I Had Fun With The Hot Curvy Manager Of The Office Next Door

I Had Fun With The Hot Curvy Manager Of The Office Next Door

Hello Friends, this is yet another experience of mine. You can read my other past experiences here. A brief about me, I am a good-looking, 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country.

I was recently appointed as a consultant by a new client and had to spend the entire next month at their office. Their office was located on the top floor of the building in a business plaza. The construction of the building was such that there was an open to sky passage in the center with offices around it.

All the office people would attend their calls while walking in the central passage. I would step out for small breaks in between every 2 hours and for calls at times. After a week or so during those small breaks, I saw a hot curvy lady bending down on the railings and talking on the phone.

She was wearing a pencil skirt up to her knee and a white shirt. Her curves were highlighted due to the dress, which I feel was 36-30-38. You guessed it right, a toned hot figure. Her long hair only added to her beauty – a mature beauty with the perfect assets. She is the heroine of this experience, Priyanka.

She was working as a manager in the next-door office. Although she was 45 (which I came to know later), she looked no more than 35 due to her maintained figure. She was passionate about being fit and an example of ageless beauty, raising some cocks with her looks.

Days passed by, and I glimpsed at her at least once in the day and exchanged smiles at times. She acknowledged my presence with the smiles. Her glimpse would lighten my day and would be enough for me to rush home and masturbate in her name.

Once while returning from a late lunch, I entered the lift from the basement. On the ground floor, the lift halted, and Priyanka entered the lift. We smiled at each other. I stopped scrolling my mobile to pay attention to her.

Me: Hello!

Priyanka: Hi, how are you?

Me: I am great. Thank you. What about you?

Priyanka: I am fine too. Thank you.

Me: You are looking gorgeous.

I bit my tongue after uttering those words and was waiting for her reaction.

Priyanka: Thank you for the compliment.

We reached our floor. I gestured her to move out first, being a gentleman I am. Devilish in my mind, the intention was to have a nice look at her swaying ass. While I was scanning her bottom, she understood and looked at me from the corner of her eyes. She passed on a kinky smile while entering her office.

That day was a pleasant time while playing with my cock, and I could not forget the scene.

A week passed by. On Friday evening, I got the information that Priyanka’s team is going out for some fun to one of the local hotspots around. Priyanka would be joining them as well. The source was one of her teammates who was an acquaintance to me.

I didn’t want to miss this chance to ogle at her and try on my luck. In the evening around 8 p.m., I dressed up and went to the pub. Once inside, I could see a happening crowd. It was the weekend fever with a lot of hot birds around on the dance floor. But my eyes were set for Priyanka.

I was sitting at the bar counter and ogling at the beauties around. Then I saw Priyanka asking a drink to the bartender. I saw her, but she didn’t see me. I called the bartender. I asked him to put her order in my bill and passed on a card to her staying, “The drink is on me.”

The bartender gave her the drink along with the card. She read the card and asked the bartender about who had done it. He pointed out towards me. She looked towards me, and I raised my glass to her. Priyanka had a smile on her face, picked her glass, and started to walk towards me.

A bit about her for the night. Priyanka was wearing a gown, which was body fitting on the top and a loose at the bottom. The dress had a long neckline, which accentuated her cleavage and displayed a nice glimpse of the valley. To sum it up, she was a devilish angel for the night and a treat to the eyes.

She came up to me and smiled while doing cheers with our glasses.

Priyanka: How come you are here?

Me: Weekend time. Got out to have some fun.

Priyanka: All alone?

Me: Yea. But now I have some company, you see.

Hearing this, she smiled a bit.

Priyanka: Don’t you think that I am a little too old to accompany a young man like you?

Me: I don’t think you are any more than 30. How old are you anyway?

Priyanka: Trying to flatter me. Won’t work. Shouldn’t be asking a lady her age, but still, I will tell you. I am 45.

Me: WTF! I can’t believe that you are 45. You could still give these hot girls on the floor a run for their money.

Priyanka: Yea. But I would prefer not to.

Me: Would you prefer my company for the night, then?

Priyanka: It depends if you can keep me interested.

Me: That would do. You would not feel disinterested even for a second.

Priyanka: Let’s see.

Priyanka said to her team that she is taking off and came and sat with me. We both started to chit chat amidst having our drinks and humming our bodies to the music on the floor. This was when I came to know she is a single lady. After a while, Priyanka said that she is bored with this place.

I reacted to her, asking, “Shall we go bar hopping for the night? Would be crazy.” She smiled and said, “Yes.” We left the place and moved to another pub right next to the corner. Stayed there for a while. Enjoyed a drink and then hopped on to another pub.

At around 2 p.m. in the night, we were at the finest rooftop pub in the city. We were enjoying a nice dance when the pub announced its closure. With a sad face, we moved down to the parking lot when she asked, “Would you like to join in for an after-party at my house?” I smiled and entered her car.

Her house was a 5 minutes drive, so we reached there quickly. Her flat was on the topmost floor of the building. We tiptoed our way to her house. Once inside the house, she threw her bag on the sofa and asked me to be comfortable while she went inside.

I was roaming around the house and settled in the balcony enjoying the view of the city from the high rise. There was no other high rise around to overlook her flat. Priyanka came in with a bottle of wine and glasses, poured us a drink, and we had cheered.

We started having a small conversation about random topics. We were standing pretty close to each other, bending down on the railing of the balcony and sipping our drinks. After some time, our bodies were touching each other with her shoulder rubbing onto mine. We were just staring into the city lights.

I mustered some courage and slid my hand on to her left ass cheek and pressed it softly. She smiled while she glanced at me and rested her head onto my shoulder. I got the signal that I would be lucky to enjoy this fierce wild cat lady tonight.

Slowly I started blowing air into her ears and licking her lobes. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the moment. I moved and wrapped her inside my arms from behind. I pushed her to the railings facing the city lights. I started by licking her ear lobes down from her neckline to her shoulders.

I pulled aside her dress strap with my teeth. I started licking her and sucking her neck to shoulder while giving her bite marks. She was enjoying the touch and started to moan slowly. She turned around and stared into my eyes, and we indulged in a passionate smooch.

We both had gone wild and started kissing each other madly. Our hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. Pulling and sucking each other’s lower lips and having a nice tongue fight. We soon made each other wet. Slowly I pulled her dress up to feel her panty and realized how wet she was.

I slowly pushed my hands inside her panty. I placed my fingers onto her pussy, and pushed my middle finger into her pussy. I slowly started tingling her pussy and finger her with 1 finger initially. Then pushing more 2 fingers inside her a while deeper.

All the while, we were engrossed in kissing each other. Soon I increased my pace and started fingering her deeper, and she was about to cum. Her body stiffened, and she cum a huge load onto my fingers. She was gasping for air from the orgasm.

Once she was done cumming I pulled my hand aside and started to taste her juices from my fingers. She was looking at me in an astonishing face. She held me by my hand and started to walk inside her flat. I followed her to her bedroom.

Once inside, she threw me onto her bed. She gave me a seductive show while removing her dress and showing off her curves to me one by one. Once she went naked, she went on her fours on to the bed and started walking towards me like a cat.

She came to me, kissed me, and placed her firm tight boobs onto my mouth. I obeyed her by sucking her. I was sucking her boobs from left to right and pressing them hard to feel their shape. Her boobs were a treat to the eyes and lovely to suck, being nice and firm upright with pink nipples.

While I was busy sucking her nipples, she unbuttoned my shirt and opened my trouser. She removed my shirt and trouser to leave me in my undies. She started kissing and licking my navel while her hands were roaming around my upper body.

After a while, being satisfied by my navel, she grabbed my undies by her teeth. She pulled them down to expose my rock-solid shaft saluting her hotness. She held my cock in her palms and started licking and sucking it like a hungry cat. I tried to pull her up but in vain. But then she shifted her lower body towards me.

I shifted her legs on either side of my face and placed her glittering wet pussy in front of my mouth. I started to rub my tongue on her pussy and went to lick her ass hole and made it all wet. I would even spank her ass cheeks to make it cherry red. She would moan in pain and pleasure.

She was enjoying my cock like a toy and was sucking me to the core. While sucking her pussy, I inserted my middle finger into her ass hole. I wriggled it, and she started moaning louder with pleasure. Within no time, she stiffened her body and flooded my mouth with her juices. I drank it all and licked her clean.

She was still sucking my cock, and soon I flooded her mouth with my juices. She licked me clean and sucked me dry and came up to me. We both kissed each other, exchanging our juices and saliva as well. While kissing, she started to rub my cock again, and within no time, it sprang back to life.

She pulled a condom onto my cock and placed herself onto me. She was in the driver’s seat and pushed my cock deep inside her. She was moaning with pleasure while I went deep inside her. Slowly, once she was accustomed to my cock she started to ride me, and that was a crazy moment.

Her pussy was tight for her age. It was a divine pleasure to fuck her pussy nice and hard. She was riding me so well that we both were moaning with pleasure, and the room was filled with our moans. Her tight pussy did not allow me to last long. I soon had a satisfying orgasm and unloaded my juices inside her wet pussy.

She pressed my cock deep inside her while I was unloading my juice. In a couple of seconds, she too shivered and started to flood her juices. She came down and rested on me. We both lay in the same position for a while with my cock inside her pussy.

She kissed me and moved aside on the bed to have some rest. She had a satisfied grin on her face as if she had good passionate sex after a long time. I spent the rest of the weekend at her home. We were naked all the time and fucking in each and every corner of her house.


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