Hot sex in bus to Jaipur

My friend, Rohit, used to tell me while reciting his sex exploitations, that there are two or three weak points for every woman. However distance may be your relationship with her, if you are alone with her and likely to be together for more time and when sure that there wont be any external disturbance, sex comes to her mind more intensely than to a man. She would have schemed in her mind how to take advantage of the situation sexually. I am not generalizing but most of the woman think that way. She may be married, more attached to her husband and children, but when she finds a good male sex comes to her mind prominently. The first weak point for her is her boobs. She wants as a foreplay the man should start with her boob, squeezing, pressing, massaging, twitching the nipples, licking around the nipples, sucking them softly and then hard, real hard. By this time she would have been fully aroused. Then touch her crotch, pat softly, insert the finger inside the cunt, place the hand on her entire pussy, apply pressure on the clit, pick up her clit with thumb and forefinger and just apply little pressure, she would have reached the top of readiness. Thirdly take your face towards her cunt and just breath normally and your exhalation of air in the genital area make her leak her cunt fluids.

Lick her cunt and locate her clit with your tongue tip and suck it softly and she would be on the verge of a magnificent orgasm. If you finger fuck her and rub her G spot while sucking her clit, she would have had a torrent of orgasms. At this you and she would have reached a point of no return. She will scream for a fuck, deep fuck, hard fuck and would not be satisfied very easily. This is the long and short of what he said. As a person admiring him for all his achievements in sex, I cannot disbelieve him and take his word as the last word in sex. Rohit would have 10 or more stories to narrate to establish his theories. Quite handsome, tall and well built, his glib talk would make any girl to fall for him. If her targets any girl, he knows how to make her fall for him in a short time. His success was that he knew how to get rid of a girl after finishing with her. But in most of the situations luck favoured him more than his ability. Rohit said one day he was travelling by an evening bus from Delhi to Jaipur in the early winter.

He had put on the sweaters and had a shawl to wrap around. In the bus there was a lady in his seat who was all wrapped up but still shivering with chillness. Since she was completely covered Rohit said he could not make out whether she was young, middle aged or old. He invited her with the eye signal to share his shawl by coming inside it. She moved and came close to him and with one hand he pulled his shawl around her and kept her in tight hug. Once she was inside his shawl he found out she was not old or middle aged, but a young woman in her late twenties. She too put her hands around him to share his warmth. While adjusting the shawl wrap he just touched her boob and found it to be quite hard and young. She kept her face hidden and he could not make out who she was. She was quite comfortable clinging to his body. His hands were quite warm and hence he put his hands on her navel to transmit more heat.

She pulled his hand onto her bosom and it was all the most enjoyable to keep his hands on her boobs as per her choice. She undid her knots and her blouse was open and her naked boobs were in his hand for him to massage. Her nipples he observed were erect. The lights were put off and the bus was going in a steady speed and all the passengers were in deep sleep. All of them looked like big bundles rather than human beings. He say he made her to turn to him and open her legs. Since both of them were inside his long shawl nobody can make out what is happening inside the shawl. Rohit pulled her pyjama and panty down and his hands went over her hairless pussy. With some quick thinking he just unzipped his jeans, pulled his erect cock out. Lifted her and placed her on his lap with her legs on his either side. and hugging her, when she directed his erect cock into her cunt. With some effort from both of them it went in and got embedded inside her cunt. So far there was no talk.

Their body language was sufficient to convey the message. Keeping his cock inside her tight cunt, journeying through Rajasthan was one of the most enjoyable experiences, said Rohit. The female put both of her hands around his head and put her own head on his shoulders giving him ample room to catch and massage her boobs, was making small movements of her hip to make the cock to go deeper inside her. Though they did not fuck, the jolts of the bus took care of the pleasure and he sensed that she was arriving to a great organism. Knowing this Rohit gave her some deep thrusts and with their hands getting tightened on each other they had a combined orgasm. But the woman was not willing to leave him. She continued to hold him tight and his cock which retained its erection was soaked with her fluids and his own. Rohit said they both reached orgasm thrice during the whole journey and she released him only in the early hours of the morning when they were about to reach the outskirts of Jaipur.

In the early morning he said he looked at her and found it to be a very charming young lady. And she was also charmed to see that she was enjoying with a handsome young man. They exchanged their mobile numbers and kept contact so that they can meet at Jaipur or Delhi to renew the friendship. She was a married woman working in Delhi and she went to Jaipur to meet her relatives. Rohit found the journey to be a better place to fuck during winter. Before the close of winter they traveled together on four occasions and as soon as the winter was over he changed his mobile number and lost contact with her. The fun is that they did not ask each other’s names and he did not know her name. When other better looking specimen are available why lament over the past, said Rohit. I was thrilled to hear his experiences. I used to shag on reaching home. His next episode was much more thrilling.

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