearing a half sleeve blouse. Beneath that, I had a shiny red bra with red panty. Since I had selected the dress, I made sure the fit was perfect.

The blouse was deep necked and was covering only half of my front. My back was mostly bare, except for a moderately thick strap. It was needed to hide my bra. I wore a saree slightly below my navel to be accessed if he desired during the flight. I covered my navel with my saree and my back with the pallu.

For the first time, I was able to wear a blouse and a petticoat beneath the saree.
I wore mangalsutra, chuda, and other jewelry. I put on sindur. I was now looking like a newly wedded bride, ready to be enjoyed. I also put mehndi.

I was only allowed to bring 2 dresses for the first 2 days. For the rest of the days, he was selecting my dress.

He was a bit late and arrived right before the flight departure. I was shocked to see that he was carrying only 1 bag. This means that he is not carrying my dress. It implied that he plans to keep me nude for most of the time. I greeted him with a light hug, but he hugged tightly and planted a kiss on my red lips.

He then handed over my passport of Mrs. Vinay Saxena. We then hurried to board the board flight. He did not have the time to stare at me and enjoy the view. As soon as the flight took off, he started kissing me in front of the air-hostess. Everybody saw that, but we were excused for being recently married.

He then kept his hand on my back while I was viewing outside the window. He was caressing my back and soon realized that there was a bra beneath the strap. He was a bit unhappy and asked me to get rid of it.

I went to the washroom. As I was closing the door, I realized that he was behind me. So I allowed him in the washroom. It was a very small one. He first asked me to stand still and open my hair. He then enjoyed my dress and kissed me on the lips. I had to rotate once so that he could enjoy the other side.

When I sensed he was ready, I handed over my clips to him and dropped my pallu. He took his time to view me completely and then kissed my navel. He played with my belly button for a while. Then I opened my blouse and handed it over to him.

He could now see my red bra. It was had very small strips, one that could not be easily noticed. At that moment, my dress looked like Kareena Kapoor from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum,’ and I looked hotter. He pressed my boobs over the bra and kissed my neck and shoulder.

I then removed my bra and handed it over to him. He asked me to raise my hand and standstill. He enjoyed the scene thoroughly. He was happy to see me in better shape. He smiled to see what he was going to enjoy for a week now. He asked me to turn around while keeping my hands up.

He caressed his hands over my bare back and kissed my back. He then cupped my boobs from the back and kisses me from the back. I then turned around and faced him. He then pressed my boobs hard. He licked them with his tongue and then sucked my nipples. He played with them for some time.

Then he asked me to dress up. He kept his bra in his pocket and handed over my blouse to me. I wore that and picked up my pallu and fixed the pin. He then sat over the pot and asked me to sit down. I knew he wanted me to play with his tool. He knew its a long flight and wanted to fuck me here also.

I sat down and took his dick out. It was a bit hard. He asked me to lick it, and I said no. He was very angry and held my hair and asked again to lick. I refused, which made him furious. I started crying. I said that it’s a long flight, and I cannot eat anything after you put that thing in my mouth.

Tears started dropping from my eyes. He finally calmed down. He said, “Sis, leave it.” I stood up. I was glad that he still knows I am his cousin. He then asked me to leave it and even consoled me. He wiped out my tears, but they would not stop.

He hugged me and asked me to stop crying, and he sat on the pot. It was a small space, so I sat on his lap while he wiped my tears. Somehow my tears made me sexier for him, and he started kissing my eyes. Slowly he moved toward my lips and started vigorous kissing.

He has not done such lip kissing before. My mouth was wide open, and he was playing with my tongue and saliva in my mouth. Crying also made my lips juicier, which he fully licked and enjoyed.

Since I was not wearing any bra now, my blouse was a bit loose. My sleeves fell slightly from the shoulder, giving him more parts to kiss. He kissed my neck thoroughly and then my shoulders and chest, till the upper part of my boobs.
His tool was still outside his pants, and so I reached it with one of my hands.

I started jerking, and it became hard. I was stroking it with my left hand while my right hand was around his neck. His left hand was around my back, balancing us, while his right hand was on my left boob. We were kissing very hard while I was caressing his dick.

Slowly I started stroking it, and he fucked my hand. He cum inside the pot. Finally, He broke the kissing, and I wiped his tool with the tissue paper. He kissed my eyes once more. They were a little red and moist. I put his tool back inside his pants.

My refusal reminded him that I was his cousin. So he gave my bra back and said, “Sis, you need not do this.” He opened the door and went back to his seat. I realized that he is now in a dilemma of enjoying his cousin or not. I adjusted my saree and blouse in the washroom.

I washed my face and wiped it with a towel. I came back to my window seat. We were then offered food by the air hostess. I was very hungry and finished it quickly. He took a few minutes more. I started staring at the cloud. Quietly, I took his hand below the seat and handed over my bra again to him.

He took it out and smiled, seeing it. He was relieved to see that his honeymoon with his cousin is still on. I then went to the washroom once again. I waited for 5-10 minutes there, looking at myself. How would I look like after marriage, because I might not get a real one?

I went back to my seat and hit my cousin with my elbow. I said I was waiting in the washroom. He said, “Take rest. The honeymoon is not going to be easy.” After a long flight, we finally landed. We went straight to the hotel. We reached the hotel via cab.

Throughout the way, he held my hand, and I rested on his shoulder. I was really feeling like a couple. We entered the room, placed our luggage, and I sat on the chair. I was exhausted. I said, “I am going to take a bath. Would you like to join?”

He said he wishes to eat icecream before bath. He asked me whether I’d like the cup one or the cone one. I laughed a bit and said, “Dear Vinay, people ask for the flavor of ice cream and not the shape.”

He said, “You can have any flavor you want.” But cup one means that he’ll eat from my cups, and cone one means that I’ll eat from his cone. I said that I understand, and I bowed my head with shyness. He asked what he should order?

I said, “Two cups and one cone, please,” keeping my head low. He placed an order on the phone. While my head was still low, he explained to me the things this honeymoon would have.

1.The curtain would never be there unless he wanted. Which meant that anybody could see us making.

2. Only he would be allowed to close/open the bathroom door. Which means he could enter anytime he wanted and enjoy me. I cannot leave until he enjoyed me completely.

3. I am not supposed to take any contraceptive, which means he was determined to impregnate me.

4. It was my duty to lure him for sex. After the honeymoon, I would be rewarded according to the number of times my holes are penetrated. Rewards were different for different holes, least for mouth and highest for ass.

5. Except for the first 2 days, I would only wear what he give me, and that too after asking permission. Which meant that he wanted to enjoy my beauty in public.

6. I was supposed to absorb whatever came out of his dick, which meant that his sperm would fill all my holes and go inside my body.

7. It was my duty to record all the sessions we had. Which means I was made in-charge of making material that would allow him to blackmail me. I think he enjoys it even after I am away from him.

8. I would obey him like a dutiful wife and listen like the way I am listening now. I think this was not planned before, but he just liked the way I was standing now.

He really liked my way of listening to his order. He instructed me well and pulled my bra outside his pocket, and threw it on the bed.

By the time he was finished explaining, icecream was there. He opened the door to get it. I placed the camera on the table, for fun was about to begin. I sat on the bed, and he brought the cups to me. He asked me to lie down and removed the pallu. He started liking my waist and applied some ice cream on that.

He ate all of it and sucked whatever was trapped in my navel. He then asked me to be nude. I did that. He was more interested in enjoying ice cream before it melts than enjoying undressing me. Again I lay there, completely nude, while he was fully dressed.

The window was open, and light morning sunshine was hitting me. He was enjoying the natural beauty. In fact, he opened the window even more, removing all curtains. He then emptied both the cup on my cups and a small amount on my pussy.

I shivered a little due to the cold sensation. He then lay directly on my pussy, and ate all of the icecreams. He liked it very well. It was a clean pussy for his honeymoon, and he enjoyed it. Some ice cream went into the hole, so he inserted his finger and kept liking it.

He kept on inserting fingers one by one and kept licking. I felt that after a while, it was more of my juice than icecream. He even used his tongue inside the hole to lick it clean. By the time he was done with my pussy, the icecream on my boobs melted. It was all over my cups and on my chest and belly.

He started from the bottom and moved upward, licking every inch of ice cream and my body. When he reached my boobs, he asked me to sit, and he played on my lap. Then like a kid, he sucked sweetness from both boobs. He made them clean so that he could now press them.

He licked all the soft portions, leaving nipples for the last. He sucked nipples very hard. They were also hard because it was cold here, and the sunshine has just made it look very beautiful. He bit both of my nipples and made me shout. But I did not stop him.

When he was done, my ice cream was melted. He lowered his pants and asked me to finish mine. He sat on the edge of the bed, such that nothing could be seen from the window. I felt bad because when he was doing me, I was right in front of the window.

I placed the melted ice cream in one of the empty cups. His dick was already hard, and with very little effort, it was rock solid. This was to be used as an ice cream stick. I kept dipping his dick in the cup and sucking icecream from there. Flavour was a bit different because of his juices.

I also applied a little on his balls and sucked them. He had also shaved, so it was no pain, no hairs. While I was in the middle of finishing my ice cream, he said that I am just licking and not taking it deep. So I dipped it deeper and inserted it deep into my mouth.

I closed my lips, and he held my head. He then started fucking my mouth, something he could not do on the plane. Soon he was stroking very hard and deep to my throat. I was barely able to breathe, but then I noticed that he was about to come.

I signaled him to fuck deeper, but he took it out of my mouth and took my icecream cup. He cummed inside the cup and mixed it with my leftover ice cream. He then asked me to finish that while he put his pants up. I was keeping my head down. He asked me to wake him up when I went to shower.

I slowly ate all icecream alone while he rested. I rested for 15 minutes after ice cream, as the shower would be more than refreshing. I went to the bathroom and set the water temperature. I also ensured that there were sufficient towels. I put the pot lid down. I placed the camera on the pot lid. Then I came out.

I was already nude. I just woke him up for a shower. I caught his hand and took him with me. He was enjoying this. I removed his clothes after we were inside the bathroom because he did not want to be seen naked through the window. He locked the bathroom door. The bathtub was full, and we entered it.

It was mildly cold water, and he asked me to sit over him. I did that. For a few minutes, he enjoyed my body, kissed all over it. Then he applied soap to my body and used the shower to clean it while touching it. His dick was erect by now.

He again applied soap to my ass and my pussy, and rubbed pussy with this thumb. He inserted one inside the hole and said that let it be completely clean. He then asked me to bend over and inserted the same finger in my ass. I screamed a bit as he inserted without warning. Keeping that in my hole, he washed my buttocks with soap.

It was my turn to clean his tool. It was already hard, and I applied soap to his balls and stick. I then cleaned them, rubbing his stick. I pushed his foreskin back and cleaned his penis with soap. All the tools were ready and cleaned. My whole body was wet, especially my pussy. My asshole was clear.

His dick was hard and erect, and now it was his choice to choose which hole to begin with. Then he too was in no mood to delay the pleasure. He asked me to lie on the other side and spread my legs. He inserted his dick in my penis. It was harder to take in, as it had been quite some time he had fucked me.

It took him 3 attempts to insert it fully. But finally, he thrust it hard, and I screamed a lot. It was inside me completely. Then he asked me to sit, and I came to his side, with dick inside me. I understand that he wants me to do the thrusting while he’ll enjoy seeing my boobs juggle.

I then began doing small up-down while he enjoyed it. I was also enjoying it with him. Slowly I creased the speed and enjoyed it to my fullest. After a few minutes, he said he wanted it hard. So Increased my speed more. I came closer to him.

My boobs were on his face, and he was licking them. He grasped one of them in his hand while I was doing ups and downs. He signaled that he was about to cum, so I increased the speed. He soon ejaculated inside me. I kept sitting there till his dick went soft.

I then applied soap to him and cleaned him. I gave him a full bath and then had mine. We then both entered out of the bathtub, where I used the towel to dry him. I dried him while I was nude, and then he wrapped a towel around his waist.

He then asked me to take a 30sec of shower again and come out of the bathroom. He went to the room in his towel, and I took a shower. I then took a towel in my hand and came out nude. Remember, I was not allowed to wear any clothes without permission.

He then used that towel to dry me while everybody could watch from the window. He then wrapped the towel around me and asked me to switch off the camera. We then both slept in the towel.

Hope you liked the first day. I’ll come back again with what happened in the night. Please post your comment to [email protected]

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