I Fulfilled Ranjana’s Wish To Celebrate Suhagraat With Her

I Fulfilled Ranjana’s Wish To Celebrate Suhagraat With Her

Hi friends, Your friend Rohit again. I got so many messages from you after my story. But still, I didn’t receive any single response from Ranjana, for whom I wrote that story. I hope I will get her reply very soon. Anyway, let’s go back to the story.

After that, we came back to their home. Ranjana went to the neighbor’s house to check Labu. After around 15 to 20 minutes, she came back alone. She shut the main door and turned to me. I got up from the sofa and pressed her on the closed door.

I pinned down her hands above her head and pressed my lips on her lips. She tried to stop me. But I was not ready to leave her. I was kissing and sucking her lips with full intensity. Her boobs were pressed under my muscular chest. I left her hands, and she pushed me. We both were panting for breath.

Ranjana: Rohit, first listen to me. What did I tell you in the car? Today we will celebrate our ‘suhagraat’. Don’t you remember that?
Me: Yes, I am doing that only.

Ranjana: Stop this. Give me one hour. Now it is 10 pm. You come to our bedroom at 11 pm, not before that. By that time you will take a shower and come to my room as a groom. Understand?
Me: Yes, I understand. But after 1 hour?

Ranjana: Yes, I need that time for bridal makeup. I will be ready by 11 pm as a newly wedded bride, who will be waiting for her groom.

I was speechless. She gave a soft kiss on my cheek and went to the master bedroom. I went to my room. My dick got hard just by listening to her plan. I took a bath and got ready. But still, 30 minutes were left. I was restless. I was looking at the clock every minute.

At last, it was 11 pm. I went to her room and opened the door. I saw Ranjana was sitting on the bed with her wedding dress. Red Lehenga and choli. She was smiling at me. She was looking like an angel. I don’t have any words to describe her beauty. I was standing on the door.

Ranjana: What happen? Why are you standing there?
Me: I feel that I am the luckiest person in the world.

I sat on the bed beside her. I held her one hand. She was smiling and blushing. She was looking like a bride. She was wearing a red chunni, gold necklace, and gold bangles on her both hands. She used red lipstick on her lips. Her milky white color and the red attire gave a perfect contrast.

Sexiest, gorgeous, elegant, and mesmerizing beauty, all the definitions sounded very low in comparison to her beauty. I became a statue. I didn’t understand what to do.

Finally, Ranjana broke the silence. “Hey, what happened to you? Why are you behaving like this?”
Me: You go and stand in front of the mirror, and you will come to know the reason.

I moved close to her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. She wrapped her hands around my neck. We were looking at each other. Our eyes were telling how much we love each other. We were looking at each other eyes and gave soft kisses to each other on the face.

We were behaving like a real couple. As if we have just got married. We hugged each other in that sitting position. We closed our eyes and felt each other’s presence. Ranjana was moving her hands on my back, and I was moving my hands on her back very softly.

Our touch said our love for each other. We felt so warm and good in each other’s embrace. The AC of the room was running. The cool breeze was flowing in the room, and we were feeling the hotness, which was building between us.

We separated from our embrace. She closed her eyes. I planted a soft kiss on her eyes one by one. Her lips were shivering with anticipation. I placed my lips on her lips and planted a soft kiss. Her red lipstick gave a red mark on my lips. I moved my hand on her head and opened the hair clip.

I took out her chunni and threw it to the corner. I took out all her hair clips and made her hair free. I moved my fingers in her hair and felt the silkiness of her smooth hair. She used a beautiful perfume, which made her body aroma more toxic and lethal.

I kissed her forehead and then moved to her ear. I kissed on her ear and took her left earlobes in between my lips and sucked them gently. She was trembling with pleasure and an unknown sensation. I left her earlobes and put my tongue inside her left ear and tickled.

She bit my left ear. I felt the sharpness of her teeth on my ear. I did the same with her right ear, like, kissed, sucked, and tickled. I moved down and opened her necklace and kissed her on the neck. She moved her face up to allow me to make love with her neck and shoulders.

I kissed her neck, licked there, and gave a small bite. I moved to her shoulders one by one and kissed, licked, and sucked. She held my hair tightly and whispered, “Do you want to kill me today with pleasure?” I didn’t answer but kissed her lips. She immediately held my face tightly and gave a lip-lock.

We were sucking and eating each other lips with full intensity. Her red lipstick vanished from her lips. I ate her lipstick. We didn’t want to leave each other. We forgot about the rest of the world. Almost 10 to 15 minutes, we were smooching, and finally, we parted. We both were panting.

I put my hands on her front and opened her blouse hook one by one. I was opening one hook and kissed there. Like that slowly, I opened the entire blouse hook. I took out her blouse from her body. She was shivering with chilled AC and pleasant sensation.

She hugged me tightly and kissed and bit on my cheek and ears. I wrapped my hands around her back and moved it on her bareback. Her lacy bra strap was disturbing my hand movement. I slowly moved my hands down and held her waistline. She jerked.

I opened her lehenga and took out of her body. Ranjana was now sitting in her lacy black bra and panty. Bangles were there in her hands. They made a romantic sound which every man likes to hear. I laid her on the bed. She was facing the bed. Her fair back was glowing in front of my eyes.

I was excited. I opened all my clothes and came in my underpants. I moved my hands on her back and felt the softness and smoothness of her skin. She was moaning softly. I licked every inch of her back. I opened her bra hook. Now there was no disturbance.

I moved further down and gave a small bite on her soft plumpy butt. I moved down further and took her legs one by one. I took her toes in my mouth one by one. I pushed my tongue between her toes and licked. She was jumping with ecstasy. I turned her up and came upon her.

She hugged me tightly and moved her fingers in my hair. She pushed her lips on mine. She was hungrily biting my lips. Blood came from my lips. I took her bra and threw it to the corner of the room. I took the cream bottle and spread the cream on her body.

I spread the cream on her boobs, on her belly. Ranjana felt something cold was spreading on her body. She opened her eyes and saw. She gave a naughty smile and said, “Rohit, you are a horny monster.”

Me: A horny monster like me deserves you, and you also deserve a horny monster like me.

I licked the cream from her belly. Ranjana was giggling. I ate all the cream from her belly. Then I came to her belly button. I put my tongue in her belly button and tried to lick the entire cream from there. Her panty was soaked with her juices. I knew she was on the verge of her climax.

I moved up and licked the cream from her boobs. I can’t explain how I felt at that time. I carefully didn’t touch her nipples and areola. I took some cream on my finger and spread it on her lips. I placed my lips on her and sucked the cream from her lips. She was moaning loudly.

We were eating cream from each other lips. I took some cream on the tip of my tongue and placed it just above her lips. Ranjana understood my intention. She moved up her head and sucked my lips and ate cream from my lips.

Ranjana: Rohit, please suck my nipples. Eat them.

I didn’t reply but placed my lips on her boobs. I circled my tongue over her areola very carefully so that my tongue shouldn’t touch her erect nipples. Ranjana went crazy. She held my hair tightly and forced my lips on her nipples.

Finally, I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked with full intensity. At the same time, I pushed my right hand inside her panty and pinched her clit. That was too much for Ranjana. She immediately screamed with pleasure and moved up her butt in the air. She reached her 1st orgasm.

Almost 2 to 3 minutes, she released her juices. I was waiting for that moment. I pulled out her panty and threw it. I sucked and licked her pussy juices. The cream mixed with her pussy juices and made it yummier. I pushed my tongue inside her glory hole and gave her a tongue fuck.

Ranjana was panting after her 1st orgasm. But my immediate attack on her pussy made her restless again. I was licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit. She was moaning and biting her own lips.

Ranjana: Please jaan don’t tease me anymore. Give me your dick. Fuck your jaan. I love you, baby. You are too good. Today I am celebrating my suhagraat really.

Her words made me crazy. I came upon her and placed my dick on her pussy lips. She spread her legs wide. She wrapped her hands around my back and held my hair tightly. Ranjana pulled my lips on her. Her boobs were pressed on my chest. Ranjana whispered, “Push into me Rohit, Fuck me.”

I pushed my dick with full force. It went easily in her pussy. I started pumping her glory hole with full intensity. Ranjana was feeling so good. She pushed her hip back to take my cock fully inside her cunt. Almost 10 minutes, I was fucking her at full speed.

I was kissing and licking her lips, cheeks, ears, neck, boobs everywhere. She was moaning and feeling heavenly pleasure. I changed our position. I sat on the bed and took her in my laps. Then, I was pumping her cunt from below. She wrapped her hands around my neck for support.

I held her both boobs in my hands and sucked and bit her nipples one by one while fucking her from the bottom. That was new for her. She was reaching her climax again. I stopped my movement for a moment. She scratched my back with her sharp nails and said, “Don’t stop, I will kill you.”

I laid on my back. She understood that I wanted her to ride on me. She started riding on my hard cock. Her soft fair boobs were jumping in the hair with her every move. I put my hands on her boobs. I fondled her boobs and pinched her nipples.

She was riding on my cock and finally reached her 2nd orgasm with a loud scream. My dick got a hot bath with her hot juices. She collapsed on me and panting. I was moving my hands on her back full of love. Still, my hard cock was inside her pussy.

She was kissing my chest and uttering, “I love you Rohit, I love you.” We turned and she came under me. I went for the final countdown. I was fucking her for a long time. Without wasting any more time I slowly moved my dick in and out. I took out fully and then pushed hard fully inside her cunt.

She was lying on the bed like a dead log. I slowly speed up my movement. Within 2 to 3 minutes I was in full speed with full intensity. She was moaning. She didn’t have any power to move her hands or legs. Her legs were dangling in the air with every thrust.

I was fucking her with full of love and intensity. Truly that was our suhagraat. After around 10 minutes, I was going to reach my climax. I held her tightly. I pushed my hard throbbing dick deep inside her glory hole. I released my hot thick juices, jolt after jolt.

When my thick hot juices spayed on her pussy wall she moaned loudly, but only muffled sound came. Ranjana involuntarily constricted her pussy wall and release her juices for the final time. We collapsed and panted. The whole day we were fucking, and then the time was 3 am.

We both were deadly tired. We didn’t know when we went to sleep in each other’s arms, totally nude.
The morning when I opened my eyes, I saw Ranjana was already awake. But still, she was in my arms. I kissed her lips softly. We didn’t have much time left. We both got up from the bed and went to the bathroom.

There we fucked each other once more time under the shower. Later we took a bath. Ranjana applied soap all over my body and I did the same with her. We came out and wore our dresses. Later, Ranjana brought Labu back. After that, we didn’t get any chance.

In the afternoon, Samar came. We had our lunch. I had my flight in the evening. I packed my bags. Samar went to the bathroom to take a quick bath. Labu was sleeping. Ranjana quickly came into my room.

Without wasting any time, she opened my zip and took out my dick. She gave me a nice blowjob for the last time. We hugged each other tightly. Ranjana was crying silently. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. I felt very bad. I held her face in my hands and kissed her lips passionately.

Finally, I got into the car. Samar was driving. I turned back from the car window and said bye to them. I could see her tears. Ranjana was crying silently. I came back to Kolkata.

Regularly we were making a video call and talking to each other. Sometimes I talked with Samar also and Labu also. After around one and a half months, Samar called me and told me that Ranjana again conceived. They were eagerly waiting for their second child. But I knew It was mine.

Later that day, I called Ranjana and talked with her. She told me that she wanted a baby from me, and for that reason, she didn’t take any precautions. And I was right. It was our baby.

We all three were waiting for the baby. Very soon, I am going to Delhi to meet her again. I will tell you when I will go to Delhi.


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