Passionate affair with elder married aunty – Indian sex story

Passionate affair with elder married aunty – Indian sex story

Hi everyone, I am Author (my pen name). I used to read stories on this site earlier quite a lot and liked them. Just a personal preference, I simply dislike incest.

A little bit about my traits, I am a 6 ft 1-inch tall man, not hugely muscular, but I am fit and exercise almost regularly. I am dark brown in complexion and I love the way I carry myself.

I won’t be revealing if this story is real or not and leave it on you to decide. This is a bit long sex story, so requesting you guys to have a bit of patience.

Coming to the story, this happened around 2 years ago when I met this lady on Facebook. Although I am born and brought up in Calcutta, I was working in Pune. Honestly, I was having a pretty much good time in Pune, and living independently, of course, has a lot of perks (you know what I mean.

One Sunday morning, I saw a lady on Facebook and she was so gorgeous and so feminine. She was extremely fair (just a note, I am myself extremely dark, and nowhere am I suggesting fair means beautiful). I couldn’t help but send a friend request to her. To my luck, she accepted my friend request that very night.

I, like a complete idiot, couldn’t control myself, and sent some messages right away. Guess what, to my utter surprise, I received a reply that very moment!

We had a pretty long conversation and exchanged our phone numbers. I used to dance in school and college and also did some stand-up comedy. She simply loved these traits. She asked me if I have a problem with her being already married and that she being 12 years elder than me.

To be very honest, I do not have an issue with age, either young or older. What matters to me, is the chemistry (just that the lady has to be of legal age). I of course had no issue and we planned to hook up when I am visiting Calcutta.

I must mention it was not just the attraction of beauty, but she was very well-read and had a great sense of humor. We planned to hook up and then we were also discussing stuff like a butt plug and all.

Slowly, when we had our conversations. I got to know a lot of things about her love marriage and how she had cancer. How her husband was not a good human and abused her physically. How she couldn’t leave him since he was paying for her cancer treatment. I didn’t reveal it to her but somewhere I felt a soft corner for her.

Just to mention, she was very moody and had a lot of mood swings. I tolerated them with charm and she loved my reactions.

I visited Kolkata on leave, and bingo it was time. We planned to meet on a Saturday night and in December, Kolkata is beautiful. We planned to meet at the salt lake and then decide. To my utter shame, I was extremely late by around 45 minutes because of an irritating never-ending traffic jam and she threatened me that she would leave the place. But somehow, I managed to convince her to stay, apologizing profusely.

I reached the place and guess what? My Facebook friend was in a normal t-shirt, jeans and a jacket with a little red lipstick. She was simply shining. I was just awestruck at her beauty and couldn’t speak a word but just blushed. She was angry but seeing my reaction she just laughed like a baby.

We went to a nearby restaurant, ordered some cocktails and some starters. Honestly, all my smartness went away seeing her. I kissed her hands and she started laughing again. She held my jacket collar and pulled me near her lips and we were kissing like a crazy couple. It was getting crazier and our hands were not leaving each other.

I put my palms inside her brassieres, inside her panties and I was squeezing her breasts. All of a sudden, a lady came and told us to visit their restaurant/bar on 31st since they were arranging a great party and that they would give us special discounts. We were least interested.

She was a smoker so she went outside and I follower her. I held her by her waist from behind while she was smoking. She thought of going to the ladies’ toilet and I followed her to the washroom. She was shocked to see me and then loved my intentions and pulled me inside the toilet.

I lifted her in my arms and we were kissing like crazy. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and was squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples.

I put my hands inside her panties. I sat down, spread her legs and took her panties down to her knees, and then put my mouth and my tongue inside her pussy. She initially pulled my head towards her pussy but then pushed me away and told me we have to be in a better place to do this and not in a restaurant’s ladies toilet.

She first came out of the toilet to check if there was anyone and then guided me out of the toilet. I quickly paid the bills.

I knew a hotel that allowed unmarried couples due to prior experiences in college. I went there and booked a room for us. Let me call my facebook friend ‘Sneha’. We went inside the room and didn’t wait for a second. I squeezed her ass. I simply started opening her clothes with force, one after the other while she undressed me quickly too.

Oh my God, in the excitement, I was unable to open her bra, but then she just took it off instead of unhooking it.

Sneha: You idiot, can’t even open a woman’s bra? (grinning).

I was in no mood to delay and I simply spread her legs wide apart, lifted her legs, pushed my tongue inside her pussy and started licking her with force.

Sneha: Author fuck me like a slut I am.

Me: No baby, first eat me.

Sneha: No, I have left doing this long back.

Me: Try it, baby, you have to, you will love it, honey.

I stood up and took out my semi-erect dick and pushed my dick inside Sneha’s mouth. Oh my God, she was so good at this. She was getting choked a bit and since it was her first day, I tried to pull out. Sneha simply didn’t allow me to pull out and just kept on sucking! After this, I simply put heavy thrusts of my dick inside her mouth.

After around 15 minutes, I didn’t cum inside her mouth. I was worried that I might cum very quickly and that might be a disappointment. So, I took my dick out of her mouth, and just put in some little hard bites on her nipples, and there were red bites of my teeth on her nipples.

I fingered her for around 20-30 seconds. I was confident again and now I wore the condom. I just got up, pulled her down, and thrust my dick inside her vagina in one go.

Sneha (giving a little cry): Slowly, babe!!

But honestly, I was not really up for slow. I started fucking my hot facebook friend hard very hard and actually, the bed was shaking and noises were coming from the bed, and her moans. She was moaning hard, very hard.

After around 25-30 minutes of fucking her, I got tired and took my dick out. I opened the condom and jerked off on her face and breasts. Then we went to the bathroom and washed, and she also gave me an amazing blowjob and she drank my cum which I never expected, and trust me, it was heavenly.

On that very day, inside the bathroom, we also had a quickie. I put her legs on the commode and fucked her real quick. After that, we slept for around 30 minutes.

Sneha: You know author, your dark skin on my fair skin is like coffee and cream contrast and I love it, Author.

Me (this feeling was a bit different): I kissed her hand and forehead.

Sneha: You see these dark patches on my hand. My husband beat me with a belt after coming home drunk.

I was emotional and I had strong feelings for Sneha.

Sneha: Can’t you elope with me?

I was going to say something.

Sneha: Haha, don’t worry. I know you never want to be with an old woman like me. I am only good for sex, haha.

Me: Sneha, just give me 2 years. Let me earn some more money. I will take all your responsibilities of your healthcare and we will live together, if not marry.

Sneha: Haha, you lie well. We are getting late. I am never going to leave my husband for an idiot who doesn’t even know to unhook a bra.

We both laughed loudly and checked out of the hotel. We held each others’ hands and walked a long distance. She was singing a song for me.

Despite being a Bengali, I was not much into songs and stuff. I was rather more into dance numbers. However, I held her from back around her shoulders and walked long distances with her.

I mentioned to her two times that she was getting late, but still, she was holding my hand and we were walking. Anyway, at 11:30 pm, we parted and she took an Uber. I too took an Uber.

We reached our respective homes and she mentioned that she loved my gentlemanly charm and confessed her feelings for me. I confessed the same for her. We planned to meet 3 days later again.

The next day we had a little conversation. Post that day, she simply didn’t pick up my calls and just conveyed this message,

Sneha: Author, I wanted just a hookup with you nothing more nothing less, end of the story. But what happened between us, I have started growing feelings for you and I simply don’t want that. I will need time to get off you and don’t ever contact me. I am not blocking you but don’t dare contact me ever again.

Trust me guys, it was one of the worst days ever in my life then. The next 7 days were very tough for me. However, I didn’t try to contact her.

After 45 days. Sneha called me.

Sneha: I am feeling very guilty. I indeed am feeling very guilty.

Me: Why?

Sneha: I had sex with a guy in my office and I am feeling terrible right now.

Me (honestly, I felt bad in my mind that she had sex with another guy): Yes, Sneha, you are cheating on your husband you should be feeling guilty. You should have never done that.

Sneha: Do you think I am feeling guilty for my husband? Do you think if I would have felt guilty for my husband I would have called you?

These words left me silent. I wanted to cuddle her, hug her badly and keep her close to me. I had a few tears in my eyes but I said,

Me: I have to go to the office now Sneha, I am hanging up.

We did talk after that but just very normal, and none of us has any grudges against each other. But yes, since last year in February, after her cancer treatment for chemo, she hasn’t replied to me lately and it’s fine. I wish for her quick recovery and her well-being.

Anyway, I would love to hear from you guys how you felt reading my story. And female readers (especially from Calcutta), I would love to connect with you as well.

Privacy is a top concern, so yes everything will be discrete. Just a request guys, be a man and don’t ask the lady’s contact details, I am certainly not giving it by any chance.

My Instagram id: authornine9

My email id: [email protected]

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