How I Got A Girlfriend From The Yahoo Sex Chat Room

How I Got A Girlfriend From The Yahoo Sex Chat Room

This is the continuation of the story that happened after I met my girlfriend in the sex chat room.

We both got up after some time and cleaned ourselves. She wore my t-shirt, she was stunning with long legs. We started to have a 3rd round of drinks along with lunch. When I sipped the drink, she suddenly smooched me, and I had to spit my drink in her mouth, which she wanted.

She sat on me wearing just a t-shirt and started kissing and sipping her drink, and I was squeezing her boobs. She poured the drink on her lips, which were flowing through her throat and boobs. I moved the t-shirt up and was sucking her wet boobs as she bent back like an arch.

I was wiping my tongue under boobs, ribs, and belly. We finished our lunch and drinks pleasing to each other. By the time we had lunch, it was 4 pm. We had a chit chat for some time, and I was rubbing her naked thighs. She was in my arms, sitting against the wall.

Licking her ear lobes, my hands were running on her thighs, waist. Slowly I was rubbing her pussy, she started moving her body and heavy breathing. She turned to me and kissed my lips with all my passion. I grabbed her face, so I started sucking her tongue passionately.

We got up, and I pushed her to bed when she fell on the bed her t-shirt moved up till waist. She lifted her leg, rubbing on my chest and slowly going down on my stomach. She touched my jockey with her toe and started rubbing it. She asked me to pull off the jockey.

My naked cock was pressed with both of her feet. She started to rub in between her feet. I was in heaven, closed my eyes. I started to kiss her toes, biting her toes and feet. It was tickling her. I was biting in between her toes, and my hands were rubbing all over her long legs till inner thighs.

Sliding my tongue along the ankle till the knees. Now I grabbed her thighs, started kissing her inner thighs as she was spreading them apart. Squeezing her upper thighs, kissing and sucking her inner thighs. She started moaning and asked me to fuck her.

But I decided to tease her more and more. As she spread her thighs, I just wiped her bottom tip of the pussy near ass hole to the top tip of her pussy. I  was repeating the same as she was screaming, “Sanjay, Sanjay,” and asking me to fuck her hard.

I inserted one finger and sucking her pussy, pulling her pussy lips, biting them gently. Spreading her pussy lips with my fingers, I was licking her clits and pulling them. I grabbed her pussy in my mouth and was biting it gently. My hands started squeezing her boobs, and my tongue sucking her pussy deeper.

In fact, I was fucking her with my tongue and pulling her hard nipples with my fingers at the same time. She was jumping on the bed and begging me to fuck her. Suddenly she got up and pushed me in bed. She got hold of my cock, sucked it for a few minutes, and sat on me.

I slid my hard cock in her pussy and started moving. I was like in heaven looking into her eyes and pumping up. I started to squeeze her boobs as we both were in perfect rhythm. She started grinding her ass as I was pumping up and down.

She was moving up and down for a few minutes until she had cum. She hugged me tightly, crushing her boobs on my chest. Then I started to move up and down, fucking her from the bottom. She was moaning and shouting. I turned her down and took the missionary position.

I started fucking deeper and deeper, sucking her boobs at the same time. I had cum in her pussy started releasing my cum inside her with a loud voice and hugged her. Both our bodies were full of sweat. We hugged each other as she wanted my cock inside her for a long time.

We slept for some time. We both woke up cuddling, whispering and making ourselves ready for the next session. I was rubbing her pussy with my knee and squeezing her boobs. I have a bad habit of stretching hard nipples with my teeth, which hurt her with sweet pain.

She was rubbing my cock, making it ready to fuck her again. She was stroking and rubbing, touching the tip of my cock. She got up to have water. When she came back, I just hugged her from behind.

As its evening, we were standing at the window, enjoying the cool breeze touching our naked bodies. I grabbed her boobs from behind and started kissing around her neck. My body was rubbing her back, and my fingers were touching slightly along her spine till her ass.

I spanked her ass and moved up the fingers till her neck. She was shivering, turned around, and hugged me at the window. We both were sucking our lips and hugging tightly. It was heating up for the next steamy session. She whispered, “What else is left to please now as you’re getting ready again?”

I said, “The more I am pleasing, the more inches are coming up to challenge me.” She was laughing and kissing me passionately as we both were moving naked to the bed. I made her bend to the bed, spanked her ass, and hugged her tightly in the doggy style.

I grabbed her boobs from behind squeezing, stretching her hard nipples. She used to slap me for that gently. I started kissing every inch of her back, swiping my tongue along her spine till the butt and moving up in the same direction till the neck. She was moaning loud, calling my name and shivering.

I grabbed her hair and inserted my hard cock inside her pussy inch by inch. I got the grip, started fucking her like a mad dog as she was shouting for more. Moving more deeper, fucking with all my passion and energy, I was in heaven. I was fucking her faster and deeper.

We wanted both of us to cum at the same time. So I was waiting for the right time. I gave her a hint I was going to cum and increased my stroke faster and deeper. We both had cum at the same time, moaning and breathing heavily. We fell on the bed, caressing each other.

I said, “I am mad about every inch of you now.” We were hugging each other sideways. I moved down a little and started sucking her nipples. She said I am greedy for her nipples and pressed me to her boobs. My hands were rubbing her sweaty back.

I asked her how she could believe me and come to my place without even knowing or seeing me before this. She just smiled and said, “My intuition said you are a good guy, and the way we had chats made me offer myself to you.”

I really felt proud at that moment that I earned her trust and did my best to satisfy every inch of her.

By the time we got up, it was 7 pm. We had a shower together and then coffee. We were discussing how smoothly everything happened. It was like a dream for us as we enjoyed every moment of togetherness. We were not in a hurry, and at the same time, we were reading our minds, which made the day memorable.

This meet was really surprising to both of us till today. It was our first meet, and so much happened without knowing about each other from the first time we met in the sex chat room.

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