Padmavathi’s sex life before and after widowhood – Sex story

Padmavathi’s sex life before and after widowhood – Sex story

I am Padmavathi. I am a 38-year-old woman and a widow. I am working as a government school teacher on a contract basis. I have one son and his name is Arun. He is 18+ years old and is pursuing his BSC in agriculture. We are the only two people in our house. We are happy with what we have. One more thing, now my son is my husband!

Let me explain to you how my son became my husband. When I was 35 years old, my hubby died. That was the black day in my life. Literally, I was crying for one whole week and went into depression. Every day, I was sitting alone in the room thinking about my hubby and crying. I could not eat food properly and didn’t get sleep.

Arun cooked the food and he offered me food, milk, fruits but I rejected them and would not eat. He wouldn’t leave me and forcefully fed me. He took care of me and everything. I am really thankful to God, that He gave me such a good son.

After two months, Arun took me out to movies, public parks, and beaches, because if I am at home, I was always thinking about my hubby. That was why he took me out, but when we back home again, I was thinking about my hubby again.

Finally, after some months I got out of my depression with the help of my son.

The days are passing by, One day, one of my friends Kavitha told me that in her school, a teacher’s post is vacant. It was on a contract basis. She told me that if I was interested, then I can join. I asked my son and he said that it was a good idea.

After I joined that school as a teacher, every day I would wake up early in the morning at 5 am and do all the routine work like house cleaning, bathing, preparing breakfast, etc. After finishing all this work, Arun and I would have our breakfast. Then he took his lunch box and went to college. After 15 minutes, Kavitha would come to my house and we both would go to school on her bike. This was our routine every day.

I got busy with my normal life. Everything was going well, but I missed my hubby a lot in our life, as a father, and as a husband.

We used to have sex at least twice a day and sometimes, even more for 15 years when he was alive. We both were addicted to sex, and that was why we did not invite any relatives to our house, as we would be having sex all day and be nude the whole day.

Well, I forgot to tell you about my hubby. He was 6 feet tall. He had a well-built body and a black, thick cock. I am 5’ 7 in height. My body stats are 38-30-38 and have a well-maintained body.

Let me describe to you how we spent our day. At least once a week my hubby used to close the shop because of sex. On that day we would have sex several times. We would play sex fantasy games like we both would drink each other’s urine.

When I go to the toilet, my hubby would come with me. Once I finished my toilet, my hubby would clean my ass hole. Often, we both shaved each other’s pubic hair. Then we would bathe together. Once we finished all these works, we would come out from the bathroom. I would lie down on the floor and my hubby would apply ice cream on my pussy.

Then would he start eating and sucking my pussy and ass. While my hubby sucks my pussy, there are no words to describe my happiness. Really, it’s like I am in heaven. That’s why most people are dying for sex and I am also one of them. That is the power of sex.

Once he finishes, then I would apply ice cream on his cock. I would then start eating and sucking both cock and his ass. My hubby loves my way of sucking his cock. We would have 40 to 45 minutes of oral sex like 69 and all other positions.

After entering the room, we would clos the door and kiss each other madly. I would then lay down on the bed. He will start kissing my lips, neck, boobs, belly, and ass. Then he would enter into his heaven which is my pussy. Whenever my hubby sucks my pussy, I see heaven.

I wouldn’t be able to control myself and always try to pull him on me. But he won’t come, I would make sounds like, “Uuhhhuhhh hmm…”

After 20 minutes or so of the beautiful sucking, my inserts his black, thick cock into my pussy, making me shout and moan. We would fuck each other like mad dogs. While we fuck, we use abusive and bad words with each other. It will make my hubby increase his fucking speed.

He won’t stop fucking even if I cry. I enjoy each and every stroke when my hubby fuck me in the doggy style.

He would slap my ass and after 30 to 40 minutes of wild fucking, he would release his sperms. Then we would kiss each other and lay down on the bed to relax for some time.

My hubby would fuck me for 30 to 40 minutes, nonstop in every fucking section with all positions. He has a lot of stamina.

Before Arun arrives home from college we would do one more fucking section. That day evening we both are sitting together in our garden having a cup of coffee and enjoying nature.

We don’t bother about anything. We always are thinking about only two things. One is a peaceful life and another is sex. Even we are praying to God every day to give us a peaceful life and good health, and a good future for Arun.

We don’t pray, “Give me more money, gold, buildings, etc.” We have a beautiful, small house with a garden, with lots of trees and a few acres of land with a bore well.

We are cultivating that land and we have one scooter, some bank balance. This is our property and it’s enough for us. We never run behind money.

I and my hubby respect each other. My hubby treats me like a queen and a sex goddess. I am treating him like a king and a sex god, that’s why we enjoyed each and every second in our life.

I and my hubby had lots of sexual fantasies. Some are fulfilled, some are not yet fulfilled. Actually, I am addicted to sex after marriage.

Before marriage, I was dying for sex but never crossed my limits and did not have sex before marriage. The first time I started thinking about sex was when I was in my late teens.

But at that time I don’t know that I need sex. I just needed some pleasure. Later I came to know that it’s called sex. Every weekend my father used to bring the newspaper along with a weekly magazine.

In that, some people asked sex-related questions to a doctor. He answered their questions. Before also I read those questions. At that time I am unable to understand, but now I’m more excited to read sex-related questions.

I would eagerly wait for the weekend and day by day it would increase my sexual feelings, but I don’t know what to do. One day, I was reading these sex-related questions.

One girl asked the doctor. “I am masturbating every day. Is there any health issue from that?” The doctor answered her question.

He had written, “There is nothing to worry about. You will not get any health issue from masturbating. You can just satisfy yourself.”

I was thinking about what is “Masturbate and how to do that, and how to satisfy myself,” many questions ran into my mind. The next day, I went to my friend’s house.

My friend’s sister had come from the city. She was pursuing engineering. She was very close to me. I asked her,

Me: Sister, what is masturbation?

She: Why do you want to know?

Me: Just simply. Yesterday, I read in a magazine, that why I asked you.

She: When you see a romantic scene in a movie, or you are reading some sex-related questions, there is itching in our pussy, and some liquid comes out at that time.

“We need to have sex if we married. Our hubby will fuck us, then, we get satisfied. If we are unmarried, then when there is itching inside our pussy, we can rub with our hands, and insert two fingers inside our pussy.”

“Then by moving front and back with your fingers, and if you do that for some time, you will get satisfied. That is called masturbation.”

She explained that. When I heard how to masturbate I was eagerly waiting to masturbate myself. I said, “Thanks,” to her and came back to my home.

That night around 11 o’clock I started rubbing my pussy. It was really an awesome feeling. After some time, I was trying to insert my fingers, but it was too tight to do so.

So, again and again, I was rubbing my pussy a little bit and I was feeling happy. Now, I know how to masturbate. When I was alone at home, I masturbated.

Sometimes I did it 5 to 6 times a day. At night times, I was scared to masturbate, because my parents were sleeping beside me.

We have a small house with one hall and a kitchen with a bathroom outside. But later I fully covered myself with a blanket and I masturbated at night time also.

In my college, almost 10 boys proposed to me but, I didn’t accept anyone because am too hot at that time. Of course, now also I am too hot and my juicy boobs and big ass attracted everybody.

One of my college lecturers told me, “Paddu, you have a beautiful structure. OMG, if I was single, I would definitely marry you, but bad luck that I am married.”

“If you’re interested, I am ready to marry you.” I gave him a coy smile and went to my class. My classmates were always talking about my boobs and ass.

I usually wore a tight churidar. Some boys passed dirty comments about me. I really enjoyed those comments. All those guys want me, but they don’t have clarity whether they want to love or have sex? They were never open about this with me.

At night times, I didn’t get sleep. I need manhood to satisfy me, but I don’t know how to get that manhood. One night, I didn’t get sleep.

My dad thought that I had slept. Dad called my mom. They both stood up, went to one corner side, and started fucking. I thought that my dad is hurting my mom.

I heard sounds like “puch….puch.” Mom told dad, “Do it slowly. She is there.” Dad replied, “Don’t worry, she is asleep.” After 5 to 10 minutes they finished their fucking and came and slept beside me.

That scene made me mad. That whole night, I didn’t get sleep. The next day in the morning also, I was thinking about my parents what they did last night.

I was not in the mood to go to college. I kept some excuse ready, and I stayed at home after my parents went to the farm. I closed the door and sat back on a chair.

I heard some noises coming from outside. I went to the window and looked outside. In front of our house, one dog was fucking another dog.

That made me horny. I rubbed my pussy and masturbated. Day by day, I can’t control my sexual feelings, so I decided to have sex with someone.

But at the same time, I was thinking about my father because he has a good name in our village. If I do that and if someone knows, it’s definitely going to reach my father’s ears.

He will hang himself in shame, so I removed that idea from my mind, but I needed sex, so what to do? At that time I got one idea.

Marriage is the only solution to my problem. But how can I approach my parents? How can I ask them to arrange my marriage quickly?

One day in the afternoon, I was too horny. I did masturbation. While I was masturbating, I was thinking about my dad. The next day, I remembered what I did while masturbating and really, I felt guilty.

Everyone says money makes many things, but I would like to say, sex makes many things. I strongly decided never to do such kind of things in my life. I made a promise to God, and also decided to concentrate on my studies.

I have my final exams next month. The next day in the morning, I prayed to God, “Please help me to concentrate on my studies.”

I then went to college for collecting some books. When I entered the campus, my senior student Ravi came and proposed to me. I didn’t give a reply to him and he slapped my cheek.

Ravi: I will give you two days’ time if you accept me, ok otherwise I will show you what I am,

He said like that and walked away. Many students standing there watched that incident. I didn’t look at anyone. I just went to the library, collected some books and went to the bus stop.

I was thinking about Ravi’s warning. After 10 to 15 minutes the bus came. I got inside the bus, sit at a window-side seat and the bus started moving.

The conductor came. I gave him the money for the ticket. He didn’t take the money because he was also trying to flirt with me for the last 3 years.

After 30 to 40 minutes of the journey, most of the passengers get down at their stops. Now we are only three of us. The conductor came and sit beside me.

Then he showed me two gold bangles, and said, “This is for you. Know one thing, I didn’t purchase a single ring for my wife, but I brought two gold bangles for you. Please understand how much I love you.”

I didn’t take them. He then put the bangles back in his pocket. He said, “Paddu, you are so hot and sexy. You look like Silk Smitha. If you accept me I will leave my wife.”

I didn’t respond to his words. Again he looked at me then, he opened his pant zip and pulled his cock outside. I was scared, then he said, “Paddu, see my cock. How big it is and how thick it is.”

“If you accept me, I will show you heaven every night.”

For the first time, in my life, I saw a man’s cock. Really, it was awesome. His cock was big and thick. My heart began to beat faster, but I controlled myself.

I turned my face away. Then he said to me, “At least once, I will fuck you. Please, no one is here.”

“If you agree, we will get down here and go to that sugar cane farm. Believe me, once we enter that farm, no one will find us,” he said.

Actually, it was a good offer to satisfy my sexual needs right now. My pussy wanted his black, thick cock but I couldn’t dare to do that.

l controlled myself and was sitting like a statue. Then he put back his cock inside his pant and closed the pant zip. He stood up and walked away.

I looked at him and was wondering what he will do next. I was a little bit scared because no one is there on the bus. But luckily, at the next stop, a few people got on the bus.

Now, I was cool. After 10 minutes, my stop came. The conductor was standing on the footboard. While I was getting down, the conductor slapped hard my ass. I got down but did not look at him.

That night I told my parents what had happened in college. They took the matter very seriously. That night, I couldn’t get sleep, because the conductor’s big, thick, black cock haunted me throughout the night.

I was wondering whether I had made a big mistake. He had offered me a good chance to satisfy my lust. I know that he will definitely satisfy me. I needed his cock. If he offers me again tomorrow, then I won’t miss that golden chance.

I was thinking that once I will do with him nothing will happen. But at the same time, I have many doubts running in my mind. Having sex with him will not be a problem, but in case, while we are having sex if at that time someone sees us then what to do?

Then I am thinking that all this is secondary. I will do one thing before having sex with him. I will put some conditions like, you should not tell anyone, even your driver also.

This is the first and last time that I will have sex, and you should never ask me again. If he accepts these conditions, then I will ready to have sex with him otherwise the plan is canceled.

Again, I had one more doubt. What if he accepts my conditions, and then takes a “U” turn on his promise or maybe blackmails me for sex?

You can never believe men, especially these kinds of men. If he blackmails me then what is my plan? These kinds of doubts were running in my brain.

Finally, I put a full stop to all my doubts and decided to have sex with him. I don’t want to think about what will happen after sex. If I do it once then my problems will be solved and then I can easily concentrate on my studies.

The next day in the morning as usual, I did my routine works, then completed my bath. I wore a tight churidhar without a bra and was standing in front of the mirror to look at myself.

I applied some face cream, powder, and a big-sized bindi. I put some jasmine flowers in my hair. Then I looked at my face in the mirror.

That conductor had said correctly. I am looking like Silk Smitha. There was a spark in my eyes. I was really happy that today my sex dream will be fulfilled.

I was standing in front of the mirror, admiring myself, when my dad came near me.

Dad: Where are you going?

Me: College.

Dad: Today onwards you won’t go to college. I will speak with your principal and request that you directly attend the exams. Your mother and I are very worried about what happened at college.

I was disappointed.

Dad: And one more thing, I and your mom have decided to get you married. Is it ok for you?

I was a bit happy and said innocently, “Your wish dad.” Dad gave me a smile and walked away. Immediately I ran to God’s photo and sat in front of the photo.

Firstly, I thanked God, because if my dad hadn’t stopped me today, definitely I would have had sex with that conductor. That much strongly, I had decided.

Maybe God knows that what I was doing was wrong and that’s why he sent my dad to stop me. God also understands my situation and that is why he gave me gifts. Mom and dad were planning for my marriage. I prayed to God.

Me: God, a small request from my side. I don’t need a wealthy person, but I need a good, healthy person. He must treat me like a princess.

“He must have sexual fantasies more than me. He should have good stamina to satisfy me in bed, and please, please do my marriage as soon as possible, that’s it, God. If I asked anything wrong please forgive me.

After that I could concentrate on my studies. Of course, I was masturbating every day. Days are passing. Many boys were coming to see me. Everyone likes me, but I don’t like any one of them.

During this time my exams came. I wrote my exams and did very well. I got a first-class. Then one night my father said to us, “Tomorrow one boy is coming to see you.”

The next morning I woke up early. I had my bath because he will come before 8 am. After a bath, my mom gave me one saree. I wore that. I put a big bindi in between my eyebrows.

Mom put some jasmine flowers in my hair. Really, I was looking hot and sexy. At 7:45 one person came. His name is Prasad. I came and sat in front of him.

I saw him, he has a good height and a well-maintained body. He had a brown-color skin tone and was looking good. I liked him very much. He also liked me.

He told my father, “Uncle, l like her. If she also likes me then I am ready to marry her. I don’t want any dowry. One more thing you don’t spend a single rupee for the marriage. I will spend everything.”

I am really happy about that because we are poor. If he hadn’t told that to my father, then he would have had to sell the farmland for the sake of my marriage.

I liked him more for his gratitude. Mom and dad are also happy to get such a good-hearted son-in-law. My father fixed the marriage date.

One day Prasad brought some sarees for me and my mom. At that time there was no one in our home. He came inside the house and sat on a chair.

Then he gave me 3 packages. I asked him, “What is this?” He replied. “These are marriage clothes for you and your family. I said, “Thanks.”

He: Where are your parents?

Me: They have gone to the farm.

He: When will they come back?

Me: Maybe in the evening.

He: Can I ask you something?

Me: Yeah, sure.

He murmured for some time, then he asked me,

He: Can I kiss you? If you’re not interested before marriage, it is okay, but please don’t tell this to your parents.

I was so happy. Immediately, I said, “Yes,” then I went to the kitchen. He followed me, then he kissed my lips. We hugged each other.

I thought that now definitely he will fuck me, but he said, “Thanks and bye,” and walked off. I was so disappointed because he didn’t fuck me.

The marriage preparations are going on in full swing. After a week, Prasad came with the wedding cards. At that time also, no one is there at home.

He came inside and sat on the chair. I gave him a glass of water. He drank it, then he gave me some envelope with money. He said, “Give it to your dad,” then he stood up.

I thought he was going, but he closed the door, came back near me. He grabbed me. We kissed each other. Then he rubbed my boobs and pussy.

I was horny. I thought this time he will definitely fuck me, but suddenly he stopped kissing, and rubbing my boobs said, “Sorry,” and walked off again. I was disappointed.

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