Indian wife gets fucked by stranger with hubby’s consent – Story

Indian wife gets fucked by stranger with hubby’s consent – Story

Hi guys, thank you for the huge response from you. I know you guys are waiting for the next part. The link to the second part is on top.

So, I am going directly to the story. After a wonderful session with Vamsi, I am very much happy and overjoyed. Vamsi and I came to the hall in the evening. My hubby was watching something on his mobile. He saw both of us come out of the bedroom. He asked, “So, how did it go?”

I was very shy to answer my hubby’s question. But Vamsi said, “It was my life’s greatest moment to have her.”

My hubby asked me again. I shyly said, “Good.”

He asked again “Only good? Not superb?”

I looked at my hubby and showed my shyness. My hubby came to me and asked, “Want to have more?” I didn’t answer. He concluded that I was ok with Vamsi.

After that, I told them that I will prepare tea for all, and I went to the kitchen for preparing it. They both began to chitchat in the hall.

After some time, my hubby came to the kitchen. I am very happy to see him. I hugged him and said, “I love you so much.”

He kissed me and said, “You are a wonderful woman. You should get all that you need. This is the way I want to express my deep love for you.”

I hugged him tightly. He told me that there are more sessions ahead. “Get ready, baby.” I did not respond to him. He then went to the hall.

I came to the hall with tea. Vamsi was telling my hubby about my blowjob skills. My hubby told him that she is pro at giving blowjob. And both began laughing. I gave the tea to both of them, and then I went to sit between them. We talked about random topics.

Once we finished our tea, Vamsi directly asked me about the positions or sessions that I fantasized about. I did not say anything.

My hubby told him that I liked all stuff that was comfortable. After hearing this, Vamsi got excited and told me, “Madhu, I will fulfill whatever you want in bed. So, the next 2 days we will have beautiful, sexy moments.” I gave a naughty look at him.

I told my hubby that I want to go for a bath. But Vamsi said that first we will have a second session and then together we will have a bath. Immediately, my hubby said, “Go ahead.”

I was not in a position to reply to anything, either yes or no. But deep inside I was fully ready for another session. Sensing that, Vamsi came to me and said, “Let’s go, dear.”

I stood up and looked at my hubby. He winked at me and said, “Enjoy.”

We both walked into the bedroom and Vamsi closed the door. This time, I hugged him very tightly and kissed him with lust. He was surprise to see my excitement.

He was pressing my boobs over my nighty. I removed his shirt. He removed my nighty. As I told you all, I was not wearing any inners. I became nude once again in front of him. My nipples became very hard. He was sucking my boobs, one by one with full lust. I was pressing his head to my boobs.

Slowly, I touched his dick over the night pant. It was very hard again. I was shocked by his erection. He said, “Remove my pants.”

I did as he instructed. It was fully erect again. He told me to do whatever I want with his tool. I was slowly stroking his dick. He was kissing my lips very passionately. His fingers were trying to enter my wet pussy. Yes, again I was fully wet with his touching.

He told me, “Let’s try 69.”

I went to the bed. I sat on him and adjusted our inner parts. I was slowly kissing his dick and he was entering my pussy with his tongue. He was kissing my G-spot. One jerk came into my pussy. And a sweet moan came from my mouth.

I tried to take all his manhood into my mouth. I was using my tongue to taste his dick tip. We did that for 30 minutes. He then told me to turn over and get on all fours. He came back and slapped my ass. He said that my ass is the sexiest part of my body.

I laughed and said, “I know that, dear. Everyone wants to look at my ass always.”

He slapped my ass again and I moaned. He touched my pussy lips with his fingers and entered his middle finger. It was full of liquid.

I said, “Vamsi, please don’t do anything now. Please enter your tool and do it.”

He laughed and removed his finger. He set a position and kept his tool at my pussy and was rubbing. I adjusted my position to let his tool enter. He gave one hard stroke, and it went in easily. I am giving sweet moans. Now he achieved his pace fully and began fucking me very hard. I was enjoying his fucking.

He caught my hair (I have good, long hair) and began riding my pussy. I think he got a good view of my back structure. He fucked me in that position for almost 20 minutes. I was wondering why he had not released his liquid yet.

Then he stopped fucking. I turned over and was lying in bed. He came to me and hugged me. He kissed my lips while my hands roamed on his back. I always wanted to pinch the ass while fucking. My hubby liked this the most. So, I did the same to Vamsi.

He went again for the pussy and was licking like an animal. He was tasting my liquids. He then came on me and entered my pussy. His tool had become very hard, and it was touching all over my pussy.

He was fucking me very hard. For each stroke, I was opening my mouth and giving moans. While fucking, he took the boobs into his mouth and started biting. It was a strange feeling that I was getting – my pussy fucked and boobs getting bitten at the same time.

My lips became dry. My right hand was caressing his hair and my left hand was roaming on his ass.

After 15-20 minutes of rough stroking, he told me that he was coming. He then released a huge amount of liquids. I hugged him tightly. Then even I experienced my orgasm.

Wow, what a feeling it was! One of the best orgasms in my life.

We were now sweating like hell. We hugged like that. He came beside me and was kissing my lips and caressing the boobs with his hands. I hugged him very tightly. I said, “Vamsi, this is the best session in my life. Thank you.”

He said, “Don’t say, ‘thank you’, show it to me in your acts.”

I kissed him very passionately. Suddenly, I remembered that we did not use condoms for the session. I asked him, “Why you did like that?” He said that he too forgot over the excitement. He told me, “Don’t worry…it’s a sweet memory.”

I told him, “Yes, I too enjoyed it, and I also was overexcited.”

I hugged him and was kissing all over his neck. I slept for 20 minutes like that only. He called out to me in my ears, “Madhu….come da, wake up dear. We will have a bath.”

I opened my eyes and kissed him. I took my nighty and wore it. He asked, “Why are you wearing the nighty again?” “I want to see my hubby once, and I will back.”

He said, “Not now, dear, once we will finish our bath, we will go to him.” And immediately he took my hand and was trying to remove my nighty. I helped him to remove my nighty.

Then we both went to the bathroom. He switched on the shower. The water was flowing on our bodies. I cleaned my pussy. Lots of liquid was coming out of my pussy. He helped me to clean my inner parts. I too cleaned his dick. He was hugging and kissing in between. And I was equally responding to his acts.

He asked me for another session in the bathroom itself. I told him, “Not now.” I was wondering how this guy was having this much stamina.

Oohhh….I told him not now. We can do it before going to sleep. We came out of the bedroom. I wrapped the towel and dried my body.

I checked my bag to see what I had to wear. He told me to wear the lingerie set. I wore the lingerie set and the nighty. He too dressed up.

We came to the hall, and my hubby was shocked to see that I am looking fresh after taking the bath. We then took our dinner. My hubby was taking drinks while we are having dinner. I and Vamsi went to the bedroom after dinner.

That night, he fucked me 2 more times, and he tried new positions. He fucked me like I was his own. I too enjoyed each and every act with him. It was like a honeymoon for us. That night, we slept around 2 am.

So guys this is the story of my Saturday night. The remaining part of the story I will narrate in my next part.

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