How I Enjoyed A Casual Fuck With Hot Girl From Tinder

How I Enjoyed A Casual Fuck With Hot Girl From Tinder

Hi guys, I am Rohit, 24 years from Mumbai. I’m a fit guy with 5.6 height and a muscular, athletic body and a nice curved back and ass.

About my dick? It’s the best you can lure for. 7″ hard long muscular and nice nervy one admeasuring 12cms in width. Yes, babe, you heard it right. I have got a dick head circumference of 12 cms. It’s hot and warm a steam leaking all over, always ready for a casual fuck.

I came to Mumbai in November. Since then, I was looking for something special that could get the wild and craze for sex out of me and enhance my casual sex skills and performance on bed. Luckily after 3-4 months, when I was frustrated with my professional life, I started to hunt girls on Tinder

After some days of effort, I managed to get a girl named Sakshi, who was 21 and originally from Pune. She had come for her interview in one of the companies and was staying near BKC in a hotel. She was also a recently qualified CA and so the match was perfect.

We managed to swipe each other, and from there all it started. We planned to meet for a one time date and decided to meet on 6th February at Bandra Bandstand. There when we met for the first time, we gave a casual hug and went to the beach and started to talk.

I held her hands after some time, while the sun was to set for the day. In the mood, and as per our mutual aspirations, we kissed while I was holding her waist and staring deep into her eyes.

She wore dark black eyeliner, and her lips were pink with nice shape and thickness. She was too fair and brown curly hairs with a dimple on her right cheeks. I kissed her lips for around 5 minutes. Then I grabbed her ass down and started to squeeze it hard and rough.

Since Bandra Bandstand is known for these kinds of stuff, I wasn’t scared at all. It started to get intense, and since the sun was set and down, in the dark, it started to get wild. She was holding my dick and rubbing it over my jeans.  I was starting to get into her bra.

I held her boobs and pulled them out, and twisted it in all directions. I couldn’t gauge her boobs at that time. But she was 34 in feel, and her nipple was tight and hard. I gave her some bites after getting into her shirt.  She was wearing a black shirt and unhooked some button for me to taste her skin and nipple.

I removed the same and slid the bra to taste her boobs. And yes, I was right. She said she is 34, and her nipple was like chocolate. Dark and beautiful. I rolled my fingers in her curly hairs, and on half down shirt from top, I smelled her neck.

I inhaled like some drugs and licked her wet from ears to the neck and then slid past her cleavages. Her boobs were tight in her bra. I could feel my tongue getting nicely pressed under her tight cleavages. I bit her nipple and gave her round red hickey sucking her skin and swirling my tongue while sucking.

She was on sky moaning slowly in my ears and giving her hands under my jeans and feeling my sticking cummed dick already under. She got her fingers cummed by my dick, and then she gave the same to me to suck. I took her finger and again started to stare at her eyes.

I sucked her finger and again ended up kissing her lips for the last time until we left the beach. It was 8 pm, and we decided to finish off the remaining in her hotel room.

We went to her room and ordered pizza and choco lava cake. After having the pizza, we kept the choco lava cake for some fantasy. She asked me to close my eyes and got me under the blanket. She was standing naked in front of me.

I was pleased, open mouth, eyes staring up to down, and tongue leaking some saliva like a horny dog. She was 5.4″, with 34 melons and fair skin. Her dark perky nipple was the key, and the navel was round and flat. Her pussy was hairy.

She said that she doesn’t like to clean it up. It was pinkish red with nice clits and pussy lips open for entering her holes and giving her juicy fucking dick cum shots. She turned back and shook her ass. I could see her doing it in ultra-slow motion.

I could feel her ass move up and down and asking to be slapped and hit hard.  She ran to the bathroom and asked to accompany her in bathing. She pushed me to the walls and started to get her boobs and chest warm my back. This time she went to the wild mode and beast mode.

The bitch in her body got off. She held my dick from back and started to jerk it off. I got her boobs to rub my back and banged her boobs on my back and played with her nipple all over. The shower was on. She lay on her knees and started to take my dick in her pink lips and tongue deep.

She rubbed her tongue to lick and pop up my dick. I leaked some cum immediately. She took it wholly inside and spit in back on my ass and slapped me smoothly. She gave me a warm, luxurious blowjob and jiggle well over my dick and jerked like a pro slut.

She made a strange face and bit her lips while jerking and finishing off my dick. She lay down with her waist going on the floor and sat like a bitch wanting to be fucked immediately. I rubbed my dick over her pussy and started to tease her for some time. Then before fucking her, I went below her legs.

She was lying in the doggy style. I went even below her, licked her pussy. I gave her a nice wet bite, and she pulled her pussy up and tease me too. While I was holding her clit and pussy lips by my teeth and lips, she shook her body up and down.

I was fucking her, and that sucking and licking gave her an absolute pleasure. After some time, I got my dick, jerked it as hard as I can, and got into her holes. The shower water flowing on her body from ass to her boobs, and me fucking from the back.

The sound of water intensified the moment. I was banging her as if she was a whore and slut to be used. I made some pleasant fucking sounds. I pulled her nipple and bite her back while I was fucking. My slut was laughing all the time and asking me wildly to get into more rough sex and tear her apart.

I poured some body-lotion between our intercourses. I got off to a beautiful session having a delight into her smooth pink pussy. We fucked for around 15 minutes in multiple sex positions and played all over. In the end, we had a bath together with me giving her whore body a bath as if I’m making a sculpture.

I felt her skin from top to down, and her curves felt warm on my palm. After a complete bath session, I fucked her the last time. While I was about to cum, I got off my dick from her pussy and fingered her pussy. I wanted her to leak and squirt in the shower so that I can feel her creamy pussy water flow all over.

I sat down to her mercy and rubbed and fingered hard and bite her pussy. She was squirting over my face. I kept my mouth stuck there in to feel her taste. It was a juicy cream orgasm. Her squirt tasted salty yet refreshing and boosted my testosterone.

Finally, I cummed on her ass and rubbed till it vanished. Finished off my licking her ass and completed the bath and our sexual date. Post our bath, we took the choco lava cake and swapped back tongue to tongue as a sweet end to our one-time date.

I didn’t take her number, and neither I enquired much as it was a pure sex date. I still remember the bath in which I felt her curves on my palm and her dark black eyes staring me to fuck her rough and wild.

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