Rachana Is A Sex Fantasy For Her Husband And His Friend

Rachana Is A Sex Fantasy For Her Husband And His Friend

Hi readers, I’m Sandeep (not exactly my real name but close enough). 26, male, from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This story is told by Rakesh as this is his sex fantasy.

“Aah!” Rachana moaned, as she finally pushed his hand off her pussy. She was leaking like a pipe. Sandeep held her neck like before. “You still want this cock in you?” He asked her. She nodded up and down.

“Good, keep your hands there,” he said as he pointed towards a stage-like structure nearby.

She turned towards the structure, kept her hands on it, straightened her arms, and pushed her ass towards him. He held her shoulders and pushed her down. She placed her elbows on the structure.

He then held her hip with both hands and slowly pushed in. As he started pushing in, her eyes and her mouth opened wide. Probably because this new cock was widening her pussy to new limits. My fear was, will I ever fit in her after this?

“Aaah,” she let out a light moan as Sandeep fully entered her. Then he came back out and holding her hip tightly with both hands, he started fucking her. He reached his full pace within seconds, and he was fucking her like a bull.

“Thak, thak, thak, thak.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” she was gasping with each thrust.

He was being pushed forward with each thrust. It was hard for her to keep steady even while holding the structure. His thrusts were that powerful. He was biting teeth and squeezing the meat of her hip, as he was putting his strength fully to the action.

I started masturbating already, but I was careful not to make a sound.

“Oh, you fucking whore, I am going to fuck you so hard that you won’t walk for the next few days,” Sandeep groaned and roared, as he kept fucking her. Her face was now hanging downwards due to his violent fucking.

While still fucking her, he held her hair tightly in his right hand and pulled her back. I thought he’d just pull her a little back, but what he did was kinda scary.

He held her hair and pulled her hair down until her back arched, and her face was upwards. He then started kissing his lips at the same time he was fucking her, and he didn’t slow down even a bit. With each thrust, her already severely arched back was arching a little more.

Her eyes seemed as if she was in pain, but she didn’t say no, and he didn’t stop either. Women are hard to understand. What makes them happy and what makes them made are on the two sides of a hair.

Honestly, this was kinda hard to watch. I was worried if he would snap her in half, which he didn’t. I was relieved when he finally broke the kiss and let go of her hair. She straightened her back while he kept fucking her from behind.

He paused fucking, held her wrists, and pulled her hands backward. Her arms were now straight and straight towards her behind, and her spine was almost horizontal now. He held her in that position and started fucking her again.

“Thuh, thuh, thuh, thuh.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, fuck!” Rachana moaned as she turned her face to her left and looked at Sandeep over her left shoulder.

“Oh, you like that, huh? You like that?”

“Yes, yes, fuck, yes.”

He kept fucking her for a while, at full speed, before changing his form again.

This time, he paused fucking, held her shoulders, and straightened her. He threw his arms around her (his left arm above and right arm below), held her tightly, and got her opposite boobs squeezed in his hands (her left boob in his right hand and vice versa).

“Aah,” she moaned as she held his left forearm with her both hands tightly, and right then, he started fucking her again.

“Paht, paht, paht, paht.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” She moaned, as her head snapped back and forth with each thrust. The way her body hanged and her head moved, it didn’t look like there was much life left in her body, honestly.

This man was fucking her harder than probably all the times I’ve fucked her, combined (if it makes sense), and he wasn’t even one session into it yet.

Both Rachana and Sandeep were sweating by now, and Sandeep was sweating heavier, but he didn’t seem to have slowed down one bit. Surely he was slower than when he started, but to me, the speed difference was indeterminate.

Her mouth was wide open, and her eyes showed mixed feelings of pain and pleasure, but she didn’t seem like she wanted him to stop. He suddenly slowed down. He kissed her left shoulder a few times.

She turned her face to her left side, and they started sharing a passionate kiss. They kissed for a while, but soon he increased his pace again, and she broke the kiss and turned her face forward. He bit into her left collar area.

“Aaay,” she let out a painful moan. He released her collar area, which was now visibly marked by his teeth.

I kept masturbating, and I came on the spot. But at the last moment, I could turn towards a nearby wall, so my juice didn’t hit the curtain. If it did, I’d have been exposed. I shut my mouth tight with my other hand to stop an escaping moan.

Now that I’d lost it, I wasn’t as horny to keep looking at my wife’s and Sandeep’s sexcapade. But I was nevertheless curious, so I returned to watching.

He kept fucking her for a little longer in the same position before changing his position again.

Sandeep left Rachana, took a few steps back, and turned a little to his left, so I was now at his 10 o’clock. He was standing. His legs were slightly driven apart, and his knees were slightly bent.

Rachana turned towards him. He held her shoulders and pushed her till her back hit against the wall behind her.

“Aah,” Rachana moaned. Sandeep took her right thigh in his left hand and got her leg positioned in such a way that it was straight. His ankle was over his left shoulder.

“Aah,” Rachana moaned again as his leg was straightened and pulled upwards. I guess the stretch was hurting her a little. But that didn’t seem to stop Sandeep at all. As he got her left positioned that way, he trampled her right foot with his left and kept her in position.

Sandeep threw his left arm around her right leg and held her left shoulder tightly. He placed his right hand behind her lower back. They were looking at each other’s eyes. Rachana smiled, but Sandeep was looking back at her with the usual hard face. He started fucking her.

“Thak, thak, thak, thak.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah.”

Like before, Sandeep started pacing up, and as he did so. His grip on her right shoulder tightened, and his right hand slid towards the right side of her waist and grabbed her meat, tightly. At the same time, he pressed against her even further, and their lips met, and they started sharing a smooch.

She moaned into his mouth. Her eyes expressed tiredness and pain, but weirdly enough, pleasure at the same time. Later, she held his left wrist with her right hand, probably as a sign that his grip on her shoulder was too hard. He let go of her shoulder, which was now red due to his hard grip.

He then slid his left hand from her right shoulder, all the way towards the frontal part of her neck. He grabbed her there, and at the same time, he broke the kiss and distanced his face a few inches away from hers. His right hand slid down and grabbed her right ass cheek hard.

“Aah,” she let out a long moan as he was banging her with his full speed. He was biting his teeth, and his muscle lines were visible. It was evident that he was pushing himself to his limits of strength. His grip on her ass cheek and her neck were getting tighter.

“Oh,” she coughed as she held his left wrist tightly with her right hand and tried to push his hand. At the same time, she was trying to push his right hand off her as with his left. I was getting as concerned as I was getting hard now. Was he gonna kill her?

But, he let go of both her ass and her neck soon enough. I was relieved. He thrust her a few more times, hard.

She moaned each time he fucked her. In the end, with his still hard cock still inside of her, he held her neck, closed in, and shared a passionate kiss with her.

He broke the kiss and holding her neck with his left hand. He kept looking into her eyes for a few seconds.

Rachana smiled widely. “Is that all you’ve got, huh?” She asked Sandeep. Sandeep tightened his grip on her neck.

“Coh,” she coughed and started trying to push his hand off her neck. He let go a few seconds after, taking a few steps back. She held her neck with both hands. She coughed, bending forward.

He waited for her to finish coughing and held her hair tightly with his right hand. “Ah,” she moaned as he pulled her back to the straight position. “I’m not done with you, just yet,” he said as he faced my direction.

He positioned her in front of himself, facing my direction. I was kinda scared now. Will they see me spying on them? Luckily for me, neither of them seemed to notice.

He came a little towards her right side. “Put your arm around my shoulders and hold me tight,” he commanded her, and she obeyed. He held her right leg with his right arm and pulled her knee up until it was above her boobs level.

At the same time, he slid his left hand under her left armpit and held her tightly in position. He raised his right hand up along with her right leg, and held her knee, up and in position.

She was looking at his face, and her face was now a mess. Her own hair was all over the place. He held her in that position and entered her. “Aah,” she let out a slow moan.

He started fucking her, and at the same time, he slid his right hand off her leg and grabbed her right boob. At the same time, he slid his left hand forward and grabbed her left boob.

“Ah,” she let out a moan, widening her eyes when he grabbed her boobs. She was still looking at his face. A few seconds later, she pulled her face close to his and started sharing a kiss.

He kissed her back for a few seconds more, and in the end, his grips on her boobs tightened. He started pacing up, almost immediately.

“Aah,” she let out a loud moan, throwing her face up, and as she looked back at his face, he held his right wrist with her left hand. But he kept squeezing her both boobs hard in his hands, as he kept fucking her hard.

Rachana moaned, and screamed, looking at Sandeep’s face. He smiled wildly.

“Is this hard enough, huh? Is this hard enough? Have you had enough now?”

Rachana didn’t answer. She was too weak for that, I guess. He kept fucking her harder and harder, and I wasn’t even sure how long he could go. He fucked her hard for a few seconds more before stopping and getting out of her.

“Go, sit there,” Sandeep commanded Rachana as he turned his left side to me, turned her right side to me, and pushed her back towards the structure. She sat on the structure.

He held her ankles with his hands, pulled them up, and got then placed on his shoulders. He held her ass cheeks with his hands. She looked into hair eyes and smiled romantically but weakly.

“Just this one, Sandeep. I can’t go anymore,” she said, barely.

It was then I decided that I’d intervene if he’d try to keep going. So far, he didn’t even seem close to coming, and I’d no idea how long he could go. He squeezed her ass cheeks hard. “Aaah,” she let out a moan. He entered her.

Unlike before, he entered her at once, and it didn’t seem to pull her apart. He went in easily.

“Wow, you went in just like that,” Rachana said, as he started running Sandeep’s back hair with her right hand fingers. He started fucking her slowly.

“I dunno what to tell him the next time he wants to fuck me, Sandeep. His cock isn’t small either, but yours is so large,” Rachana kept talking through his slow fucking.

“Let’s see if you can keep talking through this,” Sandeep said as he started pacing up. And in seconds, he was the full bull mode.

“Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!” Rachana screamed, throwing her face up, and but her teeth. Sandeep was also biting his teeth. It looks like he wanted to cum during this session.

He kept fucking her for a minute. I saw their nails digging into each other’s flesh at the same time. She screamed, and he roared at the same time. They were making sounds like wild animals with each thrust.

I was almost praying to God that he’d ejaculate this time, and minutes later, he did. He suddenly let go of her, stepped a little back, and held the base of his cock with his right hand fingers, tightly.

“Kneel down, fast,” he commanded her. Rachana obeyed, with a happy smile, immediately. He let go of his cock, and hard waves of his thick cum started hitting her face, one after another.

She shut her eyes tight and opened her mouth wide, taking in as much of it as possible. Once they stopped, she opened her eyes, and he rubbed the last few drops against her lips.

“It was so nice,” Rachana moaned, and kissed his cock, rubbing it back and forth in her right hand.

To be continued.


Stay tuned for the next part of the story. Love you all. Till then, bye!

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