Meeting Madhu’s Hot Cousin – Indian Sex Stories

Meeting Madhu’s Hot Cousin – Indian Sex Stories

Months passed by, Madhu and I were enjoying our daily lives, like a newly married couple. We have our privacy, as we both were alone, and no one is there in the bungalow. I was fucking her at every corner of the house.

On the weekend, Madhu and I came out from the bathroom after having a quick sex session under the shower one fine morning. I was not satisfied, and my dick is still oscillating. Madhu looked at my erected dick.

Madhu: Oh, God! Still, your dick is hanging. Husband, please control your erection.

Me: What to do, darling? I have such a sexy wife that my dick is not listening to my words looking at you.

Madhu is blushing after listening to my words. I went near her and hugged her tightly. As we both were naked, her boobs got crushed against my chest. Slowly, I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing all over her naked body.

Madhu: Please, Prince, I am very tired. Not now, give me some time to recover from pain.

Me: No, Madhu, I am very horny. Please don’t stop me. It will take just five minutes.

Madhu: No, I am very tired. Ok, I will give you a blowjob. Unless you reach a climax, I will not stop.

Me: Fine, till now, you had given me blowjobs. But I had taken my dick out from your mouth before releasing cum. But now, I will release cum inside your mouth. You have to drink all my juices.

Madhu agreed to my condition half-heartedly, as she had not drunk cum till then. I made her sit on the knees, on the floor. Madhu took my dick erected into her hands and pulled my foreskin back. She slowly started eating my dick like a ripe banana. I was moaning softly, “Madhu, please don’t stop.”

I was holding her hair and started giving her mouth fuck. I was thrusting my dick deep inside her throat. She stopped me as she was choking. But, my dick was still resting inside her mouth. She slowly started to suck my dick like a lollipop.

Madhu had become an expert in sucking dick. She was giving me a blowjob like a pornstar. She was pressing my buttocks tightly for the grip. Madhu is teasing me by licking the slit of my dick. She took long strides of her tongue from bottom to top and all around the girth.

She was using her teeth on my dick to tease me further. She was so deeply engrossed in the act. Slowly, Madhu released my dick from her mouth and tried to take my balls inside her mouth. But my balls were filled with cum, and it is very large in size for her to take the whole.

So, she was sucking my balls one by one, as shown in the porn films. I was moaning and shouting in pleasure. I know I was about to reach climax, at any second and, I will leak the cum.

So, I stopped her and entered my dick inside her mouth. Madhu understood that I was about to cum. So, she started sucking my dick very rapidly. I screamed and orgasmed into her mouth. I ejaculated spurts after spurts, maybe 4-5 times of thick semen.

To my utter astonishment, she gulped down the whole thing without wasting a single drop. We both fell on the bed and rested for some time. Then, Madhu received a call on her mobile. Madhu’s face is glowing like a 1000 watt Bulb after looking at her mobile screen.

Madhu signaled me to stay silent and attended the call. I stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to clean myself. When I came out, Madhu came and hugged me tightly, smiling with joy.

Me: What happened, dear wifey? May I know the reason behind your happiness?

Madhu: Prince, do you know? My cousin (Aunt’s daughter) sister is coming to stay with me for a few days. I like my sister very much.

Me: So, it is the reason for your happiness. (To irritate her) Is she married or single?

Madhu: (Gave a punch in my stomach) Despo, she is married, and she is coming along with her husband.

Me: Why are they paying a sudden visit? Is there any problem?

Madhu: Nothing like that. They were married for three years. But still, they were not blessed with a child. So, they are coming to have a regular checkup.

Me: (Hugged her) So, I have to maintain distance with you, till they stay here with us.

Madhu: Yes, dear husband. You shift to the terrace (penthouse) with your bag. They are coming tomorrow, but she did not mention how many days they are going to stay?

I shifted with my bag to the penthouse. The next day, I went to my office and returned in the evening. By, then Madhu’s sister and husband had already come to the bungalow.

I had taken a rest for some time, got ready, and went downstairs for dinner. Madhu opened the door and invited me in. A man in the late 30’s was sitting on the couch and was busy watching TV.

A beautiful woman, and an exact replica of Madhu, came out from the kitchen. Damn, she was a sexy bombshell. She came near us, and Madhu introduced her to me.

Madhu: (By looking at me) Prince, this is Anita. My cousin sister. (By looking at Anita) Anita, this is Prince, our tenant.

Anita initiated a handshake. I caught her soft hand, with my rough palms, and given a firm shake. I was holding her hand tightly and lost deep in her eyes. Then, I got to senses when Madhu signaled to me leave her hand.

Anita was just smiling. To explain in exact words, Anita is 5’8 feet tall and very fair. She resembled as Madhuri Dixit in her prime age. Anita is 30 years old (I came to know later). Her vital stats are 38-28-38 (Anita told me).

She was taller than Madhu and giving tough competition to Madhu in beauty quotient. Anita is wearing a light cream-colored salwar. It was tightly hugged to her body, exposing her curvy assets. My dick is erecting in my tracks.

I controlled my urge and behaved decently. I don’t want to look like a jerk in her eyes. Four of us completed our dinner and sat for normal talks. I came to know thoroughly about Anita and her husband, Kumar.

Kumar told Madhu that he is leaving tomorrow. He had work, and he came there to just drop Anita. I came to know that Anita will stay with us for a month from his words.

During our entire conversation, I was ogling at Anita. She, too, knew that I was scanning her but kept silent. Kumar went to his room to rest, as he wanted to wake up early in the morning to leave for their town.

I, too, stood up to leave. Madhu came with me to close the door. I pinched her on the waist and gave a naughty look to her. She jerked and signaled me to stay away from her.

As I mentioned in the earlier parts. I peeped through the glass window in which Madhu is staying. Madhu and Anita came to the room after a few minutes. They both sat on the bed and were discussing their personal lives.

Then comes the plot twist. Out of nowhere, Madhu confessed to Anita that she was having an affair with me. Anita was in shock. Madhu told Anita, “Yes, Ani, from past seven to eight months, we both were living together.”

Anita is a very broad-minded woman. She replied Madhu, “It’s ok. No problem. Don’t think about anyone. It’s your life. You too have desires, and live it to the fullest.” Madhu was very happy after hearing her words.

Then Madhu asked Anita, “Ani, now tell me what the doctor told you after the checkup.” Anita kept quiet for a few seconds. Suddenly, Anita started sobbing. Tears were rolling down from her cheeks.

Madhu consoled her, and she came back to her normal state. Anita replied, “Madhu, I can bear a child in my womb, but Kumar has a low sperm count. He cannot make me pregnant.” Madhu felt pity after hearing Anita’s words.

Madhu asked Anita, “Does Kumar know about this? How has he reacted to the doctor’s words?” Anita replied, “No, he doesn’t know anything. I don’t want him to get upset. So, I bribed the doctor, and he explained to Kumar, there is no problem. He requested Kumar to have frequent sex with me.”

That’s enough for the day, folks. In the next part, I will explain, How I started to seduce the sex-deprived Anita, Maadhu’s hot cousin.


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