Neha gives her honey pot to office colleague – Hot sex story

Neha gives her honey pot to office colleague – Hot sex story

Let me start this story by giving you a brief introduction about myself. My name is Nikhil and I am based in Pune. I am well built, a travel addict, and a smart guy with a good-length penis. I work as a software engineer in a company based in Pune.

I know you are eager to know who the heroine is. Well, her name is Neha. She works with me in the same company. She is very fair, her height is around 5.2 and her figure stats are 32-28-36. Even though her bust is 32, but they are really beautiful.

Without delay, let me start the story.

Okay, so the story goes like this. We met during our training days in the company and from day one, she liked me. I was not the talkative type. But as time passed, I started talking more and we became best friends. We used to share every detail from the food we ate to the clothes we wore and even our sexual desires.

We used to meet during breaks in the office and she used to hold me. But at that time, I did not like that. But, one fine day, I and my colleague met in some mall, decided to do the shopping and go to a movie. I don’t remember the name of the movie, but the movie was not that great and there was not much of a crowd.

Neha had deliberately booked the corner seats. We started talking and got comfortable with each other. When the movie started and all lights were out, my office best friend came closer to me and kissed me all of a sudden.

I was taken by surprise because I never saw Neha in that way. But then, Neha said that she really liked me. She wanted me as her boyfriend. I agreed to that. I mean, she was cute, hot, and moreover good-natured. So, that day in the theatre, we kissed a lot, and I got a chance to go inside her top and hold her.

Ohhh, those boobs! Those soft round boobs! I wanted to suck them but we held ourselves back.

That day, we just kissed and I pressed my colleague’s boobs. I pressed them so hard that she literally was in tears. That is what happens when you get to hold something so soft in like ages.

The next day, we met in the office. We used to eat lunch together and take breaks. So, my office best friend suggested we should go somewhere to travel.

Since we have so many great places around Pune, I said, “Okay.” We were kind of looking for a place to go and then agreed upon Lavasa for a one-day trip.

I made the arrangements for a cab, hotels, and everything. Well, I had a hint of what was going to happen, so I had bought a packet of condoms – chocolate-flavored ones. My colleague likes chocolate a lot and hence I bought a large packet of dairy milk. And for myself, I had whiskey and beer packed. I prefer whiskey more.

We were supposed to leave for Lavasa in the morning. Our cab arrived and we started our journey. My office best friend was way more excited than I was.

My co-worker had that glow on her face that said everything. We held hands during the whole journey and talked a lot about everything.

We reached the hotel just in time for the check-in. We straightaway locked the door and told the reception that we will call if we need anything.

As soon as I locked the door, Neha hugged me. They say, when someone is in love, nothing else matters for them.

Neha was really very happy that I had said, “Yes,” to her. She was deeply in love with me. Maybe I was falling in love too.

So, moving on, my office best friend hugged me very tight, so tight that not even air could pass between us. Her breast was touching my chest tightly. I was just caressing her head, her hair, and pulling her hair back on her ears. I wanted to see her face. The face that was shining with excitement. Even I could not hold on seeing her.

I gave her a kiss on her forehead. And then slowly, I placed my lips on her lips.

We locked our lips together and started kissing. What started as a slow kiss, like a peck, turned into vigorous kisses, sucking each other’s tongue and going deep in our mouths.

While I was kissing her, my hands were massaging her ass. I was slowly moving up towards her boobs. My colleague was wearing a very thin fabric top and a pink bra.

While kissing, I started pressing her boobs from on top of her clothes. She started caressing my dick. It was already hard by then.

My office best friend then knelt down on her knees, pulled my jeans down, and started kissing me on my legs, and thighs. She pulled my underwear down as well, removing them completely. Her eyes lit up seeing my dick. I felt like she has been waiting for this day, for me, to be with her alone in a room. She started stroking my dick.

Oh, those hands. Neha was a goddess. The way she stroked me, I was in heaven. She, later on, took my dick in her mouth. She started sucking my balls deep.

My colleague sucked me like a lollipop, spitting on my dick and sucking again. I couldn’t control and I just stroked my dick myself deep in her mouth till she gagged.

My office best friend was breathing hard. Her heartbeat racing and her breathing became deeper. I can say, she was enjoying it, and yes I was enjoying it too. She took my dick in her mouth some more and sucked it.

Now it was my turn. I pulled her top. She was in a pink bra now. Then I removed her bra as well. Those round boobs were waiting to be taken out. They were huge even for a 32 size.

I took her to the bed and made her lie down. The best thing about her boobs was her nipples placement. Oh! She had the best nipple placement. Also, the color of her nipples, were exciting, because her boobs were really very fair, and then nipples not so chocolate brown.

They were kind of light brown, which made them so erotic and I could not hold on. I just started to crush those meatballs in my hand.

I pressed my office best friend’s boobs and nipples so hard, that she cried in pain. Her pain was evident from the expression she had. I asked her if she wanted me to stop, to which she said, “No, don’t stop.”

I know Neha was liking this pain. So I pinched her nipples some more. It was time for me to suck the life out of those babies. Oh boy, the most perfect boobs in my hand and I was sucking them. I just couldn’t believe it. They were literally mine to be sucked. I started sucking them.

Then I had an idea. I had bought chocolate, so I took them out and applied it to her boobs and nipples. I sucked her some more. I could see she was literally aroused by this act. She wanted me to go inside immediately but I was not. I had something else planned.

I now took some ice from the freezer and teased her nipples. Oh boy, with this, my colleague started to shudder. I realized that she had cum. I pulled down her panties and removed them. Wow, her pussy was hairless. She might have shaved it or something. She was completely wet.

By then, my colleague had came twice. And by the looks of it, I could confirm it was intense.

I pulled my face closer to her pussy and smelled it. It was beautiful. I started licking – first, teasing her slowly, just rubbing my tongue on her pussy lips. I could see she was getting restless.

Neha held my head and pulled it down on her pussy indicating to me to go faster. I started licking her pussy faster, taking my tongue deep into her wet pussy. My hands were pressing her boobs. I was sucking her faster with my tongue. Now I inserted one finger inside her pussy, she let a moan.

I could feel the pussy lips tightening around my finger. My colleague’s pussy was really tight. I slowly started going in and out with my single index finger. And at the same time, I was caressing her pussy with my tongue. She let out a huge moan as I started doing it faster. She was so lost in the moment.

Her breathing was getting shallower. It was now time for me to go with two fingers. I inserted two fingers to which she screamed in pain. It felt so great, her pussy was so tight, and I was finger-fucking her. I started moving in out of her pussy using two fingers. Neha got accustomed to those.

I always had a fantasy of inserting three fingers. I started pushing them in and she screamed in pain.

Three was too much for her. But I kissed her on the lips and her screams vanished with my kiss. Oh, it was an untouched pussy. Wow! I finger-fucked her with three fingers inside and started moving faster.

My office best friend seemed to be in pain and at the same time, she wanted me to do more. After a few more fast pushes of my fingers, my colleague had yet another intense orgasm.

It was time for the main course. I did not want to waste time now. She was full-on high to this feeling. She wanted more. And I obliged.

I took out the condom and put it on my dick. I placed my dick on her pussy and started teasing her. I was just rubbing it on her and she could not hold on. I pushed my dick in her pussy with one thrust. Oh, her pussy was so tight. She screamed a little. I gave another thrust and half my dick was inside her.

Neha again screamed. With the third thrust, I went completely inside her. She screamed in pain. And had tears in her eyes. It was her first time.

I kissed her and I stayed a few seconds like that kissing her with my dick inside her. A while later, I started moving. She could feel the pain but since I was lip-locking her, her screams couldn’t come out.

I started my movements to and fro in her pussy. Slowly, the pain subsided. And I started to move faster. At one point I gave a huge jerk inside her to go deeper to which she screamed yet again.

I was pumping my colleague in and out and this time really fast. Now she started to enjoy, and since I was thrusting her very fast, her boobs were jiggling and it was a sight for the eyes.

I wanted to see her, on top of me. So I switched position and she came on top of me. She started to ride me with her boobs bouncing up and down and I thrust her faster.

Neha was in pain but at the same time, she was enjoying it. In the meanwhile, she came twice and I was about to come as well. I said that I was about to come.

My colleague said to me, “Remove your dick, take the condom out and I want to suck you.”Then she started to suck my dick again and she sucked it so good, real good and I came in her mouth.

After that, we went to the shower where I sucked her pussy some more and she had multiple orgasms. Next time, I will write what happened that day at night.

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