Nokar Nay Khub Choda

I am an avid fan of ISS and have read almost all stories on this site. This is my second story. Let me first describe myself to you. I am Sandhya, 26 years old, married, have a one years old son. I stay in Mumbai (India). I am 5 feet 7 inches, fair in colour, more then average looks. My vitals are 38-28-40.,my friends always told me that I should be a model as I had a very sexy body.My parents work due to which they travel alot .In my house apart from me were 4 servants including Sohan who cleans ,Ramu who cooks and 2 drivers Sohan and the drivers come in morning and leave in evening Ramu stay with us.

One day Ramu came to my dad and ask for ****ti as his mother was sick my dad hesitate as there will be no one to take care of food Ramu said ” Sahib main ne apne aik door ke bhai ko bola hai woh buhat acha khana banata hai woh meri jagha kaam karega jabtak main wapis na ajao”.My dad after listeningto it agreed as he trust Ramu,so Ramu leave for his village and came the new cook his name was Raghu he was around 60 he was very short heighted with a very dark complexion he was bald he told us that his wife died long time ago and has no kids. So Raghu start doing his work as a new cook soon he came in my parents good books due to his work .One day a letter from our previous cook arrived in which he wrote that his mother died and he wont be able to work anymore. So Raghu became our permanent cook ,there was not much work for him as my parents love to stay out at nites and party it was just me to cook for so he took other works in his hands like cleaning the house and one day ask my father that he can clean too as there is not much work in the kitchen so if my dad can ask maid not to come anymore he can easily do her work and my dad not have to pay for 2 workers. My father ask my mom and she said ok if he wants to do maids work let him . So Raghu took over on every work I often noticed that he use to give me strange looks but I never cared.

One day my parents told me they are going on a vication with there friends I was unable to come as my one final paper was left but they told me that after finishing it I can join them in Europe I agreed and they leave the next morning for there holidays now in the hosue it was me and Raghu drivers were also asked to leave as no 1 need them for time being .That day I came back from my college after giving my paper I was feeling very relaxed and free I took shower and ate ,Raghu clean the table and went to his room after watching some Tv I went to my room .It was late nite but I was unable to sleep I went out to get something to eat it was dark in the lobby I saw some lite in the living room I slowly walked towards it and peeked through the door it was Raghu sitting on the floor he was watching tv on which they were showing some adult movie .We have cable system and at nite on most channels the cable guy show adult films ,on tv there was a scene where girl was lying on the bed and aguy was sucking her boobs . The scene on the Tv didnt caught my attention the way Raghu did his lungi was open and he was touching his dick when I saw his dick I freeze where i was as I never saw such a big thing in my life it was semi erect but in that condition it was atleats 10 inch long and it was thick as an elephants trunk for the age of Raghu it was a massive cock I dont know what got into me but I feel like touching Raghus thick long lund.

I was having a tingling feeling between my legs I was thinking that how it will feel to take this giant thing in my hands and isnide me.Most of you must be thinking me crazy that a 20 year old beautiful girl who can have any man she wants why need an old servant like Raghu but at that time. I was so caught up in passion that I was uanble to see clearly.Main jawan thi aur itna bara lund dekh kar mujhe josh char giya tha.I slowly crept back into my bed and that whole nite I made plans how to have sex with Raghu. Next mroning Istart working on my plan I called my parents and told them that I wont join them as I have plans with my friends and I might go with them for a holiday so they can have fun, after taking care of that I start bringing my next plan in action as I have noticed that Raghu sometimes stare at me so i guessed he is ineterseted in me but was scared to do antying as he might get fired ,from next mroning I started to stay at home I msotly wore very tight and fitted clothes with deep necks in which my body looks very sexy .

When ever Raghu works in kitchen I would go there as I need something to eat or drink most time I noticed Raghu looking at my boobs some times when he will be cooking I will go and stand very close to him pretended to watch what he was doing.
In my next step of plans i stop wearing any bras under my clothes so whenever I walk they bounce like two heavy balls. At dinner time I moslty use to wear my nite suits which were ok in the begining but than gradually they become shorter and shorter.I was trying to make Raghu as frustrated as I could so he will come to me by himself. One nite when it was dinner time I wore a very lite pink nighty which was see thro my big boobs were visible from it and went outside.

I sit on the chair Raghu start serving dinner I noticed he was very nervous as he was keep on looking at my body I asked Raghu that if he didnt ate he can come and sit on the table with me and have dinner he hesitated at first than agreed I noticed that he will slwoly rub his dick when ever get chance he was getting horny by the sight. We both start eating my mind was working fast I aksed Raghu that if he could pass me the dish which was full of hot curry he pass me the big bowl now here I had to act quickly I hold the dish but act as it slips from my hand the hot food fall on the table and some of it dropped on my clothes I acted as I got burned .Raghu was stunned what happened .Maine jadli se apni nighty uttari and was fully naked now .Raghu came qucikly towards me and asked if I was ok I said that I think I got some burns,he said “Mem sahib I will take you to your room where you can put an ointment” . He than took me in my room he brought a cream and ask if he can put it on at that timeI had covered my slef with a chaddar I said yes he than start applying it on my shoulder he than ask where else I got burned I told him on my thighs he slowly put his hand under the chaddar now he was massaging my thighs my eyes were closed but I could feel his shaking hands on my thigh going up and down I opened my eyes and saw that he was enjoying it too I could see the hunger of sex in his eyes he was rubbing his cock from the top of his lungi slowly he said

“Memsahib aur kaha lagaoo?” I said Raghu “Thora aur ooper buhat jalan horahi hai” he moved his hands more towards my pussy I could feel his hand some inches away from my wet cunt.I was enjoying it thoroughly. I asked Raghu to put some cream on my chest I removed my blanket and once again was completely naked in front of him he slowly put some cream in his hand and start massaging my breasts he was getting bolder and squeezing them gently my cunt was getting wet I could see he was ready to join me in bed any second . I asked him to massage some more ointment on my thighs he bring his hands down and start massaging my inner thighs he was now touching my cunt I could feel his hands on my soft shaved pussy Raghu was getting bolder now he start playing with my clit and insert one finger in my cunt I said “Yeh kiya kar rahe ho he said ‘Mem sahib app buhat sunder hai main apke badan ko dekhna chata hoon usse choona chata hoon”I was enjoying it so much I just closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure . I knew that he was a villager and must be very raw with sex. I bring him on top of me and he start sucking my boobs he was sucking him like a hungry child sucks his mothers breast my nipples were fully erect nowhe than stand and removed his clothes and join me again in bed

I slowly pushed him down towards my pussy he knew what I want and start licking it. till now my cunt was full of my juices,Raghu meri choot buhat taizi se chaat raha tha sometimes he slowly bites it or kiss it I was maoning uncontorllably . I was holding Raghus head between my legs I was thrusting his face hard into my pussy at one time he thrusts his tongue deep in my pussy hole and I screamed with pleasure my moanings were becoming louder AHHHHHHH UMMMMMM. Meri awaz sunkar woh aur josh main akar meri choot chatne laga . After a while I start moving fast I was ready to come Raghu start licking me harder and faster and than with a large maon I came I thrust Raghus face deep in my pussy and hold him thightly there I was moving my pussy up and down like I was ****ing his face voices of pleasure were coming out of my mouth AHHHHHH I sighed .

He came up and said “Memsahib apki choot buhat naram hai aur uska maza bhi lajawab hai” I said “Raghu ab yeh choot tumhari hai tumhain jo karna hai tum iska karo”.He than ask me to suck his lund which was fully erect I obliged him and start sucking his massive pole. I was licking it and sucking it as it was huge ice cream cone. I was slowly caressing his balls with my other hand I keep on sucking him and licking him all over his dick .Uske moo se dabi dabi siskariyan nikal rahi thi AHHH he moaned after 30 minutes of good sucking he start to moan loud. I knew than that he is about to cum .I start to suck him faster and tried to took his pole all in my mouth and after few minutes he came . He emptied his load in my mouth my mouth was full of his juices. He came for about 1 minuteand I greedily drink all of it I kissed him and said that he was wonderful .

After sucking Raghus dick I was again horny and was now ready for good long love session. Raghu sucked my boobs for some time than licked my cunt I was again soaking wet.He than open my legs he asked “Mem sahib kiya apko kissi ne phele choda hai ?”I said “Nahi Raghu tum phele marad ho jo meri choot main jaoge ” Yeh sunne ke baad woh josh se pagal hogiya as he never imagined that a person like him will have sex with a girl like me and on that she will be a virgin. He slowly rub his dick against my cunt I sighed with pleasure .Raghu than slowly thrust his lund in me .Meri aik cheekh nikli .I said, “Raghu tumhara lund itna bara hai yeh mere under kaise jayega meri choot to phat jayegi”.He said “Mem sahib thori takleef phir maza bhi ayega”.He than thrust some more of his dick in my pussy I screamed again atleats 2 inch of his dick was in me now and still 8 inches to go .HE stayed there for a while and when saw that I am use to it and again moaning with pleasure he again give a thrust I screamed again with pain.He stopped again and start sucking my boobs at the same time he was slowly moving his dick in and out which was 4 inches in me.

After a while I started to enjoy again he was sucking my boobs hungrily and at the same time he was thrusting his massive pole in me like that inch by inch he thrust all of his dick in me he stayed there for a while than took half of his dick out from my pussy and give a large thrust I screamed with pain my cunt was full of blood .Raghu stayed still for a while than he started to caress and suck my boobs ,he was kissing on my lips and my neck he was slowly moving in and out of my pussy and at the same time was thrusting deeper and deeper. I was still in pain but he didnt stopped and keep on moving in and out. After a while I started to enjoy it again.I was maoning loudly with pleasure but there was no 1 to listen as whole house was empty “AHHHHHHHHHHH Raghu” I said I was enjoying it throughly .

Mujhe buhat maja araha tha Raghu ne ab zor se dhake marne shro kardiye the,woh mujhe buhat bedardi se chod raha tha .Mere mummay uske moon main the jinhe woh khoob zor zor se choos raha tha usne unhe choos choos kar laal kardiya tha aur saath hi woh meri khoob chudai kar raha tha main bhi khoob neeche se dhake mar rahi thi.Usse mujhe chodte hue kewal 45 minute hogaye the lekin woh abhi tak nahi jhara tha main 45 minute main 4 baar jhar chuki thi.Lekin woh ruk nahi raha tha aur khob zor se meri chudai main laga hua tha kamre main humdono ki zor zor ki siskariya aur aahain aur chudai ki awaz goonj rahi thi AHHHHHHH ,UMMMMMMMM .Meri choot bilkul geeli hogayi thi aur chudai karte samay khoob chap chap ki awaz arahi thi.Hum dono josh se pagal horahe the aur khob zor zor se sikariya aur ahhain bhar rahe the.Maine Raghu ke ****tar ko apne dono taango se pakar liya aur zor se dhakke marne lagi uske dono haath mere ****tar ke neeche the aur moon main mere mummay hum dono paseeney main naha rahe the lekin rukne ka naam nahi le rahe the.

Kewal 1 ghante bad Raghu ne apni raftar tej kardi aur khoob taiji se mujhe chodne laga main samajh gayi ke woh ab jharne wala hai main bhi khoob jor se dhake marne lagi thori der main uske moon se josh se awaz nikalne lagi main bhi jharne wali thi aur khoob zor se awaz nikal rahi thi phir Raghu ne aik zor ka dhakka mara aur apni lund gherai tak mere under daldi maine usse zor se apni baahon main jakar liya hum dono jhar gaye the .Raghu ne apna sara pani meri choot main nikal diya meri choot uske pani se bhar gayi thi.Woh mere oper let kar ghere sans lene laga . After some rest he got up and went to kitchen he than brought some milk fruits and other eating stuff.We both were hungry after our very long love session so we ate and become reenergized again.

Raghu than opened my legs and put ice cream on it and licked my cunt.Ussne phir mujhe ghori banne ko kaha aur ghori banaker choda kewal 30 minute tak woh mujhe ghori banaker chodta raha jismain main 2 bar jhari .Uske baad ussne mujhe seedha kiya aur khud let kar mujhe apne ooper bitha diya .Now I was riding him like he was a horse.Main khob zor zor se Raghu ke lund per ucchal rahi thi ussne mere dono ****tar neeche se pakre hue the aur khob jor jor se mujhe uper neeche kar raha tha.Main dobara jharne wali thi maine apni raftar tej kardi AHHHHHHHHHHH “Raghu main jharne wali hoon AHHHH UMMMMMMMMMMMM ,main josh se zor zor se siskariya bhar rahi thi aur jitna josh se chilla sakti thi chilla rahi thi poore kamre main meri aahain goonj rahi thi lekin mujhe kuch hosh nahi tha AHHHHHHH Raghu main jhar rahi hoonnnnnnnnnnn ummmmmmm aahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh .”And than I came. Meri choot pani se bhar gayi thi aur meri gand aur jhanghain bhi geeli hogayi thi Main Raghu ke lund per zor zor se hilne lagi aur jitna jhar sakti thi jhari koi jharne k 10 minute baad bhi main uske lund per ucchalti rahi .Raghu ne mujhe phir apni gaud main utthaiya aur mujhe deewar se laga kar khara kardiya ussne meri taangain apne ****tar ke gird karne ko kaha aur mujhe deewar se laga kar chodne laga meri baahain uske gird thi aur maine uske ****tar ko taango se pakra hua tha usne mere mummay apne moon main dabaye aur dhake marne laga usse mujhe bilkul deewar se chipkaiya hua tha aur dhappa dhap dhakkeemar raha tha.Ussne mujhe different positions main sari raat choda woh jharne ke kareeb hota to positon badal leta aur phir chodna shro hojata main sari raat buhat bar jhari.

Main sari raat usse chudwati rahi woh koi subha ke kareeb jaker jhara aur apna sara juice mere under nikal diya.We both than went to sleep with his dick inside me.Next day we woke up eat breakfast took shower together we have nothing to worry as there was no 1 to come at the house.Most of the time we stayed naked .Din main woh apne kaam karta aur kaam se faarigh hoker woh sari raat mujhe chodta .Kabhi woh mujhe poora din chodta rheta aur rukta nahi.It was surprising that at the age of 60 Raghu was really good in sex and had an appetite in sex of 4 young 20 year old boys,he never had problem in erection and would **** me nonstop when ever he wanted .

Aik din ussne mujhe terrace main raat ke waqat sitaro ke neeche choda he always bring or think of something new which will make me hungry for him more.My parents reutrned after 2 months ,uss samay tak Raghu mujhe din raat chodta raha.
Raghu still work for us and is still my lover its strange that i never thought of having any other guy apart from him as my lover as he satisfies me completely I am addicted to his dick ,my parents still go for long trips and than we both havesex crazily for all day and nites.

I hope you liked my story , readers its completely true and hope you guys enjoyed it I will sent other sexual experience with Raghu soon which happened when I went for a trip with him till than bye.

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