Indian wife cheats husband and fucks ex-boyfriend – Hot sex story

Indian wife cheats husband and fucks ex-boyfriend – Hot sex story

My name is Neha. My age is 27. I am fair looking and has a well-maintained body. My breast size is about 34B. I was married at the age of 22 to a business person who is 10 years older than me.

After my marriage, I didn’t have a good sex life. Most of the time, my husband will be traveling and even when we have sex, he cannot satisfy me as he was fat and has a small-sized penis.

Now I am going to tell the story where I cheated on my husband with my ex-lover while my husband was in a hospital.

I usually go to the gym to keep my body fit and I like it when people look at my assets. I would have a naughty feeling at that time.

One day I went to the gym as usual and started to work out. That time, a person came from behind and called me. To my surprise, it was my ex-boyfriend Midhun. He told me he was working as a computer engineer there.

Before my marriage, we had sex three times which even lead to pregnancy and abortion which is a secret only known by us. We talked that day so much and he even dropped me at my house and told me he will see me tomorrow morning in the gym.

That day went as normal. The next day, I was so excited to go to the gym to see him. I went to the gym and he was waiting for me. He asked me to join him in the workouts. As it was a Sunday and not many people will be there, I was wearing tights and a sleeveless light transparent t-shirt.

We started working out together. As I started sweating, my clothes became more transparent and my bra and panties were easily visible from outside. That day, I was wearing a black bra and pantie.

I noticed my ex-boyfriend looking at my boobs and ass through my wet, transparent dress. I was doing squats and he was supporting me by holding my hips. I could feel him he was smelling my sweat from my armpits and body. (During our college time, Midhun used to suck my sweaty armpit, boobs, and ass.)

My ex-boyfriend then slowly squeezed my hips and started to rub his dick on my ass. But I continued to do the exercise by pretending nothing was happening. I was also enjoying it.

He slowly brought his hands from my hips to my navel and then to my boobs which were easily visible through my dress that became transparent due to my sweat.

I quickly put back the weights and asked, “What are you doing?: And I told him that I am married and I am loyal to my husband. But he didn’t hear what I said and he hugged me tightly! My boobs were pressing on his chest and his dick was touching my pussy.

Suddenly, I also got horny and hugged him back and started to kiss him. I was feeling guilty while doing all that as I was cheating on my husband and kissing another man. But I felt more horny and pleasure and all the thoughts about my husband vanished.

I and my ex-boyfriend were kissing passionately now. I inserted my tongue in his mouth and he was sucking it. We exchanged saliva and we started to kiss and suck each other’s face. When he was about to insert his hands into my pussy, we heard someone’s voice. We stopped kissing. Our face was covered with each other’s saliva.

Later, he drove me back to my house. When I was about to get out, I invited him to the house at night as my husband was going for a business meeting at night 9 pm. So I told him to come at 10 pm.

As my husband left at 9:15 pm, I called my ex-boyfriend and he said he was on his way. I was wearing a sleeveless low-neck red blouse and a red transparent saree. My inners were a black petticoat, black bra, and panty.

My ex-lover arrived at 10:15 pm. As soon as he entered, he hugged me but I pushed him and asked him to come inside as I was scared of somebody seeing and informing my husband.

Then we had some wine and we sat on the sofa. He hugged me and I hugged him back and we started to kiss. As my 1-year-old son was sleeping in another room, we didn’t have any problems.

I kissed him passionately. We started to exchange saliva while kissing and started to suck each other’s tongue, face, and neck.

He then slowly removed my saree from my shoulder. Now my boobs were easily visible through the sleeveless blouse and black light bra. He became more horny seeing that and started pressing my boobs and biting them over my blouse.

Then my ex-boyfriend slowly removed my saree completely. Now I was sitting in a blouse and a petticoat. He then hugged me tightly and I hugged him back.

He removed my blouse buttons and removed my blouse. He pulled the thread of my petticoat and it also came down. I was standing in only on bra and underwear in front of him. It was the first time after marriage I was standing only in a bra and underwear in front of someone other than my husband.

I looked at my mangalsutra which my husband had tied and lying around my neck. And I felt guilty about cheating on my husband. Then Midhun understood my thoughts and he immediately removed my mangalsutra and tied it to his dick and asked me to suck his dick along with mangalsutra!

I felt more horny as I was sucking another person’s dick with the mangal sutra which my husband had tied on my neck. He then grabbed me in his hands and went into my room. He put me in the bed. He then removed my bra and panties. I was completely naked and lying in front of him. He liked the stretch marks on my stomach.

My ex-boyfriend then removed his dress and lied top of me. We started to kiss passionately. He started to massage my boobs and bite my nipples. I felt more pleasure.

He slowly started to insert his fingers in my pussy and play with my pussy. I felt more and more pleasure and became more horny. I slowly touched his dick which was thrice big than my husband’s dick. I slowly started to stroke it. As I felt more aroused, I started to say some bad words.

“Fuck me, Fuck me..Make me your bitch.. make me pregnant with your sperm, Midhun..”

But suddenly, a call came. It was from a hospital. The person informed me that my husband had a serious accident and he had been admitted to the hospital and was in critical condition. Doctor asked me to come to the hospital for signing an operation confirmation form so they can do the operation for saving my husband.

Even when I was talking, Midhun was sucking my pussy and pressing my boobs. I felt difficult to control my voice on the phone as I was reaching an orgasm.

The doctor told me that the operation must be done immediately for saving his life or else he will die. So he asked me to come to the hospital ASAP. But due to the pleasure Midhun was giving me which was making me hard to come to reality, I disconnected the call.

I don’t know how I became more horny even after hearing my husband’s condition. I was fucking another person while my husband in a hospital.

As I was getting more and more pleasure, I said, ” Fuck me harder, fuck me, make me your bitch..”

I was totally addicted to Midhun’s dick and his body. He started to fuck me harder and harder. I started to cry with pleasure. And I forgot about my husband.

My ex-boyfriend fucked me that night 5 times and came inside me all the time. I understood that his cum is going to gift me a baby. I enjoyed it. I hugged him and slept with a guilt feeling of a dirty cheating wife.

The next day when I reached the hospital, his operation was over and he was fine as his mother came and signed the form. And I felt relieved. Even after that day, every day, I use to fuck Midhun till my husband got discharged from the hospital. And finally, I became pregnant with my ex-boyfriend.

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