Hot married friend cheats on husband and fucks me – Desi Tales

Hot married friend cheats on husband and fucks me – Desi Tales

Hello readers, I am Dev Mehra, a 30-year-old, outspoken guy with a decent build based in Mumbai. I have been quite experimental when it comes to sex and the best sex I have had is during the times when it is an unplanned one.

So, today let me walk you through an incident of erotic unplanned sex with my married friend Anisha. To tell you a little bit about her, she is an absolute head-turner. She is extremely beautiful, 5’6 feet tall, with a perfect figure of 34-28-36. She has a fair skin tone and has an extremely sensuous voice.

My married friend never seemed like someone who would cross lines and have sex outside her marriage. Her parents were from Delhi but she lived in Mumbai with her husband who worked here in an MNC.

I met Anisha through a common friend, and since our workplaces were nearby we would carpool together whenever possible. That was how our relationship with each other got stronger, and we shared quite a lot with each other.

She was happy in her life with her marriage and career setup. Then one time, I was on a business trip to Delhi. After work, I and my colleague went to Parathe-wale Gali, to eat some parathas.

I posted a picture on Instagram, and immediately got a call from Anisha. “Dev, are you in Delhi right now?” she said.

“Yes, I am here on a business trip for about a week,” I replied.

“That’s fucking awesome. I am in Delhi as well. Let’s meet in the evening at Hauz Khas,” she mentioned, to which I agreed and met her that evening for some drinks and good food.

I reached the place early and was waiting for my married friend. Then I saw this really hot-dressed girl walking towards me. She was looking like a bomb in her silver, a short dress that enhanced her assets so well. And yes, it was Anisha.

She came and hugged me. She looked so luscious that I wanted to hold and kiss her tightly. But of course, I didn’t do any of that and we went inside this plush dance club.

We were chilling and enjoying ourselves after gulping down a few drinks. After some time, she asked me to come with her to the dance floor for a dance. She looked so hot. I would not have refused her anything that night.

I was following her onto the dance floor, and damn her ass was so inviting. I was starting to get turned on by my hot married friend’s ass swaying, although I had to control my urges since she was just a friend who was not going to indulge in infidelity.

We have known each other for a while, so she was quite comfortable dancing with me. While dancing, she kept her hands on my shoulders, while I kept mine on her back. I was trying to maintain some distance between us so that she does not feel my boner. But I failed in doing so when she turned her back towards me and danced!

Looking at her ass, and the way she was moving, I pushed myself towards her and my dick poked her ass. I immediately backed off, although she knew what happened she did not react much. After that embarrassment, I excused myself for another drink and moved away. The club was about to shut down, so we started to move out.

It was wintertime and the temperature was quite low when we stepped out. Both of us started to feel cold, so we immediately ordered an Uber and left. I told my married friend that I had a fun time with her. She did not reply back.

I asked her, “Are you okay? Is there anything that’s bothering you?”

After a brief silence, she replied, “I am feeling motion sickness in this car after all that drinking and dancing.”

I asked her if she wanted to stop the car for some time. She quickly grabbed my hand and held on to it. She said, “Let’s reach home as soon as possible, you come with me to my place.”

After reaching her place, I realized that her parents were not in town. They were visiting their friends in Punjab. Anisha went for a bath because of all the dizziness and discomfort. I was just waiting for her in the living room.

Then she came out and walked towards me. Damn, what a sight that was, she wore a tight crop top and leggings. Her boobs looked round and big. In my head, I was thinking how I would be able to control myself today. We chit-chatted for some time.

Then Anisha requested me to stay back at her place since it was already too late for me to go back to my hotel. I obliged her and took her offer so that I could check her out as long as possible.

We had to share the bed since they did not have a spare room. We settled down to sleep.

After some time, I got up to pee trying to move up slowly so that I wouldn’t wake Anisha. But, to my surprise, my sexy married friend had turned towards me and was staring at me with a mysterious smile!

When I returned, I asked her what had happened? She simply hugged me saying that she had an amazing time today. I could feel the sexual tension between us. I held her hands and interlocked her fingers with mine.

I started kissing her hands. She resented it a bit, but I kept kissing her palms and caressing them with my beard. I got closer to her and I got a feeling that she did not want me to stop.

I asked her if I could give her a peck on her cheeks. She said, “Yes,” but instead of one, I gave her 50 kisses all over her face and then went for her juicy lips. She turned around because she felt a little awkward and shy. I hugged her from behind and started to kiss her neck, and I could hear her soft moans.

My married Indian girl was hugely getting turned on. She lost her control and turned her face towards me and started kissing me passionately. We kissed for almost 15 minutes breathlessly and completely wrapped in each other’s arms. My thigh was sandwiched between her 2 thighs while she was pulling me closer by my back and I had my hand grabbing her hair.

Though we were still dressed, my 6 inches dick was getting hard and pushing against her vagina. I started to move my hands over her breast, gently pressing them, and occasionally nudging her nipples. Anisha held my hand and directed them inside her top over her breasts. I continued doing the same for a few minutes and then removed both our tops.

By then, Anisha was turned on like anything, she quickly unhooked her bra and removed her leggings. I was awestruck looking at her boobs which were perfectly round, soft, plumpy, and juicy. I immediately started kissing my married friend’s cleavage which was making her go crazy. Then, I started circling my tongue around her nipples to tease her.

She held her boob with one hand and forced it inside my mouth and I kept sucking her nipples. I whispered in her ears, “I can’t believe you are next to me naked and I am making love to you. Is all of this even true?”

After which she gave a naughty smile and bit my earlobe. “It’s not a dream baby, let’s make it a memorable one,” she said.

“I never thought in my wildest dream that you would cheat on your husband,” I said.

“This is my first time cheating, let’s say this would be my guilty pleasure, and plus we need to blame your dick poking at my ass in the club,” Anisha replied.

“Babe, buckle up, the best is yet to come,” I said and went down to remove her panties. My married friend very nicely opened her legs for me. She was ready to be licked but instead, I laid my head on her belly with my face right next to our shaved pussy.

With my hand, I started to make circles on her legs and inner thighs. She was shivering with pleasure, and I started to gently kiss around her pussy and breathing in the scent of her hot pussy. I slipped my tongue in her pussy and started to french-kiss her pussy lips. By then, my hands were also on her tits squeezing her nipples hard.

She looked at me with sweat all over her face, eyes rolled up, and said, “I am feeling shock waves down my clit, please fuck me now.”

I crawled up her body and started to gently kiss her neck. She grabbed my face and brought it on top of her lips, and kissed like there was no tomorrow. I put my arm around her and rolled on my back bringing her on top of me. She removed my pants and underwear in one go.

Then she reached down to my cock and started to stroke it vigorously. She sucked me for quite a long time while playing and tonguing my balls at the same time. It was a feeling of ecstasy.

I laid her flat on her back, pulled one of her legs and placed it on my shoulders, and thrust my cock deep in her pussy. I then pulled back until the head of the cock was inside the pussy. I kissed her leg on my shoulder and that sent shivers all over her body.

“Baby, I love your thick cock and the way you fuck me,” she said. I just smiled and continued to ramp up my speed of intercourse.

An orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, and she screamed so loud that I was sure her neighbors would have heard us. She wanted me to be close to her when she cums. So, she moved her leg off my shoulder and pulled my face down to hers. I grabbed her face and started kissing her while I was thrusting her married pussy. What an incredible feeling it was!

I was crazy about her ass, so I made her sit on my cock and watched her with pleasure while she was doing all the hard work.

My cock was ready to explode while watching her bounce on my dick, while her boobs were jumping up and down. I held both her ass cheeks and kept feeling them the entire time she was riding.

I was at the peak of my pleasure and started to make soft moans, which encouraged her and she started to ride faster. She wanted me to cum inside of her, and feel it in her pussy.

I got her in the missionary position again, and I started to move faster and harder than I did the whole time. She put her arms and legs around me and held me very tight.

After about 10 minutes, I was ready to cum, all my muscles got flexed, arched my back, and shot a big load of cum inside her. I just watched her as she enjoyed my warm cum inside her and felt extremely satisfied.

She whispered in my ears, “Dev, this is the best fuck I have ever had.”

I gave a kiss on my married friend’s forehead, clung to her, and slept naked the entire night. We repeated our sex sessions for the next 2-3 days.

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